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Hi, my name is Kev, I am 25 years old from Newcastle upon Tyne in England. I work in the IT industry as a Systems Administrator, its a good job and I really enjoy it. 

Personally I spend allot of money going out and typically on food, I usually bring packed lunch to work and I've already ate it by 10 so I still need to go out and buy lunch... I spend most my money on food, I am such a greedy man.

So ideally I would like to save up for a new car or a holiday and this is pretty hard with what I have left over each month, so I decided to look for a part time job on top of my full time job. What was a thinking? Who knows!

Searching the internet I know that there are a terrible amount of scams out there and I wanted to find the true way how to make money online, as all of you know it isn't easy and thus I started HubPages.

Although not very successfull having not made a penny, it is still fun and gives me something to do during my spare time allowing me to save money instead of browsing eBay.

Have a good day and please check out my hubs.

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