Animal kill shelters are just as guilty of abusing animals as the owners they took them from

Why can't they just have a home?

Our society is so disposable even to animals.
Our society is so disposable even to animals.

Stop killing animals

Killing animals is abuse

This hub is dedicated to these poor animals who go to a shelter thinking they will get a second chance, when the only chance they get is a few meals and a lethal injection.

People need to stop throwing away their animals in to the hands of these places. If you can not keep your animal take it to a no kill shelter so it can have a chance of being adopted.

Three horrible shelters in Manhattan have decided to make up a page on facebook called Cat's and Dog's on death row, showing pictures of dogs and cats and posting that they will be killed tonight if no one adopts them.

They keep these already abused animals and feed them for six days then kill them like a piece of garbage. They go out looking for strays so that they can give them a few days of hope then put them down.

It's not only going on in Manhattan but everywhere. Some of these animals on the street were better off being left on the street then being sent to a torture chamber. This is not animal control, it's animal abuse.

I am advocating for these animals and going to do whatever I have to do to stop these shelters from killing these animals and not giving them a chance to find a forever home. I do realize that people being the issue of not spaying or neutering their animals and then throwing them away like a piece of garbage is one of the biggest problems and the shelters do not have the money they need to keep up with them all.

People it is time to take a stand and get your pets spay or neutered. Adopt from shelters, and help stop these shelters from killing these animals who have already been abused. Donate to any non kill shelters or rescues in hopes that they can save these animals from these aweful kill shelters.

The unfortunate thing for these poor babies is they have no voice. They can not speak for themselves or did not ask to be here. I have rescued 4 cats, 2 iguanas, a dog and two snakes from being destroyed and they all are loved.

If we continue to let this happen, then what are we saying to our furry friends? Write to your congressman or woman and ask them to pass a law to stop kill shelters. Ask them to spend some money to fund these shelters so these babies can live. Stop supporting these pages on facebook and sharing these pictures because by the time it has reached anywhere the animal is already dead.

If you decide to adopt a pet then know it is forever. It aggravates me so much when I read on craigslist animals going to a shelter because the person has to move and can't take them. Really? You don't get an animal then take it back because you have to move. Your animals are like your children. Would you move into an place that didn't except children then put yours up for adoption? No!

These shelters are sickening and disgraceful and should be finding other shelters that do not kill animals or sanctuaries for them to go to. If any of you can help in your area please do so. The time is now to start writing emails. It doesn't matter what party you love write to both congress people in your state and your senators too. These babies voices need to be heard.

Give them a chance

Who is helping the fight?

Jacksonville, one of the largest cities in the United States, has vowed to become one of the shelters with a no kill policy. How are they making it happen? Once a month they are having mega adoption events to get animals to their forever homes.

How is it working? Very well. Many animals have found forever homes and the ones that haven't, foster parents have stepped up to the plate to foster these animals until they can find a forever home.

Even though some of the fosters have been what they called foster failures because they fall in love with the dogs or cats and then can't give them back is a blessing to these babies. They find loving, forever homes.

If every person could sit down and write to your city officials about euthanasia in your county and ask them to stop this cruel behavior, it would help tremendously. Do it for the animals because they have no voice.

College Kids Helping Raise Awareness

How can you help?

First of all spay or neuter your pet. Shelters run off of donations so take supplies to them such as dog and cat food, blankets, pillows, toys and treats. Volunteer or foster some animals. Who knows you could possibly be a foster failure.

I don't think a 20 dollar adoption fee is going to break your bank to have a life time of love in your arms.

If you want a dog or cat adopt from a shelter. There are many great dogs and cats at shelters waiting for love. Some have never known what love is. They have been mistreated all of their lives and may have some behavior issues but with a little love and training they can become a wonderful addition to anyone's family.

I want you to think about how you would feel stuck in a small cage for a long time with no time outside or anything unless the shelter employees or volunteers come to take them for a walk. They have to stay in jail until someone lets them out to play.

The only life I have known is in this small cage

Who else is helping

In all 52 states a law has been passed that animal abusers will be charged with a felony if found guilty of neglect and abuse of animals. I could never understand why people could get away with starving an animal or fighting them until they are near death. So many animals are abused each year that it's time to make a national do not adopt list for anyone that has been caught abusing an animal and their name go into a national data base so they can never adopt again.

Help out your shelters so they don't have to kill these babies. Be their voices and step up against kill shelters by contacting your local officials.

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MindyPickel profile image

MindyPickel 4 years ago

Agree with you!

Hyphenbird profile image

Hyphenbird 4 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

In the case of places that euthanize, a pretty word for kill, the word shelter is out of place. I do believe many people and society in general has lost respect for life. Animals are easy come-easy go. It makes me heart sick. That whole, I am moving and cannot take my animal is a cop out. If I cannot take my animal I will not move to that place. Your article is a slap in the face that is greatly needed here in America. Most people know that animal will never leave the "shelter" when they drop them off. They just salve their conscience by pretending.

Author Cheryl profile image

Author Cheryl 4 years ago Author

I wish you luck! If I didn't have three already I would take one lol. I could open a petting zoo here. But they are all loved and cared for and spoiled. They are kept clean, fed and all go to the vet even our iguana goes every year and twice a year to get weighed for her calcium supplement. As a matter of fact I spent the morning cleaning their habitats. It's a lot of work but anyone that ever came in to my home would never know I have an animal... well except for the cat hair on occassion lol. I wish you lots of luck with your kitty though and I hope the babies find homes.

MindyPickel profile image

MindyPickel 4 years ago

Yeah I would pay the money too. In fact, last night I went down to feed the cat and feel like I had a break through with her! I shook the bag and called "kitty" and she actually came running up to me! She still hid under my car, but came to about 4 feet of me. I pushed the food over to her, and talked to her and, it took about 30 minutes, but she eventually came closer and ate the food. I feel like this is a good sign! Only thing is, she may be pregnant, her sides are popping out a bit. I hope I can get her to trust me before they are born, so I can try to find homes for the kittens too.

Author Cheryl profile image

Author Cheryl 4 years ago Author

Well I would just see when they spay and neuter for a discount or for free I know there are many pet caravans that go around now and do free spaying and neutering of animals. I hope you can take them with you. I had a ferrel cat in my back yard but she got pregnant before I could get her fixed so I had to call to get her trapped and relocated with other ferrels. It cost me 300 dollars but it was better then her being put down. I think the guy told me they would keep her til she had her kittens, then get her fixed, try to adopt the kittens out then let her go in a ferrel neighborhood. It was quite a lot of money but I couldnt see her being put down because she was a ferrel cat. I couldnt fix her and let her come back because all the other male cats in my neighborhood were spraying all over the outside of my house making my cats crazy.

MindyPickel profile image

MindyPickel 4 years ago

Well, the story supposedly goes that a tenant in the apartment community behind where I live let her cat out, it got knocked up and she dumped the kittens....we are moving to a house and I would first take them to a vet and have them tested for everything before bringing them into my home. If they aren't friendly, I would just let them be outside cats in my new location that way I can feed them, cause you know if they get used to me feeding them, and I move, that wouldn't be good for them. Im scared if I call animal control, they will put them down.

Author Cheryl profile image

Author Cheryl 4 years ago Author

Well you have to determine if they are ferrel cats or not. If they are they may never become trusting of you. If they are just dump offs then I would start by sitting a bit far away while they are eating then move closer. The problem with stray cats is feline HIV which is contagious so you would have to get them tested if you have another animal. If they are ferrel cats then the best thing you can do for them is have animal control fix them and the return them back to the area. Ferrel cats are not impossible to tame but its unlikely that you would be able to tame them if you're moving soon.

MindyPickel profile image

MindyPickel 4 years ago

I agree, when people move its an easy, I can't keep my animal. Ive moved from Chicago to Orlando, to Los Angeles, to Washington DC back to Los Angeles. I brought my dog with me to Orlando and lived in a campground with her until I found a place that accepted her. Years later, I moved from LA to D.C, and my dad, who is allergic to cats, kept her for me until I found a place in D.C. Then when I moved back to Los Angeles, my friend flew out for me, and got my cat for me while until I got myself set up in Los Angeles. You just HAVE to make it happen, its not always easy, but I hate the cop out you cant take a animal with you when you move! Give me a break!

Also, there are stray cats that live behind our apartment complex, and they come into the parking structure at night...I have started feeding them, and want to figure out a way to get them to trust me a bit, so I can take them with me when I move...any suggestions?

Author Cheryl profile image

Author Cheryl 4 years ago Author

Thanks for the positive feedback. This is such a horrible situation that no animal should have to bear. Thank you for starting that petitions and I hope others will do the same. I could never take my animals to a kill shelter, not that I would but if I had to get them readopted because of circumstances they would not go to a kill shelter.

profile image

MundaneMondays 4 years ago

Animal Shelters are horrible, my god i've worked at one and even stated a petition on closing some down.

I lol'd @ w dogs should not be kept in the home now your saying them being in the street is inhumane. some people ..sheesh !!

Author Cheryl profile image

Author Cheryl 4 years ago Author

From your writings you are very contradictory. You wrote a hub about how dogs should not be kept in the home now your saying them being in the street is inhumane.

Author Cheryl profile image

Author Cheryl 4 years ago Author

Well if you saw what I saw in a video of how all the animals are lined up on the wall watching each other be euthanized then yes that is torture. People need to stop taking their animals to kill shelters and stop throwing them away.

Melissa A Smith profile image

Melissa A Smith 4 years ago from New York

Animal shelters can hardly be considered "torture chambers". That's not really fair to say. They do the best they came in most instances. Leaving the dog on the street isn't humane either.

Author Cheryl profile image

Author Cheryl 4 years ago Author

I must also add that people who throw away their pets need to go to jail. You would not throw away your children would you?

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