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How To Help A Baby Bird - Only for Animal Lovers

Have you ever encountered a baby bird fallen out of its nest? It is a deplorable situation. Usually, the baby bird has fallen from so high up that it is all torn up inside, and might die a painful death soon, if it cannot hold on, or "hang in there." The baby bird will be there in the grass or on the pavement, just crying out for its mama to come and rescue it. This will happen when there is a strong wind, or when the baby bird is almost ready to fly, but perches on the side of the nest and loses its balance.

The first thing to do is observe from a place where you won't be seen by the mama. The thing to do is to see if there is a mama flying around near the baby bird, trying to feed it or comfort it. This process can take awhile, possibly half a day, but it will be worth it. If there IS a mama, then your job will be to somehow place this baby back in its nest, or, if too high for you to reach, place it out of harm's way, where the mama can have access to feed her baby without having to worry that the neighborhood hoodlum cats will get it. The most important thing to remember is that a baby bird is much better off with its mother. But, if in the event you or someone would have to step in to help it, this is what to do.

I used to work at a school that was surrounded by trees and there were baby birds constantly falling out of trees needing help. If that baby bird has been sitting there all day where it dropped, without a mama bird to come to its rescue, then chances are that either she has abandoned it or she is dead because a cat ate her. Sometimes the mama bird will abandon the baby bird if she thinks it will not survive because it is too hurt.

If this is the case, then you must quickly take over the mama's job of feeding the little bird if you want it to survive. I have done so many-a-time.

1. Keep the bird warm. This can be accomplished by making a nest out of whatever materials you might have on hand, from paper towels to rags to paper from the shredder. Use your imagination. I have even used electric hot pads but you need to be very careful with these and put them on the lowest setting else you might have baked bird.....

2. Go the the supermarket and purchase some baby food-chicken, and baby food-fruit (any kind). Take a teaspoonful of each one and mix them together. Baby birds need protein to grow, that is why the mama brings them worms, so that is why you will feed it chicken, but if you have access to worms, that might be better. I personally, will not do the worm thing. I like convenience. The fruit is because most birds eat fruit and it provides them with carbohydrates. You will take a dropperful of this mixture and feed it to the baby bird with that eyedropper. If the baby bird will not open its beak, you must open it with one hand and feed it with the other. If it does not eat, it will die. You can tell if it has had enough because the chest area, right under the neck, or gizzard, will become visibly full. But another clue is that the bird will be satiated and will simply stop asking for food.

3. After you have fed the baby bird, give it a dropperful of water. Birds also need to drink water. If the baby is visibly bruised (I have helped this kind) you might give it some human baby acetaminophen (tylenol) in dropper form....(I would dilute it a bit) and give only one drop. A bird that has no feathers yet will have visible skin and that skin will be bruised in the spot where it took the fall. If the baby bird was not lucky to fall on a soft spot of grass, then it will be very sore and might die....but, there is always hope. Think positively.

4. Let it sleep. (Remember to keep the baby bird warm. Many birds will die from getting too cold). After feeding it, it will get sleepy just like any other baby, and it will need to sleep. You can wrap it up in tissue or something soft, and place it in the nest you have made, or if you are a female, you might wrap it up in tissue and place it in your bosom, under your shirt. I have often done this. That bosom place is the perfect temperature/warmth for a baby bird. The baby bird will want to feed often, maybe every hour on the hour....if it is awake...but don't wake it to feed it. It will let you know, believe me. Let it rest. Like all babies, it will need rest. Don't handle it too much.

5. Remember, only try to help birds that really need your help. The best place a baby bird can be is with its own mother. If you can somehow help them both get back together, that is the best route to take.

I have successfully helped and raised many abandoned birds in this way through the years. If you have found a bird and want to help it in this way, then allez-y (Go, go, go)! You will be doing a good deed for the environment and for nature. Your patience, love, and compassion will be returned in the satisfaction that you have helped another living being to continue on living, and saved it from a horribly painful death.

Good luck on your bird rescuing efforts!

Baby Bird

Helping A Baby Bird
Helping A Baby Bird

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Lisa Barger 9 years ago

This is a great hub and I would never have thought of feeding one baby food.

Jonathan 9 years ago

What a helpful and sensitive article. I have not known anyone who knew how to take care of a baby bird and it's nice to know they can be saved.

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 9 years ago Author

My most beloved "save" was a cardinal. Her name was Birdie Num Num, named after the famous bird in Peter Sellers' movie, "The Party."

Kellyn 8 years ago

Thank you so much I found a baby bird and so far your steps are working!!!

Gina 8 years ago

I just came across your hub now, I wish I had gotten to it sooner. I just tried to help a baby bird. It had fallen from it's nest, but it was near nightime, pouring rain, and I live in the city AKA prime cat hunting ground. I brought it in, fed it mushed cat food in a baby med dropper, tried to keep it wrapped up in a towel, but it kept popping out. It was doing good, eating well every hour, sleeping alot. Of course, the next day when I am to bring to our area's bird sanctuary, I open it's little bird box to find it has died. It wasn't in the towel. I have no idea if it was out of fright or it was too cold or what. I feel terrible. I wish there was more I could have done!

I am so glad there is a considerate person like you with this great advice.

desiree 8 years ago

i found 2 baby bird and the have so little feathers and the faethers are blue and black i don't know what kind it is and good story youv got

amy suzanne 8 years ago

i just wanted to thank all of you for this information, it's just kept me from trying to 'save' fledgling shaman thrushes (3 baby bluebirds who are endangered who fell from their/hopped from their nest into the garage!)

sure enough, the mom is right above them (even though they are beeping and two can sort of is just hopping along...) and i would have tried to feed them-you are a thoughtful and wonderful lot of people.great.thank you.

Philip Ganchev 8 years ago

Hi - any siggestions how to open a bird's beak to feed it? I tried to open it wirh pincers by putting them on the side of the beak. But it just keeps it closed. So instead I put some liquified food in front of it in a bottle cap. It's bread and berries mashed together some water, as that's what I had at that moment. It's in a cat carrier right now to keep it safe. I will check up on it every few hours.

stephaniep 8 years ago

Great hub, very useful information on our beloved feathered friends. Thanks so much for the valuable advice.

sushil New Delhi India 8 years ago

I have a baby bird who fell out of her nest above the aircondtioner of my bedroom. I read all that you have written. You really are an ANGEL. Please pray for my babybird that she gets are mama or atleast she survives.

God Bless You.

bailey 8 years ago

thanks its a week later since the bird fell now it is strong and the mama is very happy to have it back.

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 8 years ago Author

To open a bird's beak is very easy....just gently pinch the beak. If it is shut tight because it is scared, then gently pry it open with a fingernail...and then pinch (put your fingers so that it cannot close it back shut again....) Don't be afraid of a little birdie....if you don't feed it it will die. A birdie cannot feed itself. Remember that. That should be enough motivation to learn how to open that beak! Good luck. I will say a prayer for you to open that beak properly....Go! Tell me how it went.

laurie 8 years ago

i just found a baby bird. it has almost no feathers. i fed it some fruit and a little bread watered down. but i have no way to keep it warm. i don't have a hot plate and i cant cary it with me all day. please give me other suggestions thankyou. and god bless

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 8 years ago Author

Sorry, I just saw this comment and it is months later. Yes, I've had a tough year, and I hope that 09 will be better. I lost my mom this year in March and it is a hard thing to get over. It has been stressful, but that's beside the point.

Back to the baby bird, try to keep it as warm as possible. Put it in a warm sock. You could put it on top of the refrigerator in a basket, if it gets a bit warm up there. Line it with socks. It does need to eat several times a day, and with an eye dropper, so you will have to take it with you to work (a shoebox lined in socks will work). I just hope that this birdie did not die, since it is months later when I have seen this. If you cannot take it to work with you then take it to a bird sanctuary or ask someone who can take care of it all day to do so. A baby is a baby....and babies need tender loving care.

alyssa fortier 7 years ago

wow! you were right! I found a baby bird and he has already flying! thans to you!

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

I am so GLAD and feel so fulfilled that I have helped to save another little bird's life!

Thank you for sharing!

audra8888 7 years ago

My kids and I just found a baby bird in a grocery store parking lot. It was not near any tree that could have housed a nest. Not sure how it got there. It was looking up to my daughter with an open mouth and tweeting. It is a real baby, no feathers and closed eyes...all pink. Since there was no nest nearby we brought it home. I bought chicken baby food at the grocery store since we were there. Then I found your site when I got home and saw it is ok to feed that to them. So it has had it's first meal and is now resting comfortably in a box with shedded paper and tissue on top of the frig.

Do they need to be fed thru the night as well? Every hour thru the night?

Any other info or encouragement would be appreciated. I am a home schooling home maker so I and my 4 kids are home daily. So I think together we can handle this load of responsibility.

Say a prayer! Thanks for your site.

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Many prayers are coming your way.....hang in are wonderful to be doing this to help God and the environment. I think that if you feed throughout the day, and the last feeding is when you go to bed, then as long as the baby isn't asking for food during the night, it will be OK in the morning. Birds sleep too! I would always feed as late as possible at night, and then as early as possible in the morning as I don't worry, you won't lose sleep over this. If this baby isn't too banged up by the initial fall, (the first week will tell you that, if it survives) then he or she will be alright! This first week he/she might be very delicate and hurt so limit handling to a minimum....just keep it in a warm place....blessings!

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

Thank you for sharing such a compassionate and helpful hub on how to help little birds! So many animals have such a hard time and we should be helping them if we can!

Chris Rod 7 years ago

Thanks so much for all the kind and helpfu info Ms. Maracaibo. I found a little baby pigeon on my driveway this evening. Since it was already dark, I took it inside to examine its condition. It seemed to have been there for a couple of hours and it had taken a pretty nasty blow on the concrete from the fall as there was dry blood around its head. I put it in an aerated warm shoebox and decided to let it sleep overnight. I didn't want to force feed it at night as it wasn't opening it'e beak or anything and I didn't want to cause more trauma than it had already faced. I will see if it makes it through the night and I will try to return it if I can find the nest. It not, I already have baby food at hand. Thanks again & God bless!

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Prayers are headed your way! You can always water down the baby food so that it will enter the beak in an easier way. Feed it early in the morning if it is still alive. Keep it warm. This is the most important thing to do. God Bless! God, please give it strength to survive this night! Be it your will. Amen.

dena 7 years ago

Sorry for the loss of your mom. If she's like us then the little birdies have another gaurdian angel to look after them :)

I rescued 2 babies from 100+ temps and hot cement. I've had them 5 days now. They both fell in the same place but one is tiny and one is alot larger. They seem to be almost the samt age though. I've been feeding mine Purina One Senior Dry Dog Food soaked in water and mixed with Kaytee Exact (I purchased at pet store) and then mix with water so it is the consistancy of baby cereal. They are doing great on this and you don't have give them water-it's in the food. I do this because they need protein, which they can get from the dog food. Sorry to ramble :) just FYI

Rachel  7 years ago


okay someone knot over our paper box and there was a nest in there of bluebirds so i went to check on them and they was all alive 5 of them so i tryed to put them back as clouse as i could to were the box was and left them there thinking the mom would come back but she did not i left them out there all night. so i checked on them this morning and one had died so i said i am going to try to take care of them. I read you info if you have any more to tell plz do i hope they will live : / thanks Rachel

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Good for you! I am so glad that you decided to give it a try and try to help them. Prayers are coming your way. God bless those little baby birdies!

Sylvia 7 years ago

I have found a nest of 3 baby cardinals in our bush. I haven't seen the mama bird all day and am wondering if she is still alive. How would I know if she is still around or not.. and do you think it's a good idea to step and start caring for the babies??

Sylvia in Texas

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

If you have not seen the mama bird all day, there is an emergency. You must step in and begin feeding them or else they will die. Good luck. The mama bird might have been eaten by a cat.

Sylvia in Texas 7 years ago

Thank you, but I am happy to report that both mom and dad have been seen flying in and out of the nest feeding the babies. I'm still keeping an eye on the babies from a distant. Thank you so much. I'll keep you updated.

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Wonderful, excellent detective work! Keep us posted!

Sylvia 7 years ago

Just wanted to let you know that the babies are doing great. Both mom and dad are with them everyday, feeding them and loving on them! They have grown their feathers and are hungry all the time.

They are so adorable!!

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

It would be wonderful if you could take some pictures with a telescopic lens. Saving lives is a wonderful thing! It is honoring the Divine in them!

Sabrina 7 years ago

Hey i found a baby bird myself and i comfort it and I tried to get it bread ( I don't know why) and It didn't seem like it liked it, but we tried. We made a nest and it seems like he or she really likes it. Well i am pretty proud of myself because me and my friend saved the little fellow :)

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Dear Sabrina, I am SO happy that you want to help this little birdie. A baby birdie will not eat bread. You need to get it some soft liquidy baby food, because it has to have can mash up any kind of meat to give it; you don't have to buy a baby food jar (that just makes it easier, though). Get an eye dropper and make some watery mush to give it. You can put bread in it, too. It will help it turn into mush. You will have to open its beak with one hand if it will not open its beak on its own. Remember that if it does not eat it will die. Good luck and keep me posted.

teresa 7 years ago

i'm 16 and just 20 min a go i fuond a bird and right now he is sleeping

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

When we sleep, we not only rest, but we grow....and develop. It is wonderful that you, too, want to help a sweet birdie.

Briarleigh 7 years ago

Hi, My daughter (17 y/o) has found a little (what appears to be, and acts like) a bluebird. It is very cute, and very vocal. She has cared for the baby for four days now, and today it opened its eyes. It has no feathers yet, except on the ends of its wings and they have grown quite a bit in the last four days. No downish stuff.

The bird was found on a sidewalk, and there were trees no closer than twenty feet away. When found, the bird was cold and completely white (she was certain that it was close to death) and against much discouragement from teachers and friends, she kept it alive through the day be keeping it warm and feeding it worms. It seems now in good health. It's wings seem strong, and its become more mobile and it seems to recognize her!

I babysat last night and it seemed very upset that she was nolonger here. It's cherped for about 40 minutes, since she left, and then it wouldn't really eat much.

Today, its eating even less, although it did eat for my daughter this morning. Today, my daughter is at a shower and not here, and I fear that the little bluebird is dying because again she is not eating!

I don't understand it, the bluebird was doing so well for four days and then in the last two she's just stopped eating, has stopped cherping, and doesn't want to open its mouth to eat...

Any suggestions?

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

If the bird does not eat it will die.  Where is  your 17 year old daughter?  Can she not come again?  Apparently the bird has bonded with her?!    If she is nowhere near, you must open the bird's beak and hold it open, and feed it with an eyedropper (some mushed up baby food protein) with the other hand....or get someone to  help you open the beak and you feed it.  When it sees that others are concerned about it it might want to live again.  I'll say a prayer for the baby birdie.....good luck! At times birds will die of sadness...but let us pray that this can be remedied! Keep it warm, remember; away from drafts! Wrap it up in an old sock!

niran 7 years ago

hi...there is a house finch nest outside my house on a pillar. there are five baby finches in it. mama bird used to stay in the nest everyday night. but today mama bird didn't return to the nest. im so worried. also i feel sorry for the little ones without their mama. i really cant think anything else than hoping for the return of mama bird tomorrow morning. plz help

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

God, please help those 5 baby finches! Bring the mama back to the nest! If the mama does not come back, can you reach them? Do you think you can help them out? Keep me posted.

niran 7 years ago

hi thank u so much for ur love and concern for the birdies. the nest is above a 10feet high pillar.but still i can reach it with the help of a ladder. the thing is i couldn't sleep last nite. i was kept on waking every hour to look for the mama bird. but....oh well..but to my surprise, i saw papa bird(which i can identify by the red color on its head and chest) around 8o'clock this morning feeding the little ones, for which im happy. But still the mama bird didn't show up.

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

I am so glad that prayers to work...It is wonderful that daddy is taking care of them.....I hope and pray that mama comes back....Your concern is admirable.....way to go! Blessings!

niran 7 years ago

dear maricarbo...thank u so much for ur help.and u r the only advisor for me with these birdies. The papa bird isn't feeding as much as mama bird would. it came and fed only thrice all day 2day. the papa too din come for the past 5hrs. now what should i do? should i feed the bird in the nest itself or should i take it out n take of it myself...i fear if any bird died without food. it is almost a week since it hatched. i don't want them to die. rather i would take care of them for a week n see them fly successfully.plz help

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Dear Niran, if you feel you should take them and feed them go ahead, especially if the dad is not visiting often. Maybe he cannot find food. Is it very dry where you are? Check on them...if they look weak or if one died, then I would definitely step in. Maybe Mama bird died or was eaten by a cat. That happens, too.

guy 7 years ago

This is stupid. If you find a bird on the ground, leave it. There are three or four more perfectly healthy birds in the nest and they're all gonna be find. This is a massive waste of your time, baby birds need constant attention for 2-3 weeks, this is better done by BIRDS, not humans. And NO, if the birds are in the nest and the parent's are still feeding them LEAVE THEM ALONE! What is wrong with you people?? Don't mess with nature! Leave it be!

Birds die all the time, this is something you should all come to terms with.

guy 7 years ago

And, just to add a bit, if it seems like the parent's are never feeding the chicks or are just not around when you're up poking the nest, it is because you are SCARING THEM OFF! Parent birds run from the nest to draw away predators, and if you come within ear/eye shot of them they will fly away. You are screwing with their nesting by checking every hour, and probably doing REAL HARM to the chicks. LEAVE NATURE BE! WHY IS THIS SO HARD?!

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

I have saved MANY birds that would have otherwise died from the elements and neighboring cats, and I would gladly do it again. It seems to me that these people are not dumb nor stupid! They are concerned! They have been watching from afar...and noticed that only the papa bird was arriving, and not too often. If you will read my article, you will see that I stated to respect the bird parents....and only make the babies more available to them by possibly raising the fallen nest. I wholeheartedly agree that nature is best; but sometimes one must step in. Nobody wants to die a horrible and painful death, not even a birdie. Yes, likewise, people die every hour of every day. It does not mean that I am going to be cruel, nor does it excuse being cruel.

guy 7 years ago

With one hand you give and with the other hand you take away. You may be helping to starve a cat by "rescuing" this baby bird. Why is it wrong for the cat to eat? If everybody saved all the baby birds who were supposed to die, we would have an epidemic, bird flu would spread like wildfire, and we would cause great harm to the ecosystem despite our good intentions. Nature is a balanced system, unless you yourself upended the bird nest, then you should allow the system to persist. Any time a human interferes, things only get worse.

And lets be honest, how do you teach birds to live? Do you teach them to fly, or hunt? Do you teach them to fear humans? You are not a bird, you can not raise a bird to be a bird. Please stop trying, and stop telling others they can save these birds. Unless you're prepared to keep the bird as a pet, which is illegal in most places, it'll never survive into adulthood. Your blog post is misinformation, and just plain wrong.

I know your heart bleeds for these birds, but that's part of growing up and realizing that sometimes, the baby is better off dead. The bird isn't human, and it doesn't feel or act like a human, and to argue otherwise proves you to be ignorant of basic biology. I know you want to "raise" them and see them through the hard part of their lives, but in reality you're turning your back on them the minute they enter the wild, and the cat probably just has a bigger, farm-fed meal :)

As an addendum, leaving a bird is not cruelty, I'm not saying torture the chick. Leaving it to freeze or starve won't be painful, a tiny chick barely has a functioning nervous system. Pain doesn't really enter into the equation.

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Dear Guy, I approve your negative and contrary posts in the spirit of free speech. I do not have to allow them. But I see you have a very cold heart. You must develop compassion. If not in this life, then in subsequent ones. You will be happier if you do. I have also saved many cats. They are my favorite kind of people! Ha ha. Why don't you post a hub on the subject in the opposite viewpoint? You certainly have much to write.

thanks 7 years ago

i hope it works im happy the bird was in the nest when i found it

thanks 7 years ago

i am also doin what you told me so far thay have been a live for 2-3 days when i had them i feed them celerry i was going to feed is hamster food but it was to big so far so good :D

p.s i don't have a cold heart

Jeff 7 years ago

Hello, I made a mistake today. I was trimming a bush and unwillingly distrubed a birds nest. I didn't touch the nest at all but thinned out the brush around it. The nest is still deep in the bush and secure, but from one angle it is exposed. There are at least 3 babies from what I saw. I can't tell what kind of bird because they are too small. They look healthy and raise their heads with their mouths open. I'm thinking the best action at this point is to stay away from the nest as long as the mother returns. Will the mother still return to the nest or is there any other action I need to take?



maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Dear Jeff,

I am relieved that you didn't disturb the nest or accidentally cut or maim one of the birds. I think that if you leave them alone they will be fine but maybe you should put back a little bit of the brush on the side that is left open to protect them....or maybe put a similar leafed potted plant that will adequately cover that will be a problem if they are too exposed to the elements and to the predators such as cats. Good luck with protecting your babies. The mom should have no problem with it....of course they are individuals just like we just a keen observation for now....until you know what the mom's attitude is....good luck! I'll say a prayer for these as well.

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Dear Thanks, Hip hip hooray for warm-hearted people! Hip hip hooray for warm-hearted people! Hip hip hooray for warm-hearted people! I love all warm-hearted people!

Jeff 7 years ago

Thanks for the response! I'll went out to cover the exposed area but the mother was in the nest so I left them alone. I'll check again tomorrow morning and if shes not there, I'll try to cover it then.

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Good going....

Jeff 7 years ago

I have not yet had the opportunity to cover the space. We have had thunderstorms with heavy rain and wind. Every time I go out there the mother is on the nest protecting the babies. Should I attempt to cover the hole with her on there or leave her alone and wait until shes not around before covering up the hole?

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

That is a delicate question that I do not know the answer to. And I even thought of an umbrella. But, too, an umbrella might be too menacing. I would wait until she is not around and maybe try to cover it as inconspicuously as you can. Poor birdies, undergoing thundersorms and high winds!

Laura 7 years ago

We found a robin on our lawn today. This little baby was not chirpping that much but he/she was looking all around. There is a very loud parrot, oddly enough, that escaped when our new neighbors moved in and it is circle-ing in nearby trees and squawking really loudly. There doesn't seem to be a nest really close by- however, there are a couple of robins who seem to be aware of the baby as they are hovering around the roof and fence not too far away. I am not sure how long to wait before getting the baby off the ground, there are cats that roam around and possums etc. I wonder if the crazy parrot scared the parents or the baby and that is the reason for the baby being out of the nest. I don't think the parrot really cares about the baby robin but the robins are all probably acutely aware of the crazy parrot! The parrot is really loud and annoying. hahaha. Anyway, when should we get the bird off the ground? Can we put the bird in a box on our screened in porch? If we put him in a box outside kind of up higher is that better than the ground? Ahh! I am scared it is not okay. Thanks! Laura

Laura 7 years ago

update- momma bird seems to be identified, on the fence, hopping around on the fence, and even has a worm in her mouth! However, she won't come to feed it to the baby. it is very strange. i don't know why , maybe she sees us in the window? Let me know if you have any ideas and if you think I should intervene before dark... Thanks, laura again

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Definitely put the baby up high. Make a nest inside a shoebox....put it where the mama can get to her baby...but not the cats. The baby is in danger of a cat or dog or something else getting to it.....some other kinds of birds are not friendly with certain other birds....Those black birds have been seen to actually kill babies in nests just for the heck of it...(I have seen it). Get it is urgent, especially since it is getting dark.

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Also, after you put the baby up high, get out of the view of the mama...if she sees you there she will not approach. Check on it a bit later...

Jeff 7 years ago

I finally got the nest covered! Tonight we are supposed to get more thunder showers so hopefully my patch will hold up. The babies are getting big already so hopefully in a couple weeks they will get big and fly away.

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Great! Let's see if it holds up! Prayers go out to you! Maybe you could also put up some wind barriers all around the bush....or on the side of the wind.

niran 7 years ago

hi maricarbo..i feel so happy that the papa bird took care of the 5 baby finches. It kept feeding them as much as it can.The baby birds started leaving the nest.Im so happy to see that.Thank u for your love and prayers for the birdies.Keep up the good work. God bless U and ur family.Bye.

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Wow, that is an example of an excellent male! Thanks so much for sharing this story with us!

Nancy 7 years ago


I just got home from work and my daughter was playing in the back yard, when she called me to see a baby bird on the floor in the grass. it's very very tiny thumb size, so i looked around, but we don't have any trees around for them to nest so i'm thinking maybe from the A/C or between the windows. so i picked it up and placed it in a cotton shirt I cut quickly, I took the some grass were the baby was and put in inside a butterfly mesh net, were I think it will be safe.. what should I do now???? baby is now sleeping, he is breathing, he is so cute.... I have helped all kinds of animals, but this one is very small.

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Dear Nancy,

Well, it will be hungry soon just like any get some chicken baby food and some fruit baby food of your choice, and mix it half and half...get an eyedropper and if you see it open its mouth, (it might if it gets hungry, you squirt that mixture into far back as possible (you don't want to choke it). If it is very tiny, maybe one or two eyedropperfuls. If it does not open its beak to say that it is hungry then you will have to do it gently, with your fingernails.

Don't be afraid of the needs someone's attention and in this case, "you're it!" Good luck. Let me know how it goes. A prayer goes out to this one, too!

Sarah 7 years ago

Hi! Thanks so much for such a great site. This has been one more spring for birds and their babies here. Yesterday afternoon, one of the babies above the barn door fell out of the nest. Seemed relatively fine, so I replaced him in the nest with his 4 siblings. Later yesterday evening/night he had fallen out again( I assume it was him) and he was already dead when we found him.

About 35-40 minutes ago, I went to check the barn one more time,and as I pulled the doors shut a bit (it's pouring rain here after all day of rain). I looked down when I thought I saw something pink, sure enough there was another baby bird from the same nest. He had his neck bent under a bit. He keeps opening his mouth. Is he having troubles breathing? I got an earthworm (as they are all over with this rain washing them out right now). I smooshed it up for him, and he seemed to be very grateful (I'm not sure how long he's been out of the nest.) I'm just concerned that he keeps opening his mouth. Also, is there a flap you need to get the food through? Or can you just put it back in his mouth as close to the back as you can get it?

Thanks so much again for this wonderful page, and your wonderful advice. I'm praying this lil' fella makes it!

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maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Sara, hi, no there is no special flap, just a throat with a gizzard. The gizzard is like the stomach and it gets visibly full in the front part of the neck. Just place the eyedropper as far back in the throat as possible and squirt. That is what the mother does. Observe that the mother bird sticks her whole beak in the baby's beak sometimes, and they make pumping motions as if to regurgitate the food out into the baby's throat. Feed the is probably hungry and also hurt from the fall. Maybe you could keep it inside for a day or two just to make sure it is not going to fall out of anywhere again, and allow it to get a bit stronger. It might die, but if it does, you have the assurance that you tried to help it and it knows it.....because animals and birds are not as stupid as one thinks. They also have feelings and appreciation of love and care. Bless you and your help for this birdie.

mary 7 years ago

can you feed a baby bird water?

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Yes, I have always given them water....because the chicken (which is protein) mixture with the fruit baby food is sometimes too dry and will make them thirsty. Just be sure to give the baby a few drops at a time. Protein makes you thirsty, but also, if you water down the mixture enough, you won't have to give them water...but I do not like to water down the mixture...I like to make sure I've given them enough baby food and then afterwards, I give them water...a few drops at a time.

LittlebabyV 7 years ago


Mly husband just found a birdie in the yard and i don't see a nest or a mom flying, haven't look hard either. it has some feathers and i saw him taking steps on the grass...I think it is couples of days old??? I brought it in since the ants were attack him. I fed him baby food with a syringe. how mls/hour? he is resting and everytime i go to check he opens his beak big, I feed 1/3 of 1ml and he closes his beak and go back in resting. That is how it works? For How long do i need to take care of it before he is reading to flying solo? Also, how often do you feed water? My husband is not an animal lover and the only reason he called to see the birdie was to show it to my baby girl. Any suggestions that i may need greatly appreciated ....You were God's sent because i don't know what i would it have done without your site! Keep it up!!!

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

You seem to be doing great! I usually feed one to two dropperfuls at each feeding every hour, or when it wants it, but it depends on the actual size of the birdie. Some birdies will require more, some will be satisfied with less. You can feed water at the end of the feeding. You can tell if the food you are giving is adequate if the birdie's poop is like the birdies' poop outside, you know; white surrounding with a dark middle, like an egg! Ha ha. I used to even take birdies to work. People were always amused. Then they become attached. Ha ha. So there is hope for your husband. If you can get him to give the birdie a few feedings, he might just like it!

littlebabyv 7 years ago

After some research i found out the birdie is a japanese white eye bird, i live in Hawaii it is very popular here apparently. Well i was doing great as you said birdie was pooping and eating i did not know how much so with the syringe i gave him 1 ml or less just one or two mouthful whenever he opened his mouth ..i don't know what happened this morning the birdie was just fine, doing great. gave food once then checked an hour after and gave food again i don't know if it was too much that plugged his nostrils or what but he all the sudden change his attitude, sleeping non responsive, her legs are kind of floppy, he is not alert at all as he used to but it is not dead either...I am soooo sad since today we were gonna take him to a birdrehab i found here in oahu...what did i do wrong that all of the sudden vanished? i saw one of his nostrils plugged while checking on him and i unplugged i just want to share since it hurts me....

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

I'm so sorry, I don't know what could be possibly wrong with the birdie, as this sort of thing has never happened to me, but I would suggest to call the bird rehabilitation center and pose the question...maybe he was hurt internally by the fall and now is when the birdie is having problems...I wouldn't blame myself for have just been trying to save it.  Bless you!  Are his eyes open or shut?  It sounds like he might have brain damage.  It could be in pain, it could be dying, too.  I will join you in saying a prayer for it.  God the Father, if the White Eye Hawaiian birdie is destined to die, please take it swiftly and shield it from pain; let it bask in your glorious heaven and to know that it was loved.  If it is destined to survive, please help it regain itself ASAP.  Thank you Lord, whatever is YOUR decision!!!


animal lover 7 years ago

I am very sad today because my family and I have watched a mother bird build her nest and we seen her 2 eggs and daily we could watch her lay on her eggs. She built her nest in a Bougivilla bush right beside our screened porch and right where we walk out on our porch. I seen her baby bird right after it hatched and continued to watch the mother keep it warm and feeding it. The other egg never hatched and one day I looked in and it was gone. I do not know what happened to it. Anyway the baby hatched almost two weeks ago and it was screaming a lot today and I seen the mom and dad take turns feeding it every 15-20 minutes...litterally. Anyway I have also noticed that they have been having to fight preditors for the last few days. I watched as they attacked a snake, a crow and I even watched them chase after a squirrel today. It seems that today has been very stressful for them.

I have chased away the snake a couple of times myself because I wanted so much for the baby to live. I left my house for a couple of hours and when I got back my son looked in the nest and called out to me that the baby bird was gone...I am so sad. Is there any possibility that they moved him or he flew out of his nest. I noticed today when I looked earlier that he seemed to be getting a lot bigger. Looked like he has doubled in size. His eyes were open today too. I am hoping and praying that he was not attacked:(

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Dear Animal Lover,

I am hoping that the birdie just grew enough to fly away. I sure hope the snake didn't get it. Keep watching....Sometimes the mama will try to lead the baby out of a dangerous situation. Maybe the mama saw that the Bouganvillia bush was way too dangerous for them to be in it, and switched the baby to another, safer location. Birdies are sometimes like humans...we all make mistakes, but the good thing is that we learn from them. I'll bet if that birdie gets pregnant again, it won't pick the Bouganvillia bush.

Jeff 7 years ago

Well Sunday I checked on the birds and they were so big they were crowding the nest. Today I went to check and they are all gone so I'm assuming they are all growns up and flew away. Thanks again for your help.

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Dear Jeff,

Hooray for grown birdies that fly away from multiple dangers! Too bad we don't have wings, too! You are their blessed guardian angel.....!

Joanna 7 years ago

I found a baby bird today while I was running. it was on the ground directly below the nest. it had feathers but sparce and it was wobbling and trying to flap wings but feathers weren't fully developed. I put it back in the nest. I really hope I didn't do the wrong thing. HELP

joanna 7 years ago

I went back over by the nest and thankfully I found mamma bird at the nest and dad looking over them both from afar. I am certain the bird was probably just a fledgling but I am glad I didn't cause harm. Next time I will know better what to do.....

Missy 7 years ago

Yesterday we had our guttering replaced and we had a nest with 3 featherless newborns in it. The man doing the guttering took it and held it up for the mama to see where he was going with it. He put it in a near by tree. Mama did not come back,so my 5 children dug up worms and I chopped them up and they fed them with tweezers. This morning no mama and 1 is dead and the other were very cold and not moving and barely breathing. We held them in our hand and got all the mites and bugs off of them and fed them more worms. We used a med syringe to give a few drops of water. I came in and you. What a blessing! So after I read your information and we into action! We found a square plastic basket inserted a heating pad (on low),made a nest with washclothes. Now they are resting warmly and comfortably and eating(and pooping)! I like your idea of baby food better than chopping up worms! Every time the children feed them poop and my children just hollar. I told them that when they where babies they did the same thing! So my oldest daughter(15) has taken upon herself to "change their diapers". Every time they poop she takes a kleenex and wipes their bottoms and keeps the "nest" clean. Right now everything seems good, but I know it could change anytime. We are praying for God's will to be done. Atleast we are trying. Thank you for caring heart aand priceless info.

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author


Excellent! That was precisely what to do! You are a keen observer!

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author


Excellent!  That was precisely what to do!  You are a keen observer!

Missy, you did the right thing!  I'm glad your whole family is involved and enjoying this thing.  It is such an educational experience, as well as an experience of the compassionate heart! God's will is love, so I think every thing will be alright, now that you are involved.

birdiegal 7 years ago

i found two baby birds in my yard, they have feathers and their eyes are open, we put them in a box full of cotton, how long should i wait until i take them in?

thanks, birdiegal

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

First before you take them in, make sure that there is no mama bird hovering. If there is, then you must leave them for the mama to take care of. Just should see a mama birdie or a daddy birdie soon. If you don't, THEN there is reason to worry! It might take you 2-3 hours to verify that. I think that if in 3 hours, a mama has not visited her babies, there is definitely reason to worry.

Jess 7 years ago

I am so happy to have found this site! A baby bird fell out of its nest in my yard today and I saved him just before my cat snatched him up! I wasn't able to get him back into his nest because it's tucked up under the edge of my roof, but I made a makeshift nest and tacked it to the wall just a few feet under his original one. He seemed initially very active and was asking for food but I figured I would let his mom do that.

I was trying to keep an eye out to see if his mom was feeding him along with his brothers and sisters, but I was unable to tell. She was definitely in and out of the original nest, so I'm assuming she is feeding him also? There's no reason she wouldn't, right?

After reading about the importance of keeping the bird warm, I added some bits of wool sock to the makeshift nest, which only had grass to begin with. He was sleeping and woke up and seemed very weak, but maybe that's just because I disturbed his sleep? I put the nest back and am hoping for the best! I'll check on him in the morning but then I should probably just leave it all alone.

I just wanted to make sure that I shouldn't be interfering more. I don't think I'll try to feed him myself, but if I watch tomorrow and his mama isn't feeding him, should I take him to the local Wildlife Centre?

Thank you again for this great article and any help would be much, much appreciated!

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1craftylady 7 years ago

I just found a baby robin (about 3/4 size, but still w/pin feathers) inside my large 'dog-yard' sitting in deep, very wet grass. We had a violent rain storm last night. Mom and Dad are frantically flitting about. If left on the ground, the bird is in danger from my cat and possibly my pointer, who was standing over the robin protectively when I found it. I made a nest of shredded paper in an open bird feeder about 5' off the ground, almost directly above where I'd found the bird, and moved the bird into it. The parents can't seem to locate it even though it is calling to them, and should be clearly visible.

I don't know if I should launch a search for the nest .. two trees boardering the fence are the most likely nest sites. I'm concerned that I'll further disturb the birds. Any advice?

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Dear Jess and 1CraftyLady;

You are doing the right thing! I'm so glad! If mom is in and out of the nest you certainly did the right thing! Don't just ignore them, though. Keep a watchful eye. 1crafty, if you leave the baby in a bird feeder 5' off the ground and the birds can't find it....hmmm....maybe search for the original nest and see if you can place that baby back into it. Yes, definitely protect it from cats. Cats can jump higher than 5', remember. Maybe the parents are fearful of that position.....Is that position impervious to the cats? Don't worry about "disturbing" the birds...they know you are trying to help them the minute they see you trying to help. Birds are not all that stupid, actually they are very bright! Good luck and keep me posted!

Debra 7 years ago

While in my garage, I heard what I thought was chirping. Upon following the sound, I discovered a blue bird nest inside my car wash bucket. We had a lot of remodeling done, and the mother bird has not come back since Sunday - today's the following Wednesday. I began feeding them on Sunday evening moistened dog food, and they are eating hourly and seem to be thriving. From Internet research, the birds appear 9 days old or so. After reading posts here, I will go and introduce some fruit and meat baby food tomorrow. Will the mom come back for them if I build a bird box and place it in our back yard, or am I going to raise these babies myself. They are so cute! How long till they can fly? Will they learn on their own? Do I encourage them in some way? Four different wildlife refugee centers said they cannot take care of them and one even said that I should let nature take its course. I just can't do that to them. Please help guide me through this . . .

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author


I have found that many wildlife refugee centers have people with hardened hearts.  Hard hearts exist all over the world.  I had a similar experience here with such a person.  Next time I will not deal with them.  It is a long story that I won't go into here.  But yes, you seem to be doing a great job of taking care of them.  If they are accessible to the mother, she might have the instinct to come and care for them regardless of the fact that you have "taken over."  If she is around, she knows that you are helping.  I would not let that stop me from caring for them, or looking out after them to make sure they will survive.  But if you are sure the mother IS taking care of them fully, I would just back off and let her continue with it...Birdies will learn on their own to is their instinct to do so.  If you end up raising them (they grow quickly) you will start to feel like their "mama" and believe me, you will know what to do and when to do it.  It is like, nature takes over. They will see you as a "mama."  But continue what you are doing because you are doing it well....and keep me informed and I will guide you if you need any assistance that I can provide.  Good luck!

Debra 7 years ago

When I went to the garage to get the birds early this morning for a feeding, one had died over night. I don't know what happened. Am I supposed to be giving them water out of a dropper? I have read on some sites that giving them water will give them pneumonia. They were outside in the garage, which is warm because we live in Southeast Texas. Any ideas on what I can do for the remaining two to increase their chance of survival?


Marji 7 years ago

Woke up this a.m. to hearing baby birds chirping. My husband checked the attic as much as he could and checked the roof, but he couldn't find them. They've been chirping all day. Our house is about 8 years old, so I would hope that all the attic vents are closed off to birds, but I'm not sure. Any suggestions? Should the babies be crying all day, if their mother has access to them? Thanks so much for your help.

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Dear Debra, It might get really hot in your garage. Also, is the mother tending to them? You need to make sure that the mother is feeding them. Observe them closely for an hour. See what happens. I have always given my birds water after they ate their food and they have never died of Pneumonia. Of course you are not going to put it in their breathing holes. You will place the dropper inside the beak in the furthest place back and give a few drops, maybe a dropperful or half a dropperful...they like it. I think water IS important, especially in a hot dry place. Don't feel bad....sometimes death occurs and one does not know why. At least you are trying to help. Don't get discouraged. Do what your heart will know. Sorry for the loss...but there are still some alive and so you can help those.

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Dear Debra, It might get really hot in your garage.  Also, is the mother tending to them?  You need to make sure that the mother is feeding them.  Observe them closely for an hour.  See what happens. I have always given my birds water after they ate their food and they have never died of Pneumonia.  Of course you are not going to put it in their breathing holes.  You will place the dropper inside the beak in the furthest place back and give a few drops, maybe a dropperful or half a dropperful...they like it.  I think water IS important, especially in a hot dry place.  Don't feel bad....sometimes death occurs and one does not know why.  At least you are trying to help.  Don't get discouraged.  Do what your heart will know.  Sorry for the loss...but there are still some alive and so you can help those.

Dear Marji,

I don't know what to say....if they are chirping all day long it is because they are calling for their mother and she is not there!?  You must find out where they are....look for a mother bird flitting about the house...under the eves.

If they do not eat they will die, so if you want to help them you must first find out where they are....and then make sure they are getting fed....fed by either by the mama or by you! They could be trapped somewhere...they must eat tomorrow!




Abby Martin 7 years ago

I have 4 baby blue jays and it's mother cant come back to help them and if i tell my parents they will kill all 4 of them and i don't have worms but i need products around the house to keep them alive! I NEED HELP PLEASE!!!!Please help me im only 12 and i don't know how to care for them!

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Dear Abby,

If you have a blender, you can blend part of your own dinner in there to make it the perfect consistency to give to a baby bird....why would your parents kill them? I can't think they would be that evil! If you tell your mom I'm sure she might help you with it. Get an eyedropper. You can feed them the food from the blender with the eyedropper. Make sure it is not too thick. It should be like watered down mashed potatoes. If you can get some chicken baby food jars from the supermarket that would be even better. But whatever you eat for dinner, is suitable for the baby, too. Just grind it up as smoothly as possible, and feed it to them with the eyedropper. You can get an eyedropper at Walmart (ask the lady in the Pharmacy department for one) or CVS or Walgreen's. An eyedropper does not cost much. You can also get one from your medicine cabinet...there has to be something there that has an eyedropper. Just wash it out really well.

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Well???????I'm dying to know how all those birdies are....keep me informed!

judy 7 years ago

just found three baby birds. Feeding them Oatmeal, canned dog food, hard boiled yolk, calcium supplement with a dropper.

My son and I keep hoping it will work.

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Dear Judy,

Sounds good....make it the consistency of milkshake (add a bit of water). If they are alive tomorrow, that means you did the right thing! Blessings and good luck. A prayer goes out to you and to the birdies. Father help those birdies survive. Guide Judy's and her son's hands to do the right thing. Amen.

Bird Teen 7 years ago

Hey i found a sparrow near a bush, my dog attacked it. I wanted to make sure it wasn't hurt and waited for parents. They didn't come. >.>

Well I brought it in and put a little bowl with paper towels in a box lined with paper towels. I have a little heater going its way to keep it warm. I feed it dry dog food, applesauce, water, and hard boiled egg yolk mix. It desnt seem to want to eat a lot but sometimes it'll chirp for food. Its very tired and closes its eyes a lot. Is it sick? Thank you.

Bird Teen 7 years ago

Update : ive had it for about a day. It is a small fledgeling, covered with fuzz, about 7 or 8 days old to my eye. Not sure though. Please help lol :D

Bird Teen 7 years ago

nevermind! It looked strong so we left it outside to see if it would be "adopted." After leaving it alone for a bit I ckecked and it was gone. I saw some cardinals flying around, which is what the baby was. I hope its safe. I also put a fake nest in a bush low to the ground to keep her warm yknow just in case lol. I cried >.>

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 7 years ago Author

Dear Bird Teen,

Good Job! Keep praying for it. And, also keep watching! Thanks!

Michellcat profile image

Michellcat 7 years ago

A thumb-sized baby bird on the ground usually fell from the nest. Put it back. A fledgeling on the ground is usually being taught how to fly, and its parents will feed it as long as they can find it. By all means put it back in the nest, but don't be surprised if you see it on the ground again an hour later--the parents push 'em out. That's how their little wings get strong enough.

Don't EVER be afraid to put babies back in the nest, if they look clean. The parents will accept them. It doesn't matter if they smell like you or any of that. That's a myth. The parents will always accept their babies, and it takes a whole lot more than some noise, smelly humans, and a few days' or even weeks' separation to change that.

If you're hanging around, of course you won't see parents, because they're waiting for you to GO AWAY. I'm so glad to see so many people with kind hearts who want to help animals.

And I'm glad that so many people know that you must NEVER FEED A COLD BABY. Never feed an animal who's in shock, or give it water. First make sure their stomachs are warm, and that they aren't in shock, then rehydrate them, THEN feed them.

If they're covered with mites it's pretty likely the parents are gone. If they're clean and perky, then probably you're just not seeing the parents.

Always, the best thing is to keep the babies with their parents if you can, but if the parents have died, then you have to step in with an eyedropper.

One thing nobody told me as a child when I tried to rescue baby birds, is how often they need to be fed. Pinks usually need feeding every 5-15 minutes, and fledgelings every 15 minutes to half hour. And fledgelings are learning to fly, so you must do something to teach them, which is really hard if you're not the parent.

I was very sad this year because our cardinal nest, AND our robins, were knocked down, I think probably by bluejays, who prey on other birds sometimes.

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SamAntone 7 years ago

I didn't read all your comments, because it's late here. But I wanted to report that I found a bird floundering in the street a few years back. I think it was a sparrow. It was definitely young. I didn't want a car to hit it, so I beelined for it. At first, it pecked at me, and tried to get away. I don't know where I got the idea, but I did what you said; I fed it baby food. It seemed too tired or sleepy to open its mouth when I put the dropper on its beak, but I squeezed the dropper anyway, and the liquid spread itself around the lips of the beak. This made the bird "smack" its beak to take in the food. I kept doing it until much of the food was gone. I tried putting it in a basket high on a step-ladder to see if another bird would claim it, but it didn't happen, so I continued feeding the bird until it perked up – the next day. My daughter named it Cheyenne. I wrote a poem about it for a HubPage article.

I also helped save a dove. It was sitting near my front door, and when my wife picked it up, it didn't even fight it. It was an adult, but had a large sore under its wing. I put Neosporin on it, and later took it to a woman who specialized in nursing birds back to life. She later let it fly free when it recovered.

copelia 7 years ago

I have a baby mousebird, about 21 days old. I got it when it was 14 days old. It started of eating and doing well. Now a week later it suddenly doesn't want to eat I have to force feed. Please help. Send mail. Thanks!

profile image

SamAntone 7 years ago

Copelia, I tried finding you, but the system said it couldn't find you. Contact me at my home page and I'll give you the email of someone who is good at this.

LoveallGod'sCreatures 6 years ago

My son bought two baby chicks for his son's for Easter. He made them a nest in a planter box and put towels over them. Last night he left them outside (it is warm here now) under his covered patio. He went out this morning to find one dead. Something had eaten a hole it his tiny head and removed the contents. The other had a hole in his belly, but he is still alive and eating. First what do you think wud have done this? The remaining baby has a huge golf ball size knot on his neck. Is this normal or is this the result of the attack last night? I was wondering if this was his gizzard and if so why is it so enlarged? We don't know what to do. My Mom told my son to put the bird out of misery, but he can't do it. The little thing follows him step for step everywhere he goes. It is so cute. Shoud we just wait and see if he recovers from his injuries or do what my Mom said and put it down? I am so torn, I don't want this little baby to be suffering. Also can I give it baby tylenol for his injuries? Please help we are lost here.

unknown 6 years ago

i have found a baby blue jays nest w/ babies um i really want the babies and how do you think that i can make the mom bird go away

Alex R. 6 years ago

I am a 13 year old girl and i have taken in a baby bird. Something i did to feed the bird was soak cat food in warm water and waited for it to get mushy i then took a tiny piece of the cat food piece and put it in the babys mouth. The bird has eaten this. How do i give it water though??

unknown 6 years ago

I found a baby bird that was laying in the grass. It looks very sick and it wont eat. It wont open its mouth. But it will if we open it. How do I get him not to be scared?

sandra 6 years ago

my cat brang home a baby bird today and we fed it a worm mushed up and it ate that its a sleep now and me daughter is worred but with all your help i think we can do it. how often do you feed it ? it is about a week old. thanks again xx

mike 6 years ago

"I found a baby bird that was laying in the grass. It looks very sick and it wont eat. It wont open its mouth. But it will if we open it. How do I get him not to be scared?"

Use drops to feed him.. he doesn't know what you want to do with him. tap softly with the drops of food on top of his beak between his small nose. he will open his mouth.

lauren 6 years ago

i was walkin and came upon a baby bird without think ing i picked it up the bird is half way in the shell still breathing and now have it in some old cut grass with a lamp over it to keep it warm i need to knw how long it will be before it actually crackes and wat i do when it crackes

Taylor 6 years ago

Thanks for making this page... My mom found 2 chicks in our backyard and we didn't know what to do exept feed them water through an eye dropper. I went on your site and i made a nest for them out of an old t-shirt. Thank you for making this site. :)

profile image

christopher6453 6 years ago

i'm a ten year old boy and i found two eggs in my backyard i din't see who was the mama .it din't have a nest so i built one. i don't know how to take care of it. please help me answer this question. :D

courtney 6 years ago

help im 13 and i found a baby bird on the dirt and i can see in his skin it looks like the guts bluw up he always puts his head on his back and it cant swollow food very good so i try to help some girl said to but it in the bag and put it on the pip on the back of the car and it will fall asleep and i don't know what to do

courtney 6 years ago

all i can see is the bottom of this neck and im scared and i want help i don't want to be avoided so please help he i don't no what to do

courtney 6 years ago

im trying to leave him bye him self i hope he gets better

ANA 6 years ago


I found a baby swallow, I've had it for a week now, I've read all about how to feed and keep it warm. It's been fine but all the sudden he doesn't want to eat at all and wants to sleep all day. We have carefully forced feeding him but I would like to know why all the sudden he doesn't want to eat! Is everything ok?? Maybe I am doing something wrong!

nina uk 6 years ago

Found a baby bird 2 days ago, think its a sparrow, I have been feeding it a mix of cat food, milk, ready brek and water. It's cuddled up in a couple tea towels at the moment next to my laptop, seems as my lap top kicks out a bit of heat. He's or she is doing well so far. Thank you to this site, it has been very helpful. I really hope it will be ok. He sleeps quite alot and each feed has to be forced, but your tip of using my finger nail to open his beak works wonders. I will keep you posted until he/she is ready to be released. Many thanks.

michelle 6 years ago

We found a baby sparrow,and brought it inside to keep warm and have been feeding it puppy food.It seems to be doing very well and has it's feathers now.It flaps it's wings but doesn't go anywhere.At some point can it be released outside?What other foods can we feed it?

Anne 6 years ago

I have a bird's nest on a wreath hanging from my front glass door and we have taken great pains to not go in and out of this entrance since the mother laid her eggs. The babies are about 2 weeks old and the mother had never left their side. The dad has also helped in feedings. The mother has been nowhere around for the last 24 hours and the dad seems to feed the babies sporadically-their mouths are constantly open. I'm hoping nothing happened to mom but it is unusual for her not to be with them when she has never left their side Are they old enough to fend for themselves if dad stops feeding them and will they leave the nest on their own? Is there something I can do to help them such as lowering the wreath their nest is in? Thanks

Cheri 6 years ago

My son went in our backyard and found a baby bird in the back yard. He was down in a crack between the patio. I am not ready to be a mom again but I can not stand to see the stray cats we have in our yard get him . I did what you said and feed him chicken and fruit baby food and he is sleeping in my bossem as i type not crying out any more. My concern is that he stays warm at night are you sure the refrigerator is a good place.

Chris. Goldsboro NC 6 years ago

Yes Ive had a baby mocking bird 4 days now and later this evening it seems to be wanting to sleep more and not eat. I would go to its box every hour except between 3am and 7am and it usually perks up and cry's for food. Ive been feeding it pureed dog food from a can with water mixed in it to thin it some times with apple sauce and also put some bird meal in it. I put a heating pad under his box on low and it stays a constant 86F i check it with a digital temp meter. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

brenda 6 years ago

i found this baby bird today and the mother was die and this help me a lot so thank you

Roger Lederer 6 years ago

Baby songbirds leave the nest BEFORE they are able to fly. They don't fall out. They jump. This is perfectly normal. Then the parent feeds them on the ground until their wing feathers get long enough so they can fly. Too bad so few people know this and take the baby bird from the parents just because it is on the ground and can't fly. Best thing to do is LEAVE it alone.

alissa 6 years ago

I found a baby sparrow in the middle of the sidewalk today while walking my dog. I'm 17 and luckly out of school now that I can take constant care of it. When I found it, it was still in its shell. It has no feathers. I have it in a plastic tupperware container filled with cotton balls on top of a heating pad on the lowest setting and a chicken lamp on top but not too close. I've been feeding it dogfood soaked in water with applesauce and body balance for vitamins. I give it some food then a drop of water. Am I doing anything wrong? Thanks

Unknown 6 years ago

isn't it illegal to take care of wild baby birds

Shasta 6 years ago

was cutting up some wood in our back yard that was in a pile. We had recently cut down a big old pine tree in our yard and drug all the branches etc into the back to be cut up later. As I was working my way down through the pile, I almost stepped on what I thought was a baby mouse. I looked closer and saw that it is a baby bird and it is still alive. All I can figure is that when the tree came down a couple weeks ago, the birds must have had a nest with eggs in it and this one didn’t break and managed to hatch just recently on the ground under all the piles of branches. The baby is what I assume is a black bird because we have tons of them around here usually. The baby has no feathers yet and is bald. It’s eyes are not open yet. I have made a little nest in a dish for it and lined it with cotton batting then bunched it all up around him to keep him warm. I then searched some more by carefully moving all the brush and found 2 mor, but one was not alive. I desperately searched for info on the internet to find what to feed them and help them survive. I found this forum and have manaed to feed the little babies baby food as you suggested. They both started to open their eyes a bit and got very active while they ate. They are now snuggled together in a nice little soft war hand made nest sleeping. Thank you so much for posting this information. I would have never had any clue as to how to help them. I hope they make it through the day. Keeping my fingers crossed.

alyssa 6 years ago

i found a baby bird a couple days ago hes in my house in the same room as my cokatiel s hes doing good i feed him cat food i just put him in an extra cage when he was smaller i would heat up a hot water bottle and put in under a towel in his cage i feed him friskies chefs dinner cat food ( wet ) he loves it i ve tried 3 types of food this is his favorite type i give him a eye dropper of water when i feed him im used to hand feeding baby birds because we breed our cocatiels sometimes i give him some baby bird pablum if u find a baby bird with feathers you might wanna put him in an in closed cage or something or heel jump out remember to always keep believing in them i do it and that's what saves them . thanks

Ashley 6 years ago

After finding a cat with a dead robin in my front yard, I found a fledgling on the ground. He has been with us for two days and is eating very well and seems alert. I am concerned because his underside and belly near his tail is VERY red and warm. The skin under his wings isn't as red but sometimes looks redder than other times.

I cant seem to find any information on this and hope someone can help, thanks!

brooke 6 years ago

i need help a baby dove had fallen out of its nest and then flew away when i tried to save it what should i do

Chelsea Green 6 years ago

Me and My sisters were in our dining room when we noticed that the bird house we have set up fell over and rolled about 10 feet. There were five baby birds in the nest, three were still in it and we found a fourth one about five feet away from where the bird house had landed. It was covered in ants so my oldest sister who is 15 Y.O. Told us to get her a paper towel and water. She washed the bird of most the ants then picked it up with the paper towel and picked the rest off. It is only about three days old and we have made a nest of socks on top of the dryer in a basket. It is wounded a bit and we were wondering what to do.

Shasta 6 years ago

I wrote a few days ago about the baby birds I found. One is strong and thriving, but the other one died in my hand today. Did I kill it? I was feeding it with an eye dropper as I always do and it all of a sudden stopped chirping at me and looked like it couldn't breath. then it collapsed. I am devistated. My friend said she thinks it wasn't well because it wasn't really growing like the other one is, it couldn't sit up and just layed on it's side all the time. I just assumed it was because it had such a fat belly it made it unstable. It also was shaking alot today. But aside from that, it was eating and pooping well. I am so heart broken to think that I may have caused the baby to choke to death on it's food and I couldn't do anything to help it.

Michele  6 years ago

Hey there,

I've been taking care of a baby robin that hatched about 3 days ago..doing good with it...she's pooping..eating smushed up meal worms and I'm keeping her hydrated with small drops of water :) She is doing awesome...shes getting so big...she's still naked tho

Chelsea  6 years ago

Help!!! How are babybirds supposed to act???!!!! Mine is constantly spasing araoun and moving/kicking it's legs.!! It is a bluebird. How many times a day should I feed it?


Zack and Dallas 6 years ago

me and my friend found a robion egg we can hear him and see him moving he should hatch soon WHAT SHOULD WE DO FAST!!!

margaret creech 6 years ago

Hey,Could anyone answer some things for me? Our finches just hatched some eggs and i want to know do i need to feed the babys or does the parents feed them...and if i need to feed them ...what do i feed them?

zackl 6 years ago

i hate baby bird?

Mother for God 6 years ago

I had a robins nest under my deck in the rafters; the mother chose this unfinished nest from a previous mother who started it but ended up building another. Today I saw that both of the babies have fallen out onto the cement under the deck.Fortunately one is still alive and mother is feeding it; anything else I should do? There are no pets or animals, other than other birds and squirrels? Thank you.

Mother for God 6 years ago

...well, he died in the night :(...I am so saddened by it.

K&N 6 years ago

My son found a baby bird yesterday. it had fallen out of a nest above a store and it was a very busy area. We brought it home and tried to nurse it back to health. We kept it warm in a shoe box with a little towel. At first it seemed fine, chirping every time i touched it, and then it would nap. Again it would wake and chirp and nap. We tried to feed it wet cat food but it wouldn't take it. I was hoping it would live long enough for me to drop it off at the humane society this morning but when I woke up, it had died. I just came across this website and next we will try the baby food. Thank you for having this website.

kogaluver15 6 years ago

My dog found a baby bird trying to fly along with it's family but wasn't ready to do so. We've taken care of it for about a day but its so hard to feed it. The baby bird won't open it's mouth even after offering food directly to it's beak or trying to force it open with a fingernail. Any other suggestions?'s a little hard holding him since hes so small.

Onetatt 6 years ago


I have a baby sparrow and I was reading another site that was talking about how a single baby bird would imprint to you (the new mom) and not be able to survive on its own. what do you think of this?


ermargie 6 years ago

Found a nest with 3 babies in it. Went online to see what I would need to do in case they were abandoned.I read your info, very informative. Thank goodness I wasn't needed. I keep watch and mommy returned with a worm for dinner. I'll keep my eye on them incase one falls out, at least I'll know what to do. Thank God for people like you.

Law 6 years ago

Hi i am in wales UK early this afternoon discovered first a feathered baby not quite hopping around then a much younger one all downy nearby that looked on its last legs and another again younger that sadly had not made it, i scooped them up in towels and placed in boxes near to the nest kept a good distance and mummy bird showed no interest, so moved the box onto some scaffolding i have on my house nearer to the nest hoping that would prompt some feeding.... still no interest shown, sat for all day in hope (and its been a sweltering day (tho i also did my best to shade the birds)) finally i couldn't bear it any longer and brought the 2 babies in, i managed to find a worm and sieve it watered down and fed to the birds with a syringe, they both took willingly, the little one doesn't seem so strong but doing ok i guess, i got some baby food brought to me as i have a toddler, would have been difficult for me to go, managed to dig up more worms in mean time tho just in case, i don't much fancy doing the earlier thing with them, YUK! both birds have "toiletted" so i guess that is a good sign?? i have also been doing as much research on here as i can, there is a lot of conflicting information though, saying how not to feed or hydrate the birds but get them to welfare asap, (which i was asked to take them to my nearest vet earleir, i defied in the worry the vets would humanely "kill" them figuring they have little to gain, also info about leaving them close to the nest etc however i cant leave them on the scaffold 1 i don't know when the builders will return 2 i wont be able to tell if they're fed overnight 3 if they didn't make it through the night i would be heartbroken. 4 possible wind and rain and cold.... its not a birds life is it!! i found you're advice so far really good i think i am just hoping for reassurance i have done the right thing?

Jordan 6 years ago

I just found a bird hatching. I have found many dead over the last week and there appeared to be no mother. I took it in and it is in my garage. (It gets VERY warm in there at night.) I put in on a pile of grass and it is still struggling to get out of it's egg, but it is close. My dad made me leave it for the night though. It is in a safe spot and I needed to know what to do when it hatches. Your article helped VERY much and I hope I won't be too late to help it. A lot can happen in 9 hours.

Wish me luck!!!!!!!

Jordan 6 years ago

P.S. Have I done the right thing so far????????

Tanya M 6 years ago

I recently found a small bird on the pavement near my house, it is very small, no feathers and its eyes are closed. i have no idea what type of food to feed it or how to keep it warm enough, it was very weak when i first brought it home but seems to have gotten better. Its breathing is very short and sharp though. is this normal?

Mason's Mommy 6 years ago

At the top of this page, she tells you what to feed baby birds and how to take care of them.

My son found a female baby finch. She is a fledgling. The nest is too far up for us to put her back in it.

I researched what to feed it and what to do with it if the parent birds don't feed it or take care of it. When I came upon this hub, went out and bought two jars of baby food. One is chicken and apples and the other is chicken and sweet potatoes.

I put a tiny bit of water with the food and have been feeding her the chicken with apples all day. Now, she readily takes the medicine dropper with food. We had to pry her beak open at first, but now we tap the side of her beak with the dropper and she opens her mouth, making sure there are no air bubbles in the dropper.

She has feathers and flaps her wings so I imagine she will be able to fly by this weekend or next week. Her beak is still bright yellow on the sides but hard in the front.

If they can grasp your finger with their feet, they are a fledgling. If they cannot grasp your finger and don't have feathers, they are a nestling.

It is illegal to keep the birds, but you can feed them and let them go.

Earlier tonight I had her on my finger but she hopped down onto my chest and snuggled up under my breast. I think I am her momma until she can fly away.

Thank you for the information!

Mason's Mommy 6 years ago

At the top of this page, she tells you what to feed baby birds and how to take care of them.

My son found a female baby finch. She is a fledgling. The nest is too far up for us to put her back in it.

I researched what to feed it and what to do with it if the parent birds don't feed it or take care of it. When I came upon this hub, went out and bought two jars of baby food. One is chicken and apples and the other is chicken and sweet potatoes.

I put a tiny bit of water with the food and have been feeding her the chicken with apples all day. Now, she readily takes the medicine dropper with food. We had to pry her beak open at first, but now we tap the side of her beak with the dropper and she opens her mouth, making sure there are no air bubbles in the dropper.

She has feathers and flaps her wings so I imagine she will be able to fly by this weekend or next week. Her beak is still bright yellow on the sides but hard in the front.

If they can grasp your finger with their feet, they are a fledgling. If they cannot grasp your finger and don't have feathers, they are a nestling.

It is illegal to keep the birds, but you can feed them and let them go.

Earlier tonight I had her on my finger but she hopped down onto my chest and snuggled up under my breast. I think I am her momma until she can fly away.

Thank you for the information!

Mason's Mommy 6 years ago

Oh yea, forgot to add... what goes in must come out. So, with that remember to have tissue handy. My black shirt is covered with baby food and dropping mess.

serenity 6 years ago

i have a baby bird it wont open the beak i feed it i open the beak and feed it

profile image

tayloraamt 6 years ago


About 2 weeks ago we found a baby black bird (I'm pretty sure its a black bird of some sort). I've been feeding it baby cereal, dog food and water all mixed up and hes doing great! He has a lot of feathers now, not quite all of his tail feathers, but he can certainly fly around the house here and there.

My struggle now is that he or she still cries for food! We tried to start by putting small piles of food and mushed up fruit in his container, and by feeding him without the syringe, but he turns his head like he's mad! What should we start putting in his container, and should we just stop feeding him so he gets hungry enough to investigate?

Baby bird is like more like stubborn teenage bird now haha.

Marisol 6 years ago

I found a baby bird last night was as small as the circle my fingers form when making the "OK" sign. It was barely starting to grow feathers and its little bald head only had a few furry hairs. I head it outside my window and quickly ran out fearing that my 2 cats would get to it.

Sure enough, I found them hovering over the poor defenseless bird.I picked him up and brought him in. I knew I had to keep her warm so, the only thing I could think of was to put her in a small face towel which I then put in a ceramic plate with a small tea light candle under it so it kept it warm. Yes this is a food warmer but I made sure it wasn't too hot for the baby. I tried to feed it that night but it wouldn't eat. at first It looked like it was gasping for air but I soon realized that she was having trouble chirping. I gave her some water, she drank it. Then eventually fell asleep.

In the morning I rushed to see if she was still alive, and she was even though the candle had burned out. I tried to feed her again and she wouldn't eat,. So I placed her outside to see if the chirping of the other birds would cause her to chirp and signal for her mother. She tried desperately to chirp but she was too weak. I left her there in side the little nest i made for her, no candle though, for about 2o min to see if she had any luck with a passing birds noticing her. No luck, I picked her up and was going to try to feed her again but as soon as i picked her up she spread her little wings wide as if she was going to soar in the wind and gasped about 4 more times for air then closed her eyes and fell limp in my hand.

I wish there was something else I could do for her, I felt really sad. I didn't know it was a female but I'm guessing she was because despite everything she was strong had a will to live and she was a fighter.

Laura Retyi 6 years ago

I found a baby starling, its sibling were dead, I waited hours, this baby cried and tried to climb up a steep embankment, I couldn't stand it any longer...I am glad to report this been 2and a half months he is doing great, I gave him his freedom, but he keeps coming back to visit....

annabelle gomez 6 years ago

I found a baby bule ja y been pecked by the mom on a car my grandparents got the baby and a later we put on a tree but some cats got around it i went to chek onit every 5 minutes right now i saw it jump to a branch higher the mom and her friends were looking for her but the leavs were covering her i hope the cats don't eat her and the mom finds it i want to keep it inside for the night but my grandfather wont bring her down p.s i am a girlscout and i hope its safe.

Lauren 6 years ago

I am so happy for all the advice that you have given me. I found this baby bird in my grandpas back yard with no sign of a nest anywhere. I am worried about him though, he hasn't eaten all day! Do you know what I can do?

Lauren 6 years ago

:( I just went to check on my baby bird and he won't move!! I can't tell if he's breathing or not. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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jadeforest 6 years ago

Hi. Thanks for all of your care and information...that "guy" mmmm...I guess it's best to send him love...He must need it.

I found a baby bird...close to flying last night. I took it in to save it from the cats and couldn't see the nest. I went to the store and bought baby bird formula...but think I will take that back and get chicken/fruit baby food. I have not yet fed the bird (wildlife rescue message said not to...) but am planning on taking him/her out this am to see if I can find and place him in the nest...or at least give him access to parents. There is a large feral cat community in this neighborhood, leaving him/her out is not an option. I also have a call into the wildlife rescue. I would rather place her/him back in the nest...this is what I will try to do when it is light. If this doesn't work then I will feed her/him as you described. Thanks very much for your help! I have rescued and saved many birds...but it has been so many years since I have had to do so I thought I better do some research. Thanks again.


rvp 6 years ago

Test ...

Rohit 6 years ago

Hi maricarbo, I have found a small (somewhere between nestling and fledgling) baby sparrow that does not want to be fed. If I try to pry its beak open it just twists and turns to get out of my grip :) I have only managed to get its beak open a few times, most other times I have fed it with my finger by applying the formula on its beak or holding it on its beak until it realizes that there is food there and starts to take it in. I have had this one since yesterday. Have you had this kind of a chick before?

Thank you,


Tori,Chris,Evan 6 years ago

We have found a baby bird that fell out of its nest,we are taking care of it at the moment but i want to put it back but tori and chris don't want to,there are also 3 other dead birds,what should i do?

Nancy 6 years ago

I rescued a baby from a Home Depot store near my home. She is doing well. I purchased some "bird baby formula" and mix it with berries or meal worms. She seems to be doing well. I just don't know what type she is. Her feet are so long and her beak is pointy. Some of her feathers are blue. I hope I can nurse her to wellness.

justin reed 6 years ago

i found a turtle dove that is big enough to eat but not to fly. im going to try feeding him right now to see how it goes, i am an animal lover but if theres no other choice, i believe in a painless death the best way is a gun to the head. half a second and no pain what so ever. but only if its in so much pain you need to end it.

Birdie3458 6 years ago

The Tree Near my house had eggs in it and one of my brothers friends knocked it down with a stick and when i heard i hoped the eggs were all right because i Love Birds and a couple weeks later i heard my brother yell: A BABY BIRD FELL OUT OF ITS NEST WHAT DO I DO??!!!?? so i came running outside with a small box with a blanket in it and i gently tucked the baby bird into it and i knew it was a robin so i asked my brother and one of his friends to dig out worms for me and like a mother bird i fed worms, i had to rip them apart because they were to big to go down his throat and i think its parents wont come back because they know when there child is touched so im taking care of it right now:

make sure the worm is at least 1 inch long any longer and it will make it hard for the baby to eat.

don't leave it in sunny or cold places keep the tempature just right.

since i have a dog and a cat i have to keep my door closed.

keep an eye on it you never know what might happen.

marisol 6 years ago

i found 3 baby birds im my back yard 2 dead and 1 holding on, so I started to feed her milk with corn flour, is that okay?

Kelly 6 years ago

Hey, I have a cardinal fledgling. Im not sure what happened to it, as is was in someone elses yard and their dog was trying to get it. Luckly he managed to flutter away from the dog and I got help from the owners of the house. They have many pets that might eat the bird, so I was left with taking it home. The parents were visible, but there were MANY cats/dog in the area to eat the bird and did not feel comfortable leaving him. I scooped him up without a complaint from the parents and took him home. He has many feathers and is a brownish red. (and awfully cute I might add) Im feeding him catfood/water and he dosnt really want it. He called for food and I fed him and then he fell asleep. How often do I feed him and do I feed during the night. PLEASE HELP as these birds are rare in our area and I would like to see a success =) Thanks SOOO much

Cinnamon 6 years ago

I found a baby mocking bird trying to fly but not managing and didn't want to mess things up for it by helping it... I found this site and decided to keep an eye on the bird to watch for its mother...the mother just showed up and is talking to it trying to coax it to fly....I feel much netter now and glad I didn't take it from its mother but we live in a large apartment complex with lots of animals around so I am thinking of just keeping an eye out for animals and if any try to get the bird i will have to try to find it a safer spot. Was not happy with our local wild life and fisheries who told me thats called natural fell out the tree so let it die!

John and a camera profile image

John and a camera 6 years ago from Co. Leitrim Southern Ireland

I know it's sad and heartbreaking, but most of the time nature will take care of itself. There is a reason for all of it.

6 years ago

Hey..firstly i am so happy and grateful for the help and support that you are giving... its a marvelous thing and you are inspiring and doing such good!

I need some help.. theres a baby bird that had fallen from her nest, The nest is actually inside my house made inside of a chandelier/lamp.. however the the baby bird had fallen down and the Mum can see her and visits i could put it back up there but what if it falls again?

Ok the main issue that i am worried about, is her neck.. it is upside down or bent, and it is trying to fly or get its neck back in position?... The thing is that its head is turned around.. i think as in i hope you understand..

The bird is very small but has some feathers and i think lots of fur..

Thanks.. you can help me hopefully..

profile image

K22 6 years ago

Its K again ... the baby birds neck is bent to the side facing upwards some times and it seems to be week what do i do.. i kept it in a box.. and the mother can see it and does visits and hopefully sees it..well the box is below the lamp where the nest was built.. please tell me what i can do

Stephanie 6 years ago

Thanks to your wonderful instructions, we saved a baby goldfinch (a nestling, maybe a week old) yesterday, kept him/her warm and fed through the night, and this morning got him to a wildlife rehabilitation center! I hope our little friend lives a long and happy life.

Ben 6 years ago

Thank you so much, I found a baby bird yesterday that had fallen from a nest around three metres in the air with branches that were too thin adn delicate to climb. Your advice has helped greatly, so far he/she looks very healthy and is starting the attempt to chirp when I whistle to it.

Thanks you so much.

I was wondering if you knew when a baby bird's eyes would open.

Scarlett 6 years ago

I have a house wren that built a nest in my son's motorcycle helmet, in our hot garage. Mom is feeding them, but my concern is that it has been over 100 for the last four days. I am running a large floor fan, in the garage. The birds seem weaker than they did the first two days.

Scarlett 6 years ago

I have a house wren that built a nest in my son's motorcycle helmet, in our hot garage. Mom is feeding them, but my concern is that it has been over 100 for the last four days. I am running a large floor fan, in the garage. The birds seem weaker than they did the first two days.

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 6 years ago Author

Michellcat, Thank you for your valuable information, and for participating in this blog. Sorry I took so long to answer. I've been busy doing other things and didn't realize I had so many comments! I am soooo glad that soooo many people love birds and are animal lovers like me! We can learn so many things from one another.

Samantone, Congratulations on saving those birds! It is a wonderful feeling to know that one has actually saved another being from a cruel death! Keep helping nature whenever possible. I commend you on your skills!

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 6 years ago Author


Instead of giving the baby milk give it some mashed up fruit with some mashed up chicken. You can feed it the same thing you eat, but it has to be mashed up into little bitty pieces. Add some water and mix it up real good so that it can be picked up with an eyedropper, and feed it to the baby bird with an eye-dropper.

Dear Ben,

A baby bird's eyes will open when they are ready. Do not try to open them, because it will harm the baby bird. Just keep it protected from too much light until it has opened its eyes, OK? Good luck!

Dear Onetatt,

Do not worry about 'imprinting.' If it does, wonderful. If it doesn't, it is also wonderful. The most wonderful thing, would be that you saved a bird's life. It doesn't matter who the bird loves. It will love YOU, of course, if you show it kindness and love.

sara 6 years ago

My 7 yr old daughter brought home a baby bird yesterday afternoon. I have no experience with birds and really feel bad when she brings them home, esp the babies as I don't know what to do, but I didn't have the heart to just leave it outside and break my daughters heart. I read something online and they said u can give them some sugar water to keep them sustained till you have some food to give them. So I did. The bird hasn't eaten anything all night or all day until this evening after reading your article about not being afraid to open it's beak and feed it, as it doesn't open its beak more than once and doesn't chirp or anything. It is active and alert in the day and moves around a lot. We are keeping it in a shoe box with towels and had a towel covering it as well with a little opening in it and in the morning it had jumped out and off the kitchen counter onto the floor. It has feathers but is still obviously a baby, and looks about the same age as the bird in the picture u have in your article with those featherless patches. I just need to know how many times I should be feeding this particular bird, since it doesn't ask for food or chirp or open its mouth on its own. At night it just sleeps and sleeps but in the day it tries to jump out of the box and explore, but still no chirping or opening of its mouth. Is that normal? Sometimes when we lift off the towels it shakes, is that because it's cold? Do you have any tips on things that might ensure it lives and grows to a full adult I would so hate having to watch my daughter cry because I couldn't keep it alive. :D

Rashmi 6 years ago

Hi, I found a baby bird (a week old) in my balcony. Its nest is right up, in the ceiling. Its mother was also sitting in the nest, but it didn't look too bothered bout the baby. I have made a tiny nest for the bird, but not sure as to does it even eat, as i have not really seen its mother feed the other kids. Pl suggest, what should i do?

mandy 6 years ago

Hi, I found a baby swallow 4 weeks ago, fed it moist dog food and dry meal worms, he developed wings and we had him outside teaching him to fly, he seemed to be doing great but went to check on him one morning and found him dead, What did we do wrong, devastated. What did we do wrong?

Marlana Undderwood 6 years ago

Tonight I was sitting on the balcony of my high rise, and saw a bird falling to the visitor's parking area. I thought at first it was a clump of leaves as it's very windy here in Georgia today. I don't know if it ran into one of the windows on an upper floor, or got away from one of the many hawks in Piedmont Park across the street. Nevertheless, I brought it into my space, and put it in a 5 foot tall cage on my upstairs balcony I used to rehab a baby squirrel that has since been released. The bird had no visible injuries, or appear to have a broken neck, it couldn't seem to fly though, and I think it may have been in shock. It's on a heating pad on low, and cut up pieces of a fleece robe I used as a nest for my squirrel. I covered the top of the cage, but left the front door open in case it wants to leave in the morning. It's a woodpecker. Beyond a fledgling, but not quite an adult yet. Any advice??? I've never successfully rehabbed a bird.

Marlana Underwood (

khnaya 6 years ago


I live in south africa - joburg to be exact and i found a baby bird at school

it was tanglesd in a bit of wooli cloth

it :

is about the size of weaver (adult) and has a very large lime yellow beak

it has fully doveloped brown grey feathers and a little crest

can u tell me what it is and how to look after it!!!!


Trudi 6 years ago

Hi Maricarbo, thanks for a very valuable advisory service! I found a baby bird on my lawn an hour ago beneath a tree full of masked weavers nests so it was going to be very difficult to identify which nest it was so I came inside to do a bit of research about what to do. In the time it has taken me to read your advice the bird has gone - hopefully it was a succesful fledgling and not the victim of a larger bird. Still at least I will know what to do next time. By the way, I write from the DR Congo in Central Africa, so your advice is spreading worldwide! Khanya (above), Crested Barbet? Hope all is well on that front.

cathy 6 years ago

Hi, I'd like to share my story.

I have been keeping an eye on a family of blackbirds for the past week or so. Mother and 4 babies. They were nesting in a bush in my front yard. the bush was very low to the ground and i was very concerned about a cat or dog getting them. Yesterday my fears were realised when two of the birds were missing from the nest and nowhere to be seen. Later on just on dark yesterday the two remaining jumped from the nest but could not as yet fly. Unfortunately, we have some very selfish neighbors who insist in leaving their cats out all night to attack the wildlife. These poor little birds were running up and down the road and very stressed. I tried to place them back in the nest and wait for the mother but they continued to jump out and run away. In the end i decided that the only way they stood a chance of even getting through the night was to bring them inside. I wrapped them up securely, fed them and kept watch. To my absolute joy they survived the night and are now very settled and let me feed them every half hour or so. They are not frightened and I think they are not far from being able to fly. I will now take are of them until they can fly. I am an animal lover and the thought of one of the local cats getting them through the night was just not on the cards.

They are enjoying their diet of worms (yuck, yes i have to touch them), and chicken mixed with farex and warm water. As soon as i enter the room they open up their beaks ready for a feed. They then sleep and the process continues. I am nervous about letting them go once they can fly and am worried they won't know what to do or how to look for food themselves having not been completely weaned by their mother.

I hope I am doing the right thing here. So far so good.

Wafa 6 years ago

Cathy I'm am the same I found 2 sparrow jigalongs who are fledging and I'm going to keep them until they can learn how to fly properly. My worries are if I let them go how would they know what to eat since they haven't been weaned by there mother? And should I let them go when they can fly where I found them or should I give them to a bird sanctuary? And they don't know how to fly I haven't kept them in a cage so that they have the freedom to fly. they are in a basket with a towel. Is there anything I should do to teach them how to fly??? And when can I give them seeds? Whenever I walk into the house they seem tonalways open their beaks. It's sooooo cute I love them so much.

Please answer my post

Beck 6 years ago

HI I don't know you can help but im breeding cockatials and hand feeding them this 1 little chick is getting so cold and is slowly dieing I've got a heater on and ive wrapped it up in a tissue or 2. . .am i doing the right thing.?

its still eating and emptying its crop!!

annomous 6 years ago

ive got a baby bird egg and my friens say its alive so i done the 'candeling' and the was a yellow bit in the middle and yellow roung it so is it alive or not??

Morgan 6 years ago

I found the following on another site and thought it may have been what killed one of your writers' baby. It was on

"It should be noted that you must NEVER give water to your baby bird. It will get all the water it needs from the formula. If you try to get it to drink, there is a very good chance it will drown, or get pneumonia."

kiran 6 years ago

Am heartbroken. I presume the mother of these two baby birds had been killed, so i took in these two birds, two days back.

We fed it with avocados, oats,milk and they both were eating so well. We even had them put into a home made nest-lined with socks, cloth, and even let them have a sun bath and permitted them to "exercise"-by letting them out on a newspaper, and allowing them to flutter their wings and use their legs. We packed them into the nest, and within an hour-i found them dead. How did both of them die at the same time? Where did we go wrong. Did i over feed them, did they suffocate due to the increased food, or was it hypothermia. God i feel so disheartened. If they had to die, why was to i led to them in the first place-i thought God had led me to them so i could save them.

kiran 6 years ago

Am heartbroken. I presume the mother of these two baby birds had been killed, so i took in these two birds, two days back.

We fed it with avocados, oats,milk and they both were eating so well. We even had them put into a home made nest-lined with socks, cloth, and even let them have a sun bath and permitted them to "exercise"-by letting them out on a newspaper, and allowing them to flutter their wings and use their legs. We packed them into the nest, and within an hour-i found them dead. How did both of them die at the same time? Where did we go wrong. Did i over feed them, did they suffocate due to the increased food, or was it hypothermia. God i feel so disheartened. If they had to die, why was to i led to them in the first place-i thought God had led me to them so i could save them.

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Bird Saver 6 years ago

Hi, was just wondering how long it takes before a baby swallow is weaned off its mother?

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Bird Saver 6 years ago

Hi, was just wondering how long it takes before a baby swallow is weaned off its mother?

sajidkjhg 6 years ago

If you like birdwatching, why not go on a birdwatching holiday. In 2012 the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) is publishing a major new atlas of British birds. Join an experienced ornithologist as he seeks out the less common species to add to the atlas records

sydney 6 years ago

i think that is how evreyone shold treat baby birds like

sydney 6 years ago

i love baby birds i do not whant any of them to die or very very sick like the pic that was shown!:(

nick071438 profile image

nick071438 6 years ago from City of Catbalogan, W, Samar, Philippines

I admit I scroll down so much to have my say here, which only goes to show that there are still a lot of nature lovers in our midst. For this particular hub, I rate you excellent Keep up!

Fran 5 years ago

Hi, I need help with my little love bird. I rescued him about 10 months ago when a friend found him beaten up by the other Love birds in her aviary. he is a happy, healthy little bitd. Today, I noticed that his left eye is sensitive to light and he is quiet. I spent some time observing him and I noticed that when he plays with his bell, it sometimes hits him in the head.. I think he may have scratched his cornea. I moved the bell against the side of his cage instead of letting it freely fling around when he plays. I alsoI provided him with very dim lighting and an extra container of water to dip his head in if he wants to. Love birds bath by dipping their head into water and shaking their head to bathe. I thought the cool water would help his discomfort. There has been some improvement in his eye, but I don't have anyone to consult with to see if I'm on the right track. His symptoms are the same as mine were when I scratched my cornea. He is alert and eating and he comes to me when I call him. Please help and also pray for him.



Nicky 5 years ago

I found a baby bird and it just started getting feather. It ate for 2 days, but now on the 3rd day its quite and doesn't eat much. I am getting wooried, don't know what to do. Please help me!!


shila and ali 5 years ago

We found this bird nest with two baby birds and two bird eggs. This info helped us a lot. Thanks and I hope you keep on saving baby birds in distress.

From:ali(6th grade) and shila (8th grade)

Thanks a lot!

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pstowe83 5 years ago

Where are you Maricarbo? I love this site and I notice you have not checked in for some time. My prayers that you are well are with you.

Five days ago I found a fledgling in my backyard. I immediately saved this bird because we have three large dogs and many stray cats in the area. Bird was in shock and unresponsive. Within the day we also found four of its siblings that did not make the fall from the tree. We cannot locate the nest and there is no other blackbird mama around. I started feeding her canned dog food for protein until I made it to the store for some bird formula. "Lola" is now accepting food happily and is very bonded to me. Just for all you probably will only have to forcefeed a couple or three times until they learn to accept you as the food sorce. Now that Lola is bright and cheerful I am noticing that her right foot is not recovering well. She will still not put much weight on it but does not appear to be bothered by it. I am praying she will recover on her own. I imagine she took a hard fall from a tall palm because I could not find the nest in lower trees. Her foot and leg appear normal but I hope she will be able to use it again. So sad she lost all her family but she is much comforted on my bosom. I am wondering since she is at the age of imprinting if she will be willing to make it on her on in the wild because she is imprinting on a human right now. I would be willing to keep her as a pet especially if her foot does not get better. Please help. Thank you.

failed save 5 years ago

Me and my wife found a nest of pigeons literally outside our window on the fire escape 3 days ago... we would check on them from time to time. but made a point to really try to give them their space... it was a mother. and 2 fledgling bird.s 1 was robust and strong. the other quite frail... yesterday was a very rainy cold day here in brooklyn. we noticed the babys were left unprotected in the nest. and being rained on. we thought it strange for momma to leave her babies unprotected in such harsh weather... maybe an hour or less later there was a scream from the kitchen .and my wife was saying BIRD BIRD. standing on our fireescape was one of the biggest birds ive ever seen. talons the size of my fists. we immediately opened the window and started yelling and banging for him to leave. he reluctantly left. we looked down and noticed the larger fledgling bird had dissapeared. either carried away. or it fell off the escape to the ground. i have no way to know which one...and we had no idea the events leading up to right before we came over and scared the bird away... seemingly a few seconds too late....

so now we look down. ll that remains in this nest is a shivering little fledgling.

we didn't know what to do. we read the best placce for the bird is with its momma. so we waited a while to see if the parents would come back, and we built a little covering over the nest to protect it from the rain. and put a towel in the nest and wrapped it around the little bird.. i went to the pet store and got piugeon dove food. and sprinkled it in the nest. hoping at very least it would interest the parents to come hang out over here.

the whole time im thinking. theor gonna bail they are not going to care for this little bird who i think may have been a day from starvation based on the difference between the sizes of the 2 young birds.....

we kept vigil for 6 hours. to fend off the hawkif it came back,. and to determaine the parents plan for this young chic... and to our happiness. both parents retuned. but did not seem interested in the chic. they sat close to the chic. but did not engage it in any way.... we thoguht this was perhaps dude to our presence... so we really laid low. tough considering the nest is 2 inches from my window..... but as night fell. we noticed the mother in the backyard. as if she had given up, but couldn't bring herself to tottally abandon the young bird.....

we were hoping to see a reunion this morning. but we woke up early to find the small bird dead in its nest.....

we put him in a box and i gave him a proper burial in the park today..

but i really cant shake this feeling i didn't do enough....

when i thought the parents were perhaps not gonna take care of the baby. i should have immediately stepped in.... ive watched enough Nat Geo. toknow what happens in this circustance.. but the mother was always within eyeshot. and i read the birds best chance is with its mother... even though my gut said to step in and handle it....

a iofe was in my hands at that moment. i knew if i didnt step in with definitive action. this very small fledgling bird was done for.....but the whole time. the mother was not 20 feet away. but might as well have been 100 miles for what good it did.... i went to sleep saying if the mother doesn't get back involved in the morning. im taking over....

the baby was dead this morning....

ill not let this happen again.

i know this was not an uplifting success story.

and probably best left unsaid.

but maybe someone will have a similar situation.

since i could not find anything with the same exact story parametrs online. and thus. didn't definitively know what to do..

well if anyines in this situation.

get a box. get that bird. and do what you know needs to be done....

and you can save yourself a whole bunch of woulda coulda shoulda done something.

best wishes to all..

evry life is precious..

keep on fighting the good fight!

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pstowe83 5 years ago

I am happy to report Lola is doing very well!! We have had her for almost two weeks and she has doubled in size andher feathers have come in quite a bit. She is now able to fly all over the house. Her foot is completely healed. She is still nursing from me for food and I cannot figure out how to get her to eat on her own. She is just beginning to gap with her beak but will not actually put worms or bugs into her mouth. I am so happy she is doing well. I do not know if she will adapt to the outside because when we let her out to fly all she does is fly to me and stand on my head or shoulder. She doesn't dare fly out of the house when the door is open so I imagine she is attached to me. Good luck for all bird savers!

olivia 5 years ago


my cat brought in a baby bird, it is probobly hours old! sooooo tiny, anyhoo, it is eating, tweeting, and doing perfectly fine, im not sure what to do to keep it warm though. i made it a nest in my old purse, then set a lamp over top to give it warmth, the lamp is probobly 2feet away, but will that over heat the baby? is it likely to die? it seems that my cat didn't cause it any harm so I think it will do fine. Also, there are no trees anywhere around, i'm not sure where it came from but, i want it to live! I absolutely LOVE it. It has quite a personaltity, and it thinks im mama!

chantal lappin 5 years ago

i found a baby bird this moring it has no feathers and its so tiny and cute! it was on the pavement out side my house i put it in an easter egg basket in a tea towl and ive fed it worms and gave it water i boiled the worms i had dug them up from my garden and kept it warm ive now put it in a shoe box with a hot water bottle wrapped in a tea towel n wrapped the bird in tissue and put cotton wool over it and the birdie loves it all snuggly and warm and full up wiv yummy worms :)am gonna keep checking on it and feeding it often n warm the water bootle up if it gets 2 cool i love my birdie n it will survive with my love and care :)

lev 5 years ago

a week ago me and my mom found a bird nest in our garden, it just hatched and theres 3 or 2 baby birds in there and we called the vet but they said let it be because if u touch it it's mother wont come back :( its so sad

McKenzie Johnston 5 years ago

Major question, and I hope it gets answered soon, it seems like you've been somewhat inactive here. I found eight very very young robins near their nest, but the tree had just been cut down. I washed my hands and got the nest out. I also found an egg while I was checking to make sure I had found all of them. I put the egg at the bottom, hoping that the babies' warmth would keep the egg warm, but there has been a cold snap here the last couple of days. It was already getting dark when I got them into the nest. I put the nest in the nearest tree hoping the mother would find it, but I have been staking out here for a couple of hours. I'm terrified that the mother won't be able to find them. How do you know that the birds are alright if you can't see the nest in the dark? I've been going out twice an hour to see if I can see the mother take of when I approach the tree, and if she doesn't I get close enough to see if she's on top of the nest. I'm really worried that some or all of them will die tonight in the cold and rain. If I can't see the mother tomorrow morning I'm going to check that they're all alive. Also, is it too much to take on eight plus an unhatched egg? I would be alternating with my father so he was taking care of them while I'm at school and I would take core of them when I got home. Between the two of us I think we could manage a nest, but I'm not sure about eight-nine. How long does it take for them to grow to be able to fend for themselves?

pato 5 years ago

are they still alive?

Luna 5 years ago

I just found a baby bird underneath my tree a few moments ago. When I (my sister) first found it, it was in the middle of our yard, then a bluebird came and picked it up violently, threw it against my tree and got the bird all scraped up! I am waiting for my dad to see if we can help it, but for right now, I put a laundry basket over it so the bird wont hurt it! I hope its okay :(

mahesh 5 years ago

hi, we have four chicks that have jumped out of their nest, they have been behind our shed near their nest all day, my dad the poor guy has been watching them ever since through the shed window. the mother of the chicks has been returning and feeding all four chicks with one still in the nest. what shall we do if the chicks do not fly tonight??? i am concerned for their welfare, shall we pick them up and place them back into their nest box? thank you in advance

Daniel Kelly 5 years ago

hi im only 12 and i found a baby bird at my moms job and it couldn't fly. today i feel so bad for not taking care of it as much as i could. i didn't feed it with an eyedropper nor did it drink anything. today i found it limp on the floor of our cage we got for it so i went out to my creek to look for some bugs but didn't find any. later it was just starving so much that it was to weak to hold on to my finger so i cupped my hands for it. since it wouldn't eat anything there was nothing i could do so i pet it and cried till it was game over for him and died in my hands and i sadly got the shovel and headed for the backyard.i buried it and planted a rose bush over its grave. from now on i will water that rose bush every day that i remember to until it dies in winter or i move to another house. god bless that bird and i hope god gives it another chance and lets it be reborn.i buried the bird about half an hour ago and saw this website when it was dying. i hate myself for being unresponsible. 5 years ago

I applaud you for advocating the idea of letting the parents do their job if they are able. I have rescued a number of wild birds (having worked for a veterinarian) and have come to learn that you only attempt this if AND ONLY IF there is no way to return the chick to its parents.

BUT . . .

I've raised countless chicks of several species: hurt by storms, attacked by cats, victims of well-meaning-but-clueless urbanites . . . and the reward is immeasurable.

My message to anyone who comes across an apparently ground-bound or injured baby bird is this:

Are the parents still around? If yes, then the best route is almost certainly observation, but not intervention.

Is the chick injured? If yes, then you must ask yourself two things:

1. Are the parents trying to save it?

2. If no to #1, then why or why not?

3. If #1&2 are a negative, do I have the time/dedication to follow thru on the care of a potentially critical patient . . .

4. Am I prepared to part with a wild off-spring when the time comes.

I speak to #4 with experience, and with extreme affection for a roommate who could not ultimately deal with the inherent risks of life in regard to a rescued wild baby bird. Said rescue spent the better part of 3 years flying around and living in a suburban apartment. One day it escaped, and that was a day of both mourning celebration. He belonged to the world, and escaping put him back "on-path" with his destiny. Maybe he raised a whole generation of his kind who have some small regard for humans. Maybe he was eaten by a hawk the day after he escaped. Either way, he lived - wild and free and as he should have.

Do I think we shouldn't rescue fledglings? No, I think we should, when necessary. What I am advocating is: figure out when intervention is appropriate and when nature is just doing it's thing. When are we appeasing our urban-conscience, and when are we actually promoting the propagation of a species.

All that said, a fledgling us almost irresistible to me. I have been known to sit and watch into the night or early morning, but mostly I don't do more than serve as a domestic pet sentinel. I give the parents a chance to do their jobs. Even being a cat owner (and maybe BECAUSE) I usually watch, wait, protect, and (if needed) supplement feeding. Almost never do I capture and release.

Nature has its way, and as long as I do not perceive that human intrusion has caused the situation, I let nature take its course.

daviddwarren22 profile image

daviddwarren22 5 years ago

This is interesting hub. Great job.

bob79444 5 years ago

im onliy 11 and i found a baby robin today no faters

Fisher 5 years ago

I walked outside today to find a baby sparrow dead on the ground, It was so tiny and it upset me so much, it has bruising on its belly so it must have been alive for a while before it died, I got to it earlyer :( i cried over it and im 17 (male) and haven't cried for years. it was so innocent and little i just wish i could have saved it, i wrapped it in tissue paper and buried it in the back of my yard, :(

dex 5 years ago


Banks 5 years ago

I had to go to the Doctor's office last week and after that we went out to eat then my mom's boyfriend's house anyway we left his house kinda late and my mom had gotten gas for our lawn mower. Well she pulled into the drive way and an owl flew out of this little tree in our yard. We knew there was a nest there so we looked. The owl had eaten the mom and two of the babies. Well I had those two birds for a week then one of them died a few days ago. Now the other one is looking bad. It's not as active and it like trys to stand and falls over. It has been eating less. I have kept it at basically a constant temperature. I have been feeding it mushed up cat food and a little bit of worms. But i think it is dying. I don't know. Does this sound healthy to you or do you just think it is just trying to learn to fly??

tomboyish_girl 5 years ago

thanks for this awesome paragraph. we recently found 3 baby birds and their momma was dead in the nest. we have been feeding them baby food and trying to keep them warm. but sadly , last night, one of them died from being to cold, so now we have our heater on the other two and hopefully they will survive

chianti57 profile image

chianti57 5 years ago from Yokohama Japan

Thank you so much for this hub. I've been a second mom to baby birds in need but I would have never thought of baby food. I'm a teacher and one of the students at school PICKED UP 2 babies that had fallen out of their nest. I did the worm thing!!! I'm going to buy baby food next thing in the morning! Time savers and baby savers!!!I HOPE.

PHILIPPA 5 years ago


BradsNewMomma 5 years ago

Today my husband was cleaning out our gutters and there was this scrawney little bird almost baking in the gutter. I guess the helicopters make a good nest. Anyway I have 4 young sons and they weren't about to let the little fellow perish (nor was I). "Brad" now lives in a shoe box of socks and paper towel. He is fed pretty regularly and is sleeping well. He even went to Target and to grandma's today! We've prayed that he will survive so let His will be done.

Ryan 5 years ago


I found 2 baby blue birds that the kids in the neighborhood brought me because I'm a vet technician. I don't know anything about raising birds though. I work with cats and dogs only. Well one was looking a bit strange since I got it. She was eating alot and her feathers were not as developed as the males. She seemed fine though until one night I went to feed them and the girl was shacking like it was cold thought maybe it had a fever. Next morning she was dead but the male was still alive. It's been about 2 weeks and he was doing great. He was flying around my backyard yesterday. I have been feeding him worms and blueberries. Well today I woke up and he couldent walk almost looked like his legs were broken but he was in the cage all night and then an hour later he was gasping for air and couldent breath well. I held on to him till he died which was pretty quick. I just don't understand how my friend told me he was flying around earlier this morning and then its like out of no where he cant walk and then dies of what seemed like maybe a respiratory infection. Do you have any idea what could of happened

zenred 5 years ago


After reading GUYS negative reviews and his scientific outlook based on natures cruel food chain and how we are part of that - and therefore should be just as cold...

@GUY - you are right from one dimensional views but way wrong from all others... If you can only see life through one view point you are only living it partially... no one is ever 100% correct unless you see from all points of view, and even then you will be wrong...

By saving a birds life - it gives you so much more... fills you with compassion, gives your life a purpose, teaches you respect for animals and - just maybe your path directed you to find this bird and save it... whatever your beliefs... this is an act of goodness...

by leaving it on the floor to feed dogs, whom don't need food as they are looked after by humans as we have evolved to keep pets as companions...

in argument againsts your negativity...

why do you bother to get out of bed - your going to die anyway - you should just stay in bed and not

why do people keep animals as pets? they should just leave them and stop disrupting natures chain of command. in which case no one would ever keep a dog or cat or have a companion and a closesness to animals...

GUY - you seriously need to embrace the world and make the choices to be a better person and not let cruel nature make you into a cold cruel person.

we as humans have evolved because of the choices we chose to make from our hearts against the ones we make from selfishness and the pursuit of money and possessions.

sadly you are one of the latter, your heart has already grown cold... you lack the open heart...

sure the bird may well die the moment we let them free, but we will die knowing we did the right things, we loved regardless and without expectation. and the birds will be forever greatful...

If ever i am lost - or have been abandoned, in a future life perhaps i have no family... at least i have solice that i saved something - and have hope that someone will save me too..

betty from uk 5 years ago

we found 5 baby birds & their mum, they had fallen from a nest in my neighbours guttering which is high up, 3 of them were bleeding & dying, the cats had got to them. the last 2 were ok so we took them in, as we have cockatiels & budges we had a carrying box to put them in. one of them died the last one we have had for a week now. he has doubled in size and is eating lots ie baby food live meal worms chopped chicken, and is spreading his wings, we are just not sure when it will be ok to set him free, he hops to the door when you go past wanting food... those people who say leave them alone if we had he would have died. couldn't have got up to the roof and theres lots of cats around here.......

kim 5 years ago

I found a baby robin and I have been taking care of it for the past two days. He is doing great, except that he sleeps all the time, and has been unable to fly, although he has been perching since I found him.

How long does it take between when they first begin perching to when they can actually fly?

I am going away in two days, and he will not be ready to be left on his own. What is everyone's view on taking him to a bird rescue shelter?

betty from notts uk 5 years ago

i am having the same problem the little bird we have been feeding for 8 days is now in a cage as he has out grown the carrying box, he now sits on the perch and has most of his feathers i need to know when we can let him go i am worried if we do it too soon & he cant fly well enough the cats will get him and our hard work will have been in vain....

chianti57 profile image

chianti57 5 years ago from Yokohama Japan

hi betty from notts uk,

I taught my birds how to fly indoors(basement preferably). I would let them perch on my index finger and slowly raise and lower them letting them get the hang of using their wings. When my little ones were strong enough which was about 2 weeks after flying practice and they were eating live worms and bugs I would catch for them; that's when I took them to the forest and let them go.

Two of my birds came back to my home the following year.

Good luck!! to you and your little one.

Roxan 5 years ago

Your A Hero But I Have One Question My Little Baby Pigeon Is Tired And Can Not Move Its Body But Only Its Eyes I Fed It And Gave It Water But Please I Beg Of You Help Me!


chicnewmom profile image

chicnewmom 5 years ago from Irvine, CA

I don't have a bird now, but I use to have one. After we decided to have a baby and decided to turn our home into a baby world, we decided to give our bird away. We wanted to keep the baby away from allergens.

Liz 5 years ago

What kind of bird is the baby bird picture in your post?

spud 5 years ago

I've got a newborn baby bird that the cat brought in it's been bitten and i'm worried it has internal injuries, however it has survived the night. should I wait till it wakes up to feed it? it's been sleeping all night, plus I checked on it and there was a fully grown cattapiller next to it i'm guessing it threw up?

spud 5 years ago

I've got a newborn baby bird that the cat brought in it's been bitten and i'm worried it has internal injuries, however it has survived the night. should I wait till it wakes up to feed it? it's been sleeping all night, plus I checked on it and there was a fully grown cattapiller next to it i'm guessing it threw up?

Steven 5 years ago

I saw One yesterday it had nO feathers and it was Next to our car and we had to go i was so sad i couldnt helP it now îts dead because i saw it again now i hate myself because i couldnt help it

Steven 5 years ago

I saw One yesterday it had nO feathers and it was Next to our car and we had to go i was so sad i couldnt helP it now îts dead because i saw it again now i hate myself because i couldnt help it

Malcolm Scott 5 years ago

im having a party in my barn on tuesday,there is a family of swallows living in there, i cant have the mum flying around all nihgt as it will scare my guests, so i will have to lock the perents out, but will the chicks die, also there will be alot of loud music, adn also will the perents die or not come back if there locked out all night away from the babies? :/ ???? it is in 2 days so need a reply urgent!! :)

Emily 5 years ago

im 14 and i found an almost dying baby bird in my neighbors lawn, what do i do?? please help!

Emily 5 years ago

it just rained, the baby bird is still breathing, but not moving as much, i dont think it has much time left!

toddwertz profile image

toddwertz 5 years ago

Very interesting hub. I'm glad I've read this. I enjoyed. Thanks.

Coryn 5 years ago

This is very helpful as I have found a baby Robin while I was walking my dogs this morning. The mom was dead next to the fallen nest. There were three baby birds as well but two of them were dead. One seemed totally fine. I took this one home and am going to try and raise it until its old enough to go back to the wild. But I saw on another website that watered down wet cat food is good for it. Is that true?

Dawn 5 years ago

My daughter brought a baby starling home that she found about 4 weeks ago. I have been feeding it on various foods such as cat food, egg yolk, seeds, mealworms and despite thinking it would die within the first day, it now has feathers and is eating well. My only concern now is it appears to be sneezing and I also don't know how I can release it back into the wild. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestings?

kel 5 years ago

Hi Coryn, I have saved a couple of baby birds and am currently raiding a robin. She is almost ready to fly. I came across this hub and related to it, so I figured i'd read it. I saw your comment and just wanted to give you an answer. I have fed all of my baby birds wet cat food. Do not give them the seafood flavor. I have read that it is not good for them. I have always used beef and have never had a problem. I would not water it down because chances are the food already has enough moisture in it and if they get too much water, they will die. To be more specific though, I've always used wet cat food in the pouches. That way, it soaks in the liquid and has enough moisture in it. If you do use the pouch food though, be sure to break it into small pieces for your bird (I get about ten pieces out of each slice.) Hope this helps.. :)

kel 5 years ago

Also, Dawn, I raised a starling last year. I never had a problem with him sneezing or showing any signs of illness. Your bird may be sick. Here's a couple of links that may help:, As for the release, I think it should be a gradual thing. I took mine outside once or twice a day to get him used to other birds, grass, bugs, and the general outside world. However, I think it's best to wait until late afternoon when it's cooler and the grass is dry. I kept him close and helped him find bugs so he would be able to do it himself when he was older. When he could fly, he flew up into a tree and came back down. Gradually, the time he spent away would increase. I would watch him fly from tree to tree and associate with other birds. He really enjoyed it. He began to find his own food and one day he flew away with a flock of starlings and didn't return for a few days. After that, I saw him around the yard and he would call to me if I called him, but he did not want to return. He stayed with that group of starlings. I hope that everything goes well for you, just sharing my experience. Good luck. :)

Dawn 5 years ago

Hi Kel, Many thanks for your comments! Myself and my three children have all been taking turns on helping this bird with feeding etc and we thought now four weeks on this bird was going to survive and the only problem we had was to release him back into the wild. We have this week been doing as you said, taking him into the garden for a while, a couple of times a day and he has been loving it. The last two days we have noticed him making a sneezing sound and this afternoon it has become more frequent, with him opening his mouth quite wide to breath so I think he is ill. This will be such a shame, particularly as he has been doing so well, if he were to die. I think the best thing is to get a vet to look at him and hopefully a course of antibiotics or some other drugs will do the trick! Just looking up on websites respiratory problems in birds can be a Vitamin A deficiency so that could be the cause.

kel 5 years ago

It would definitely be hard to watch him die after all of the work I know it's taken to keep him alive and well. A vet sounds like it would be a good idea and hopefully it will be a quick fix. I hope that all goes well for your little bird.

Jacob 5 years ago

May the living father in heaven bless you for your mercy and may it return to you sevenfold.Selah

Becky and Millie 5 years ago

Hi we are 12 and 9 and we need your help!

We have found a baby bird on the floor outside one of our houses it has feathers and doesnt seem to be majorly hurt. So we have put it in a small box with straw. Then we put it in our guineapigs run (in its box) and after a couple of minutes we put a hot water bottle under the box so it was warm.

We cant seem to get it to open its mouth and we dont want to hurt it and as children the adults have told us to leave it alone although we think it is hungry and thirsty? We cant find its mum and we dont know what else to do? Help Us!

Cristina 5 years ago

I wish I had found this blog sooner. My husband found a baby bird with no feathers and eyes closed (a "pinkie"). He didn't know to look for a nest so he took it home. A couple hours later I returned from work and tried to look for the nest but couldn't find it. I didn't have anything to hang up in the tree to make a nest so I put the birdie in a small box lined with tissue paper. We tried to feed him water and bread first, then I read that's a no-no, so we bought baby chicken food and I mixed that with water. At night I put a towel over the box (leaving a gap for air) and a light bulb over it. The bird was still alive in the morning but much weaker. It felt cold to the touch. I think the light bulb was not warm enough and it was probably starving from not eating overnight.

This morning I tried to feed it boiled egg yolk mixed with water (with a dropper) and it barely opened it's mouth. I think it needed warmth first, then water and food. So I found a wildlife rehab center nearby and they took him in. He's so weak that I hope they can save him. He was so perky yesterday afternoon, I wish I had known what to do better. The rehab center has incubators and they take care of all kinds of wild animals, incl. birds. I hope the birdie makes it although I'm not sure they will feed it often enough for it not to die. I wish I could have taken care of it but we have a 2 yr-old boy and we work, so no time to take care of a little newborn birdie.

I am touched to see how many people with kind hearts are out there in the world. Good karma to you all and may your life be filled with happiness, prosperity and love. xoxo

Dawn 5 years ago

Hi Becky & Millie, would love to hear how your bird is doing. My bird is still going 8 days on from it developing a sneeze. I took mine to the vet who advised all what I was doing was correct but after giving him a week of antibiotics he is still going, still has this sneeze but is still tweeting away and eating. When he was younger we gave him egg yolk (full of vitamin A which is important) through a syringe, cat food and sugared water, worms, meal worms etc. Now he is feeding himself on the food the vet gave me which is Royal Canin "sensitivity control" chicken and Rice and my bird finds the small pieces of chicken easy to pick up himself. He also drinks the water himself now. I'm just hoping he gets well enough to release back into the wild! I'm out gardening at the moment with him having a good walk about in the garden at the same time :-)

Muhammad Usman 5 years ago

I've found a baby bird 5 days ago in a very bad condition and there is no mama bird around. So i take him with me and feed him daily and he is recovering day by day and he's looking fit but i don't know what happened to him last night when at night i put him in the nest for sleep but this morning when i wake up i found him dead. I'm very upset why this happens

Jasmin 5 years ago

This is in reply to a posting of 7 months ago, in which an important question is raised without (as far as I have seen) the answer being given in the blog.

kiran writes -

Am heartbroken. I presume the mother of these two baby birds had been killed, so i took in these two birds, two days back.

We fed it with avocados, oats,milk and they both were eating so well. We even had them put into a home made nest-lined with socks, cloth, and even let them have a sun bath and permitted them to "exercise"-by letting them out on a newspaper, and allowing them to flutter their wings and use their legs. We packed them into the nest, and within an hour-i found them dead. How did both of them die at the same time? Where did we go wrong. Did i over feed them, did they suffocate due to the increased food, or was it hypothermia. God i feel so disheartened. If they had to die, why was to i led to them in the first place-i thought God had led me to them so i could save them.

PLEASE NOTE THAT AVOCADO IS EXTREMELY TOXIC TO MOST BIRDS (and quite many other animals) and can lead to their rapid death. The symptoms are manifold (starting with gastro-intestinal problems), and you will find details on the internet.

Rescuing young birds is always fraught with many risks... All we can do is inform ourselves as much as we can, and do our best in caring for them... and ultimately I believe what counts is the love that we have given to these wonderful creatures, who seem to come from a world far closer to the Divine than our present human reality!

Betty notts uk 5 years ago

hi all nature lovers i am late with this message the little starling who i rescued and hand fed for a few weeks has left us, we let him fly around the garden and he came back to us he was a real little character who we had become very fond of, after a few days he flew further each time & came back to us, then he really took off and we havent seen him since, he is where he should be wild and free.....would do it again if i got the chance....

Bella.F 5 years ago

Hi guys, today I found a young baby magpie on the road. It was wondering around near a busy main street and nearly got hit by our car. There were no other magpies in sight and it would likely have got killed if I left it there. I took it home and fed it bread soaked in milk. It is now asleep in a box wrapped in a towel, and I'm checking on it regularly. What else should I be doing?

stacey 5 years ago

i feed my bird soggy frosted flakes is that ok? we have know baby food or anything

sop 5 years ago


NZ 5 years ago

Hey there,

My kitten brought home a Thrush that has fallen out of it's nest. The bird isn't bleeding at all but is missing a few feathers. It won't open it's eyes but I have been force fed it a tiny bit of watery cat food by prying it's mouth open with a tooth pick. It is lying in a 'nest' of tissues with a wheat bag under it )luke warm) is there anything else I should be doing? How do I know when it needs feeding if it doesn't make any noise, and how much should it be getting? (It has its feathers and looks like it was about to leave the nest) Thanks.

guests 5 years ago

how long for a baby bird to leve the nest

britney 5 years ago

thanx soooooo much helping 1 write now

bharathi 4 years ago

i found a baby bird and its cat bird i guess,i have to go to college so how can i feed it once in hour..

plz help me

Mocking jay 4 years ago

I caught a baby bird 2 days ago and he is currently on a cat food diet but he is also sleeping a lot based purely on my ducklings ( wich don't give me much to go on ) I'm estimating him to be about a week old. Is that ok

Mari 4 years ago

Hello, I have found a baby bird that has no feathers and eyes still closed. I found it in a flight line. Tried to look for the mom but didn't find one or a nest. I went back for it when I realized there was no bird helping it and I didn't want it to get ran over( like it's brother, who was run over next to it) I am deployed in the desert and no worms or baby food around I don't want it to die I've fed it a few times some some flies that I caught mixed with bread and water I don't know what else to feed it. Plz help. Also I've used hand warmers under it's blanket, at night to keep it warm!

NeedHelp!ASAP 4 years ago

My baby bird that I rescued was eating perfectly fine for bout 5 hours. Now hes barely eating and all he wants to do is try to stand up. Is this normal? I need help! I don't want him to die!

Qistina 4 years ago

thanks for ur advice! last monday i saw a bird on the ground but it died this morning.

kathy 4 years ago

Hi there have found a robins nest in my garden....mum and kids all look like they are doing fine, i've been out and got mealworms,suet pellets and a bowl for fresh water for mum to try and help..its all in a nearby tree away from cats, foxes etc.

But our weather is supposed to be turning cold again and i'm worried the babies who have hardly any feather at the moment won't survive. Is there anything more i can do to help mum keep them well fed and WARM??

Ben 4 years ago

found a bird for 4 days now, we kinda feed it not sure if hes eating, what should i do? and i dont see parents nearby

CosmoJoe 4 years ago

Hi Ben,

Do you know what kind of bird it is? Does it have feathers? One of the easiest ways to make baby bird food is to soak kitten chow in water. If you want to get a bit fancier, you can put the kitten chow along with a hard boiled egg into a blender and add water until it is a paste and then feed that to the baby. This will ensure it is getting enough protein.

aviannovice profile image

aviannovice 4 years ago from Stillwater, OK

From a former rehabber, you did very well!

4 years ago

I have found a baby bird in a partially cracked shell.Eyes not opened but is breathing and opening its beak.what do i do!!

Rachel 4 years ago

I have 5 baby birds and they are still in their nest. we have a potted pland right out side our house and the made the nest in that. The mamma bird has not returned in a couple of daysand im worried that their going to die!!!!!!!!!! Any comments that will help??????

aviannovice profile image

aviannovice 4 years ago from Stillwater, OK

k and you have any wild bird rehabilitators in your area?

Barry 4 years ago

Today my wife found a fledgling in our open garage. We had been trimming limbs from Hackberry trees which are indigenous here in Central Texas, and we thought that the bird may have been dragged into the garage where we had been bundling the limbs.

We placed it in a large styrofoam cup lined with dried grass and got on the internet to get some guidance on how we could help the animal. It didn't appear to fly well, but we later realized that the darkness of the garage and inside the house disoriented the creature. When I lifted off the colander I used to keep it in the cup, it flew quite masterfully to the blinds on our south window, on the opposite side of the house from our garage where we found it. From this position, the sky and trees were visible, and the bird homed right in. All right then, I thought, so you can fly pretty well, I'll give you a shot.

I took it in hand and placed it on our open patio in back, then immediately turned and left, sliding the door closed behind me. The little bird began to vocalize and in two seconds a female cardinal flew out of the Ash tree of my neighbor, sat beside the fledgling, and they both flew into the same tree together!

Our experience verifies everything said in this space. Mama birds don't give up, they don't care if their babies "smell like human", and that fledglings really are more capable than they appear.

Dustin 4 years ago

There's a small nest out in the front yard in one of our hanging plants. One of the baby birds fell out onto the porch (about a 4 foot fall to the concrete). The baby bird was laying down and it was struggling but it was definitely still moving a lot. Ants were trying to get at the bird. I put it back in the nest and the mother bird hasn't kicked it out of the nest (i put it back in about an hour ago...) did i do the right thing? What should i do at this point?

peu 4 years ago

can you tell me whats the name of the bird in the photo that you used in the end of your article?i have found a bird 2 days ago and that little bird looks just like this...but im not sure whats its name! it was a helpful article.thanks!

Crissy 4 years ago

My little red bird didn't make it.***(RIP)*** :( He did not like the Kaytee's baby formula food. I tried baby cereal to mix with it and that seemed to help but he was already too weak to eat. I tried everything except the baby food. Ill try that one next year... I usually nurse a bird or 2 back to health each spring. Keep up the good work fellow bird lovers!!!!

Chrissy 4 years ago

My situation, a little different. The birds are in my home vent. All advisors say to let babies grow and then clean out vent after they leave. They just started chirping non stop day & night. How do I know their momma is still around to feed them? Don't want to disturb them if it's not necessary but also don't want them to die in my hm. Any suggestions? Do baby birds chirp all the time even if they're ok?

Ana 4 years ago

We found a baby bird on our concrete driveway about 6:15 pm tonight. It had ants on it already, but it was not dead. We brought it in, washed it to get the ants out, and after the initial surprise that took about half an hour, my husband built it a nest, and then we made some food for it. The bird seemed to be doing fine and reacting, but did not want to eat any of the food. We thought about returning it to the nest, but today has been an unusually cold and windy day (in Georgia) and they were announcing freezing temperatures tonight, so we decided to keep it until tomorrow morning. We plan to return it to the nest, which is on our porch. I realize this was probaby a bad idea, but we just did not know what to do.

The problem is that the baby bird did not want to eat. We tried three times but to no avail. It is now 10 pm, and the baby bird was sleeping the last time I checked and tried to feed it. This was about an hour ago.

I have two questions: 1) Do you think this baby bird will survive through the night? Should Itry to feed it before tomorrow morning? 2) Since we did not put it back in the nest immediately, is the mother still likely to come tomorrow? I am not sure if there are other birds still in the nest.

Isobel 4 years ago

I rescued a baby bird yesterday, a fledgling, from the entrance to my apartment building which is on a very busy street with lots of traffic both vehicles and pedestrians. The bird was in front of the store door on street level and people were starting to come by the store. I brought it around the back, to the roof garden. I fed it chicken soup from a dropper. I was hoping the parents would find it because it has a very strong cry; the bird is always calling, but no bird is rescuing it. It flies a little around the yard but cannot fly above the fence, which is 8 feet high. I go out occasionally to feed it, which seems to help to keep up its strength. I don't know what to do now, would appreciate some help. The baby seems very strong, despite everything it has gone through. I think I should just leave it, feed it, and hope it gains enough strength to fly out of the garden. Please let me know if I could be doing something else....

Susan 4 years ago

Yesterday my neighbor's apartment roof was being fixed. In it they found a nest with a baby pigeon and an egg. They pulled the whole nest out and put it in a milk crate on the deck about ten feet under where it originally was found. The workers were there for a couple hours making very loud noises an sealed the whole where the nest was. I'm not sure if the mommy has come back:( It is hard for me to check up on the birdie from a distance so I'm not sure if I am scaring the mom away or she has just not come back. The birdie an the egg survived the night. I am not sure what to do! Will the mommy come back??

Dustin 4 years ago

Just an update... All the baby birds flew away today with the mother and father bird including the one that was on the ground and covered in ants! Thanks to this website that little bird survived. Without this site... I'd have believed the myth that the mom wouldn't come back if the nest/babies were touched. Thank you!

Pebbles 4 years ago

A baby Sparrow had fallen from high up in one of our barns last June...Ive had her since (I think its a girl) I was afraid to release her as shes lived in her own huge cage since and doesnt seem to be afraid of cats & dogs ..Ive always fed her finch/canary food and small mealworms. She quit eating the worms. Does anyone know why ? I hear her eating seeds plus she loves bread or pieces of donuts, tortillas, etc Anyone have any advice...she is our pet bird now I suppose, will be a year old next month. I'd so appreciate any input. Thank you :)

Sharon Edmark 4 years ago

How come in this day and age there is not a WEBSITE for us to help little birdies. I have one now and no one will help me - the little Robin will not grow or fly to florida for the next season. It is going to starve since I have no one to help me preserve the nest since MOMMA left - Is that SAD or WHAT?

lloydcalalin 4 years ago

yesterday I found baby bird and was almost hurt by kids thier mom was captured by the kids so I decided to take care of the birds and it became an adult but it always go with me every time standing in my left shoulder .

Diane 4 years ago

I found a baby sparrow that had fallen from his nest. His little head was cut from the fall but he wasn't actively bleeding so I made sure he was warm and put him back in the nest. Do you think he can recover from a small cut? The parents came back to the nest....

CANDICE 4 years ago

We found a baby bird on mothers day that had fallen in my moms yard. There is a nasty cat and we just knew it would be catfood. I was not aware that we should not disturd and that mother was most likely nearby so we made the mistake of taking it home to out house away from its mother not knowing. However we put him in a keenex box lined with soft tissue and fed it mushed catfood through a dropper twice that evening. The next morning my husband when out to feed it again and as soon as he opened the box it flew away lol. It flew from deck to shed to fence to tree. My only question is now that we moved it away from its mother and have no idea where this bird is now do you think he can survive on his own without his mother? He was flying but will he know how to hunt and how to look for food? It was approx 18 day old fledgeling by the look and size of it.

jelica 4 years ago

i found a newborn baby bird and and half its arm was bruised and how long do i feed it baby food?, and how long do i keep the bird and then let it fly away?, also wouldnt the other birds smell humans on the bird and kill it?Because i dont want that to happen.

crystallette 4 years ago

I have 2baby birds in my care I am trying my best but I am worried they will not make it I had one with a air sack rupture so I drains the air I have had them for a little over 24 hours I don't know what kind they are or how old they don't have any down on them they were in a nest of 4 but 2 were dead and these ones were close get need all the tips I can get

Justin 4 years ago

Hi I found a baby robin a few weeks ago and i have been hand feeding him now the robin can fly i was thinking of letting him go tomorrow some were there's a lot of woods and not a lot of cats. I just wanted to know if i let him go will he know how to feed him self i dont want him to Die.

laqwan 4 years ago

i found three baby robins, who's mother had built a nest in the side of our grill. We checked on them frequently and we noticed that she abandoned them that night during a storm. they nearly froze to death. unfortunately two of them died. at the moment one is still alive. we called wildlife rescue and were told not to feed them so they wont be in danger of choking. We made a nest out of a basket with towels and a heating pad. Every time i go to check on it, he opens his mouth for food even while he is sleeping. Now my sister gave him so chicken and rice baby food,cause he was hungry, and i'm not really sure what to do, i don't even know if wildlife with come pick him up and i would be devastated if he died too and it could have been prevented.

Emma 4 years ago

a sure way to open a baby birds mouth is to make a high pitched sqaueak or scream but not too loud. i am not sure why this works but it really, really does

danisaha 4 years ago

plssss help ok well i need help with this issue i found a kight baby bird but its huge ! the thing i she/he is missing a leg and the other one was hanging on a thin flesh or nerve with the bone and everything so i tried my best to fix it and also put it into place and tied it up ! everything now i am hopping it will at least have one leg ..but if that doesn't work can he/she live with no legs !?? its such an active fella

kelly 4 years ago

hi i just found a bird and i do not know what to do? can u help me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FRANCIS 4 years ago



Ashten 4 years ago

Would something like a light that omits a bit of heat and it warped and covered in a cloth help?

Brooke 4 years ago

I found a baby thrush in my garden tonight,I left it in the garden for awhile but the mother never showed up.It seems injured as it is lying on its side.I have it in a box with socks to keep it warm. I tried to feed it blended dog food but it wont open its beak for me, I have no syringe to feed it as its too late to get one now, have you any advice for me? It would help a lot.

krysta 4 years ago

what dose it mean if theres a red thing coming out the butt and its only 2 weeks old tops :P

bb 4 years ago

my cat got a hold of a baby bird and i am trying to care for it but i dont no how .ts got a small cut on its side

brian 4 years ago

i am 15 year old and i have found a baby bird that has a small cut where the wing meets its side and i have no idea how to care for it but i would love to try to save its life so if any 1 can help me plzz tell me THANK YOU

Belen 4 years ago

My sister found five baby birds that had fallen out of a tree a couple of days ago and she found the mothers carcass near the nest so she brang them home to care for so far two have died even though we've been feeding them as much as we can and I always cry at the thought of it:(. I am hoping so very much that these steps will work! And if I am sucessful of keeping these poor birds alive for long then I will say THANK YOU or GOD BLESS YOU 100,000,000,000 times! Wish me luck

Belen 4 years ago

We only have 1 baby bird left now and I feel so horrible I am thinking of bringing them to Project Wildlife so they can care for the last baby bird I am really hoping that it will survive to be an adult!

Belen 4 years ago

Before we had 5 baby birds that had falen out of a tree me and my siter had found and I took them home to care for them because the mother was nowhere to be found but after taking a few steps I saw what I think was the mothers carcass I have tried all of these techneics but only one is alive right now and I am really scared I am hoping that this last bird will survive because it still has a whole life ahead of it.

LaLa18 4 years ago

Thank you for your article. I found two baby birds n the bumper of my truck a bou two weeks ago. They have now grown some features and ate flapping around but all of the sudden the bigger one has quit taking the food :( but Maby its because it dozent want to b hand feed anymore I don't know. Do you have any sudgedtions please??

AmberS 4 years ago

Thanks for your article. I have a baby robin that barely has any feathers and has a cut on it's back. I've been successful in getting him to eat and poop. He sleeps a lot. Another tip for everyone, that I found on another site is that they know to open their mouth when they feel the parent land on the nest. So every time I try to feed I tap on the box and what do you know, he opens his mouth!!! Good luck everyone

Kate 4 years ago

A baby bird fell out of a tree in our backyard yesterday. Then today my cat found it and i think he chewed on it a little but i dont thing the bird was hurt that much. My mom thinks that it would be better to just leave it and let it die, but i really really REAALLLYYY want it to live and take care of it. Should I just listen to her and let it die or should I convince her more to let me take care of it?? Because i love animals and i hate to see a young animal die :'(

Preston Mullins profile image

Preston Mullins 4 years ago

ty for the tip a stray cat killed the momma bird i found 4 baby birds in the nest today

Maria 4 years ago

Thank you. Knowing that there was a baby bird outside and heavy rains on their way, I am so grateful to have come across your page. These words gave me needed knowledge and motivated me to help this baby. I went from thinking there was nothing I could do to action. Birdie has been fed and is resting in a basket on my patio being kept warm in a towel. I have paper shreds ready on hand once he's/or she's dry rested. Something tells me that this babe has had quite the afternoon. Thanks again.

profile image

Hunviet1213 4 years ago

Good Evening - Thank you so much for all of the useful information regarding of how to take care those baby bird. My father found one this morning and I'm trying to follow all the above steps. Hopefully, this baby bird will healthy and able to learn how to fly on his/her own.

Thank you once again!

hunviet1213 4 years ago

Thank so much for all of your tips. The easy steps of instruction did help me in taking care a baby bird that fell out from its nest that my dad found her yesterday afternoon. Thank you!

profile image

Hunviet1213 4 years ago

However, may I ask for how long I need to feed the baby bird with baby food...Until when she can be fed with solid food? and what kind? before letting her out back to nature...She already has all of her feather growth and be able to jump/fly short distance in the cage.....Thank you once again!

KLisa 4 years ago

Thank you for all your help, this is the best advice I have found online so far! :)

Bella 3 years ago

I have found a baby bird and it is dying and wont let me feed me plz help me

Joey 3 years ago

Found a baby robin and I've had it for two days. He seems healthy. His leg kind of looks broken but I'm hoping not. I've been feeding it mushy catfood and praying for the best.

Sean 3 years ago

Thank you for the tips

Siobhan 3 years ago

Just an info question...Walking out my apt bldg I heard a bird defiantly distressed. Poor think was screaming. There was a young pigeon on a windowsill with an adult pretty aggressively pushing him. then a male flew over and took over pushing harder until the little one fell off and onto a window gate. He tried flying but didn't seem to get flight and just fell. He didn't seem hurt - just really upset as he was being pushed around. I finally had to walk away because it was upsetting. Could this be his parents trying to force him to fly? Rain was starting and although pigeons usually stay in the rain - maybe they wanted him back to the nest? He really did seems to have trouble flying. When I got back I didn't see any of them so hopefully settled but is my theory possible - they were teaching him and not child abuse??

TheFirstShot 3 years ago

Please any1 help!!! I have this small bird have no idea what breed it has no feathers on its neck and won't/can't fly. It wont eat or chirp must less move. I found it over a tree today on a garden weed railing so apparently it can move. It's aggressive so I can't touch it all I could do is put it in a bucket and I left it in the warm sun. It's day now I just found it about a hour ago. please some1 help I will keep a eye on this page!! I cant drive yet to go get baby food me and my Mom have no idea what else to do...we gave it 2 dried shrimp from my turtle and a Gatorade cap of water also a butterfly. But it wont eat it or move it sits there with wings spread out doing not a thing. PLEASE someone, anyone help!!!

kelli 3 years ago

Found a small robin in our yard. Can fly very little. Stayed in the same spot for 5-6 hours with out moving. Afraid cat or something will get it. Tied to feed soom hotdog and cheese with no luck. Broght it in for the night. What else should I do?

linda 3 years ago

hi, I was out trimming bushes yesterday and saw a baby robin sitting in my neighbors driveway. I brought the bird to my side of the yard and just kind of took a survey. The bird does fly, but not far as his hind tail feathers are not long enough yet I suppose. He also has a large bump over his right eye and continually turn his head from left to right, left to right so I believe he my have hurt himself in the fall? I did hear some chirping and saw a large robin up above in my tree so I got out a ladder, put the bird up in the tree and waited. 15 minutes the mom came down and fed the baby. Hooray ! But then the little bugger flew out of the tree and plop, down in the grass again. This went on for two hours. feed, plop, feed, plop. I know he his trying to follow his mother but cant quite do it yet. I would leave the bird on the ground if I could but I have 6 cats.....yep lol. So today was going well for about 6 hours, when he came down I just brought him inside and said that was enough. It's really quite cool as this bird will chirp on clue every hour, hour and a half to eat. So he is in the house for a couple of days and then i will take him out again. Don't know whats going on with eye, the mother was feeding him, she didn't abandon him. I did call the local habitat and DNR and they both said the baby dosen't have much of a chance and they will not take him because they almost always sad....but we will see what happens tomorrow

linda 3 years ago

Bird has been sleeping since 9:pm. I suspect he will start chirping when the outdoor birds start here in about in hour or so. I turned off the air and opened the windows so he would be able to hear. I cleaned the "lump" over his right eye and it looks more like a growth then an injury, could this be causing the issue with his head continually moving from left to right, left to right? possibly. Last night he had began to open his mouth on his own to eat the baby food mixture. I try not to mess with him much other then to eat because he seems to be to friendly and hops right into my hand when it is time to eat. I have him in a very large dog crate with towels and a small cardboard box with grass. He continues to hold to the side of the box and practice flying which is great as well!!

linda 3 years ago

took the bird out this morning around 6:30am. I put him in the grass directly below the tree and the mom and dad were there within 10 minutes to feed. They have been feeding him all day but it's to the point where the cats are hearing the chirping that they do back and forth and they will not go away soooo my son and I bought some cheap tresses and wrapped them within the tree branches so he is up off the ground and still being feed. He can't fall through or fly out until he is ready to go

Linda 3 years ago

Ha ha, guess I didn't have enough tresses intertwined throughout tree! This is a huge a** tree and he got out. Yesterday, Thursday I stayed outside with him from 6:30 am until 8:00 pm. The parents fed him all day with frequent visits later in evening, about 10 minutes apart. I suspect this is because they do not eat at night. Baby was very active trying out his wings. preening, sticking his beak in the ground. "lump" has went down and the head movements have stopped. i brought him in for the night and fed him the baby food diet and he played a little in the bowl of water. If nothing else this whole experience has been very informative and a pleasure. I mean I take this bird away from his parents for the night, they don't leave they are there each morning. I am hoping that the baby takes flight over the weekend and I continue to write this as yes, the process does take time and dedication but so far has been very rewarding!

linda 3 years ago

well today is sunday and still have the little sh*t. Saturday morning took him outside at 6:00am. Parent fed him but instead of flying away they were hopping along as if trying to get him to follow. They would start to fly, he would start to fly but yet again was not able to fly very high. The parents stopped coming back after an hour. I guess maybe that was there last attempt? Still stayed out until 9:00am then brought him in as I went to auction. Came back at 1:00, took him outside until 4:00pm, no parents. Was out this morning for 2 hours. No parents so going to petco today to see about different types of food. He eats when I feed him baby food solution and I have mashed up grapes, bananas and apple I leave in the crate that he picks at. He's still verryyyy vocal. My son and I will toss him up into the tree and yell "fly" several times each time I go out. He does fly the height of the lowest branches of the tree but seems to not make the connection to fly to the branch. I did put him back up in tree but he wont stay, he just fly's and stays on the ground!!

linda 3 years ago

Monday, baby has taken flight with parents! hooray! Was a wonderful experience!

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 2 years ago Author

I apologize for not having attended to this blog in a long time. I hope that all of the birdies made it. I have had so many commentaries it is hard to keep up with them. Please use your common sense. If it is a baby birdie and it does not open its mouth to eat you can gently open it. Pry it open with your fingernails if you have to. Just don't harm it in the process. It will release its firm closure once it sees that you mean it no harm and that you are actually trying to feed it and help it. Animals also have a sixth sense, possibly stronger than ours. They know when you are trying to help, but also, fear can get in the way, and fear has a way of blocking correct perception. Don't be afraid of doing this. A baby cannot harm you! But that baby will be "harmed" if it does not eat. I would say at least feed it four to six times a day, and if it is asking for food, by all means! Feed it! On demand!

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Marsha Reagan 22 months ago


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