Careers In Veterinary Science

Careers in Veterinary Science are Varied

Environmental Safety

Biosecurity meets its strictest measures at the federal level.  Federal authorities like the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) ensure that the meat, vegetables, and dairy products that arrive in our supermarkets is safe for consumption.  The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) works to protect human health and the environment. Many careers that specialize in animal or veterinary science intersect at the federal and state levels.

The Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) is the regulatory authority at the state level for Texas. TAHC was originally formed in 1893 to address the accelerating Texas fever tick problem and now works to protect of all Texas livestock.

Livestock producers can depend on state and federal regulatory office to investigate any signs of disease within their animal population and are expected to report any suspected cases or reportable diseases.

Careers in environmental safety regulation at both the state and federal levels might range from animal inspection at international borders, meat and produce inspection in grocery stores and marketplaces, or developing biosecurity standards and regulations.

Dr. Sarah E. White

Veterinary Science Information Technologies


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