Cute Personality Pet Names

The naming process is a personal one. It is based on lots of dynamics, yet when it comes to pets most owners base it on behavior and personality. Like nicknames, pet names come about when someone coins a word for an action or anything else.

Like naming people, pet names go through transitions as well but one can select anything that takes their fancy and some can be reused just because we all try to aim for those things that mean the same to everyone - generic.

Some owners are so pragmatic themselves that we know of individuals that have named their pets, whatever their species is, like such things as 'Dog', 'Cat', nothing special, just something generic, no special effort at all.


  • fish
  • Ginger, based on color
  • Blackie
  • Spot
  • Fifi
  • Ole yella
  • bird


  • Brooklyn, after the city
  • Mandingo, after a culture of people
  • Caeser
  • Biscuit
  • Cloud, star, lightning, because of markings
  • Sausage, because of shape

People names

  • Nikky
  • Madison
  • Atticus Finch
  • Martha Stewart
  • Maxx
  • Jesse

Celebrity pets

  • Ugga - University of Georgia's mascot
  • Lassie - TV dog
  • Gidget - Taco Bell spokes personality
  • Thriller - Michael Jackson's tiger

Names whether for animals or people actually convey alot about the pet, it's behavior and what the family feels about them. The can come from anywhere for any reason that is personal to the giver of any moniker, city, states, nations, personality traits, behaviors, actions, food, colors, elements, it all depends on the mood as well as the giver wants or likes.

Originality is always intriguing!

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