Feral Cats Put To Sleep at Animal Shelter

Maui Feral Cat Surviving in Forest

Many Feral Cats live on Hawaii islands in wild habitat
Many Feral Cats live on Hawaii islands in wild habitat
Owls being cared for in a private zoo on Maui
Owls being cared for in a private zoo on Maui
One of many feral cats on Maui, this one found someone to feed it
One of many feral cats on Maui, this one found someone to feed it
Just a wild chicken strolling by the road, snapped from our car window
Just a wild chicken strolling by the road, snapped from our car window

I am on a mission to save cats

Not long ago my kids took me to see Maui. I think I was more interested in the animals and forest than anything else. We actually found a zoo there run by 2 Americans who took in all sorts of injured or homeless animals and birds. They had about 1,000 cats living there, right in among the goats, horses, dogs, exotic birds. It was truly amazing to see this place thriving from volunteer funds and perhaps, government grants of small measure. It was non-profit organization.

We have a great photo of one of an owl family which they will be released as soon as their injuries heal up, or the babies grow some.

Also I have a photo of a park like location near the ocean in Maui whereby you can observe from a pull off an entire hill side of feral cats amongst the equally feral chickens. Each cat, there must have been several hundred, had a chicken which the cat followed the chicken around like they belonged together. It was weird to see this. What I deduced was, the chicken would lay eggs and that cat would then eat a few of the eggs, At any rate, cats and chickens seemed to live well side by side. As well, there was a trash can where tourists put their left over food, and the cats were diving into the barrel I noticed.

They were thin, granted, but alive. Here in Arizona, Tri-Cities area, where 3 borders are close together we have a feral cat problem. There are no wild chickens to help out the cats. They cannot catch pigeons that easy.

I have a cat colony of 10 coming to my door for grub. If I leave the door open, they walk right in like the own the joint! Also had a pigeon walk right into my house and leave a dropping.

Too bad there wasn't a cat around then! The very nerve. I liked the pigeons at first, just until they began screeching their toenails across my tin roof; a sound not unlike the scraping of a nail across a chalkboard. I can't figure out if their trying to do like an ice skating thing and sliding off the sloped roof. Whatever. They won't come now that there's 10 cats here setting up housekeeping.

I feed them rice mixed with kibbles. The rice is cheaper than the kibbles and they eat a lot. I ran out of kibbles once and just set a bowl of rice down for them. They dove into it like it was fillet Mignon. Go figure. I don't have an income. I live on less than $500 a month.

My mobile home is slowly falling apart, still I won't fix it up, I need the money for the cats safety and food. I cannot afford to have them all fixed and so there will probably be another litter or two to deal with next year. I cannot take them to animal control. They told me they would just kill them as there's no facilities for their care there and few get adopted. Every year 1,000's of cats are killed in every state which does not have the program of TNR in place; trap, neuter, release.

Twenty Eight states do have this program for feral. Not Arizona. Yet. I'm on a mission for my particular colony of 10. I made a petition just today and I'm hoping I will be able to spark some government officials interest in my mission, thereby receive funds to fix these guys. I have others in this town who have cats living under their homes. It's not that my problem is an isolated one.

I have spoken with animal control. Their answer was I can get only 2 of the cats fixed for free. If I claim to own the 10, I am considered not legal and there is no feral cat program other than bringing them in to be killed.

I was told not to feed and water them and place mothballs under the home. It's too late to do anything like that. They know me now, I know them, we're like friends. We're in this together.

A cat does mostly 3 things: eat, sleep and play. They sleep a great deal. They are a joy to watch play. I don't understand why anyone would consider them a nuisance.

Please sign my petition. I'm hoping to save some lives. The NLR program has reduced the feral cat population by as much as 77% in some parts of the United States, and it has been ascertained it is costing the taxpayers more money to kill the cats, than it is to fix them and let them live out their lives, either on their own, or into a caretakers habitat.

It is not humane to kill something that is already alive. Prevention is the only course to take. Mother nature will bless your helpful response. I will see to it personally! God bless the beasts and the children, those who cannot speak for themselves.



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stars439 profile image

stars439 6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

We love our Cats. God Bless You

stars439 profile image

stars439 6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

We love our Cats. God Bless You

LaughingRain profile image

LaughingRain 6 years ago from Arizona Author

Touching Souls profile image

Touching Souls 6 years ago from Universe

Very cool Alysia.

Love, Marilyn

Florida Guy profile image

Florida Guy 6 years ago

I as well trying to help few cats at my work place.

I'm happy to know you :-)

Teresa 6 years ago

I think what you are doing is great. I love cats. I had 3 of my own, then took in 2 ferals. One had 3 kittens, then 2 kittens. Now I have 11 cats and feed several other ferals in my neighborhood. Luckily I live in CA, and I was able to get them all fixed for $10 each. Good Luck to you.

LaughingRain profile image

LaughingRain 6 years ago from Arizona Author

Hi Teresa, thanks for comment. I wish to share the good news I was able to get 11 cats fixed at a feral clinic operating with the donated time of good hearted vets once a month. this coming sunday we will do 3 or 4 others who wandered up to me.

Lisa tran 6 years ago

I love people like you! Please be strongg; together we will endd all animals put to sleep!:)

LaughingRain profile image

LaughingRain 6 years ago from Arizona Author

Hi Lisa, I'm happy to announce I've met a whole crowd of people in Las Vegas Nevada who are taking in all their feral cats to be fixed and then they take them home and care for them. It's a shame I have to cross the state line to find them, but I'm hoping someday my state will help the cats here. Thank you for your comment. Yes I cried a lot but I stayed strong for their sake.

martinnitsim 4 years ago

you ok matt if your still knoking around i think this is the link

filling address ,give them a call , mention mart put you on

LaughingRain profile image

LaughingRain 4 years ago from Arizona Author

over 4 yrs time I am happy to report I've fixed with the help of HCW program of TNR 31 cats total who will not have babies and add to my communities problems with them all being hungry and sick and uncared for. all my cats stay outside mostly and only 10 stuck around as regulars. the others are probably still in the area, and with the tipped ear that is given as notice they have been fixed, I hope animal control is aware they are fixed and therefore not a problem in the community and I hope they have not been killed along with other strays I know are there. I did notice this year a black one that I had fixed has returned for food.

FlourishAnyway profile image

FlourishAnyway 3 years ago from USA

I fix ferals in my area too thanks to a low cost spay neuter clinic here that does them for $25 males/$35 females. Am in the middle of helping a lady right now who is a low income, seasonal worker with 30 outdoor cats in a situation similar to yours -- loves them, but the numbers can quickly escalate without prevention. Thanks so much for your thoughtful, well-written hub.

LaughingRain profile image

LaughingRain 3 years ago from Arizona Author

have had some improvement in my area due to fixing 34 cats. thanks for your comment, so I know I am not all alone in my project. have had 6 new ones come around but have not been able to trap them and so they wander away. somehow the new ones survive on bugs and maybe they go to the river nearby for water? hard to tell but I do see the same strays year after year here. I've reached my limit with the 14 to 17 that stayed around my place.

ruth mcgill 3 years ago

God bless you. Ive got a feral cat that is FIV+ so I keep him in a room by himself. He gets plenty of grub, fresh water and dry food. I feed him moist food twice a day and leave the dry food. He only has 1 tooth so I have to feed him plenty of moist. The T/R people wanted to euthanize him just because he had respiratory problems when he was in the cat colony. That was when I first saw the old booger. I thought he deserved a shot at staying alive! At that time he was eating and I took him to the vet and his temp was ok. The vet gave him the antibiotic, IV solution and he got better. He's been in my house ever since. So, now he is in his room here in my house. Problem: I cant catch him to take him to the vet to get his flea medicine, etc. I cant get close to him and he has to stay away from my other cats but I think he is ok. I see him often, talk to him and sing the song "Desperado" to him. He doesn't mind my bad voice and off key melody. I love old Arnie and will keep him as long as I can. He's had a bad rap at life but now he's the King of his own nice cool room, good food and a mamma with a bad singing voice! To hell with those people that wanted to kill him! Arnie has a home here as long as he is alive. Luv you Arnie.

LaughingRain profile image

LaughingRain 3 years ago from Arizona Author

yes, certain cats really can get to our emotions. and I've kept a few cats in a room but been afraid to touch them as they were very wild and unpredictable. one little guy I got him used to eating from the cat trap with the door tied up, so that when it was time to take him to get fixed, I just untied the trap door and I didn't have to fear getting scratched or bitten. this cat later became my favorite outdoor cat who would actually let me pick him up to cuddle. most ferals will remain wild creatures for the most part. I have sang songs to some very wild ones to calm them down before it is time to fix them. that somehow works for awhile, so good for you! I do not think just because a cat is coughing that's a good reason to kill them. my cats all had a cold after getting fixed. I think they picked up a germ at the clinic, but I just knew they'd get over it and they did, and never had a cold again.

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