Guppy Fish Babies Information

Male (colorful one) and female guppy
Male (colorful one) and female guppy

Baby Guppies

Choosing fish for your aquarium

I have had Baby Guppies in a tank for most of my life. They are by far the easiest fish to breed. Many people breed them by accident. They will breed in almost any condition. Baby guppies are fun, and most of all, cute.

Males and females: Male guppies are generally smaller and very colorful throughout their whole body. Females are only colored on their tails, Bigger, and clear on their body. If you do not want baby guppies, do not have female guppies in the tank. A good rule of thumb with females is to have more females than males, though.

Accidental guppies: A female guppy can have 5-20 babies (live). Guppy babies have a good chance of survival in a planted tank with places to hide. Other fish and other guppies might eat them, though. A good way to control the babies, and help them live is to keep them in a breeding net. If you don't want them, most pet stores will accept them.

Feeding: Baby guppies will eat very very crumbled flake foods.

Growth: Baby guppies take about a year to reach full mature size in my expiriences. They are very very tiny when about a week old.

Female pregnant guppy
Female pregnant guppy

Breeding Guppies

A mature female guppy will give birth at most, every four weeks, with 5-20 babies. THere will most likely be more female baby guppies than males. The guppy babies' gender cannot be told until further on. Guppies can breed at about three months of age, as I said, almost any condition with good water and males. The best way to breed guppies is to put two (1 male, 1 female) in the same tank. The tank should be warmer, and very well planted so the babies can hide. When the guppies are newborn take the parents out.

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