How to care for your pet terrapin

How to Choose and Care for Terrapins - My Experience with Young, Sick Terrapins

How to Choose Your Terrapin

1. Choose a bigger one as young terrapins tend to be weak and prone to sickness. A larger size could indicate better energy and resilience levels.

2. Pick an active terrapin. If you observe activity without any external provocation, it is usually a good sign of health.

3. Pick it up holding the top and bottom shells in between your finger and thumb. Do not hold it by the edges of the shell as a struggling terrapin will easily kick itself free, possibly with disastrous results.

4. Observe the eyes, nose and mouth areas of the terrapin to check for any unusual signs of mucus.

5. Check if the shell or body has visible signs of fungal infection.

6. For those buying from the pet shops at the basement level of Plaza Singapura, Singapore, be warned - a couple of beta fishes and the latest terrapin I'd bought from them turned out to be weak and sickly, despite their rather high retail prices and claims that all animals had been handpicked for quality.

In contrast, the cheaper ones from Serangoon Road or other suburb shops have lasted a long time.

My Experience with a Sick Terrapin

I had kept two terrapins from 12 years ago, from the time they were the size of 50-cent coins till they were the size of two palms put together side by side. Terrapin care was such a fuss-free process, I thought.

12 years on, that's 2 weeks ago, I bought another two - 1 from Yishun and another from Plaza Singapura. The one from Plaza Singapura was quiet from the time it arrived home and soon, I realized it wasn't eating. After a few days, it would neither open its eyes nor budge from its rock.

Visit to the Vet

Now, normally, we would simply replace the sick terrapin with another that costs only $3. However, my sister was heartbroken, and for her sake, I took the little one to the vet.

"How old is your terrapin?" The vet asked.

"3 months."

"Well not to worry, it's very common for terrapins at this age. What it has is a case of pneumonia."

"Isn't pneumonia what little children and old people get..?"

"It happens to young terrapins as well. So what I'm going to do... is give it an injection.."

"What! Where??" I exclaimed.

"...which I hope you can continue on your own at home."

I'd thought it would just be a case of medicated drops and a few days of monitoring. It was more complicated than I'd expected. The vet showed me how the needle was given to the terrapin on its backside, just next to the tail.

The End of a Young Life

The pre-prepared syringes were wrapped in aluminum foil and stored in the refrigerator to keep fresh. The next day, after the injections at home, this terrapin started to "burp". He pushed off his front limbs, stretched his neck out while his throat swelled and opened his mouth silently, as if to burp. This continued at a frequency of once every 20 seconds, for about 20 minutes.

I was perplexed, since this did not happen the day before. Anxious, I called the clinic but the vet was not in as they had closed for the night. Finally, the burping stopped and the terrapin fell still with his eyes closed as usual. Shortly after, its head and all four limbs stretched out in a mini spasm, then all movement ceased.

I picked up the little fella, determined to revive him somehow and made a painful discovery that his lower shell had not only softened but caved inwards. As I held him between my fingers, his upper shell softened as well - and I knew then that he was gone.

Desperate for any sign of life, I tugged on each of his limbs, fiddled with his tail and pushed and pulled his head in and out. No sign of hope to prove otherwise what was logical and obvious - my sister was traumatized.


The difference between my previous and most recent pairs of terrapins was the location of tank. Living in sunny Singapore, we enjoy sunshine all year round. The tank was located on the kitchen cabinet where the sunlight could reach directly in my old house. At my new place, it was on the piano with indirect light. This was why the weaker terrapin was disadvantaged.

The key is for terrapins to be able to sun themselves on a warm rock. The heat warms their lungs and promotes normal circulation. It also enhances the immunity system. Provide a shaded area so they are able to choose between sun and shade.

The vet later called to explain that the sick terrapin might already be having so much fluid in itself that it could not take the injection fluid. Hence it died. Then why didn't he give me an alternative??

Well terrapin care can be fuss-free with the right condition - mainly sufficient sunlight. And if you take advice from the older generation, (aka superstition/ general knowledge), playing with young pets late at night could give them a case of bad temperament. But playing with them first thing in the morning will make them loyal pets. To first-timers choosing their first terrapins, be sure to pick the one that "speaks" to you. Besides the above pointers, your intuition will more than likely help you with the right choice.

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jollytan profile image

jollytan 7 years ago from Singapore

Poor terrapin.... how much was that injection? Thanks for sharing... I have one at home... belongs to my children.

Sfionn profile image

Sfionn 7 years ago from Singapore Author

The bill came up to S$40 over. It was the vet at Jalan Kayu. Bigger terrapins should be more stable though. I'm just wondering now if I should get another terrapin to keep the other guy company. Would prefer a malayan box turtle but heard that red eared sliders can get violent towards the more peaceful turtles!

hcshi profile image

hcshi 7 years ago from Singapore

The vet killed the sick terrapin. Isn't that professional negligence?

Sfionn profile image

Sfionn 7 years ago from Singapore Author

I suppose not many people take terrapins to the vet so not many vets in Singapore would know how to treat sick little green-backs.

Ultimate Hubber profile image

Ultimate Hubber 7 years ago

Did you know you have written a really informative article on terrapins. I feel really bad about your terrapin, one of my red-eared sliders also died so I understand how it feels. It was sick from the day I bought it. Anyways, now I know how to buy a healthy one.

A.Raghunandan 7 years ago

thanx for sharing the slider is going through the same phase....even the vet has got no clue....even worst that the sunshine is not helping me any feeling guilty to take away a life that never belonged to me...i've learnt a lesson now.....

Sfionn profile image

Sfionn 7 years ago from Singapore Author

I know how that feels. Funny thing is that after bringing another seemingly fatal case to my workplace's patio, he perked up, gained an extraordinary appetite and now even seems a little overweight. Maybe your terrapin just needs a change of location - send him to your neighbour's for a couple of days?

Favour 6 years ago

I bought 3 terrapins weeks ago. At first they were all active and eating well. I realised that these few days they were always sleeping and eat lesser. One died last night and I was sad. The condition that you described seems to be similar to theirs. I have change their location to be near the sunlight and hope they will live on. Great info, thanks.

Sfionn profile image

Sfionn 6 years ago from Singapore Author

I hope this helps - one of my terrapins that started showing symptoms of the Plague was thankfully saved when I medicated its water with some tonic from the local pet store. It was recommended by the lady as being good for external wounds or internal assimmilation problems. After a good two months of not eating much (well at least not dying either), it gradually regained appetite and strength.

This little slider is now 1/2 the size of its same age peer though. Can see that its sickness took a great toll on its development.

shauna 6 years ago

hey i have 3 terrapins,and i got 2 about 3 months ago,and one recently died of a soft shell,and now the other one is starting to close his eyes and he looks like he burps sometimes,but iv checked his shell , its rock hard,and but he opens his eyes when i hold him,but when i put him back in the tank he just lays on the rock as if hes sleeping. do you no what this could be? should i take him to a vet?

Sfionn profile image

Sfionn 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Poor slider. In my view, ordinary vets probably don't know too much about terrapins. My terrapin that managed to recover was spotted with his symptoms very early on and cured by a digestive/ assimmilation aid from the pet supplies store. Still, it took a good 2 months before he got back to proper eating. Even now, he's half the size of his 'brother' and occasionally still loses interest in his food. I suggest that you quickly get him some similar medicinal aid and have him quarantined with just enough water so that he doesn't need to strain much to keep his neck above the water line. Some sunlight will help as well but if he doesn't die, be prepared for a number of weeks before he shows any improvement though. All the best!

shauna 6 years ago

yeah, i put him out in the garden today and yesterday,i just put him on a towel on the ground and i sat beside him but i only keep him outsite for about 15 minutes cos im scared he may get too hot and need water . how long would you say for me to keep him out with him being ok ? .. he opened his eyes yesterday for the first time in a while,so i was pleased to see he is improving a little . but now my other terrapin is acting up, im not sure if he has a soft shell or not,but i got him about a month ago,but is it normal for baby terrapins to have soft shells,cos im worried a little cos i don't want another one of my terrapins to die of the soft shell illness, hes not very active , he still eats and when hes in the water he is in it for long enough he doesn't get straight out , could this be the illness? i hope not .

Sfionn profile image

Sfionn 6 years ago from Singapore Author

I've no idea which part of the world you're at and how much sunlight you're getting at this time of the year. It'd be good to give him a shaded area to hide so he's got a choice of sun or shade.

Unfortunately, one terrapin falling sick after another died or got well was a horrible trend with my sliders as well. Just when I thought a bad episode was over! Only one survived - the last one. I'm not able to help much, let's just keep our fingers crossed xx

shauna 6 years ago

i live in northern ireland,its been really sunny this week,and we have this umbrella thing in the garden and he goes under that for shade, 2 days ago another one of my terrapins died,once again, of the soft shell illnes, iv now lost 2 from that. and his shell was only a little bit soft so i wasn't really panicy, i should of got him an injection asap. so im left with 2 terrapins now,and they both seem to be fine for the mean time (:

Chloe3006 6 years ago

My red-eared sliders terrapin is 7 years old, female. From yesterday (14/8/10), she did not eat and always hid in her shell. She also did not empty her bowel from yesterday. Two days before she is sick, her appetite is very good and active per normal. She does open her eyes sometimes but her eyes look normal. Her muscle and shell are per normal. I really don't what wrong with her. Really worry about her T_T. Very hard to look for vet who is specialize in terrapins in Singapore. I still can't find vet for her. Any advices? TT_TT

Jade 6 years ago

I recently bought two terapins last saturday and a portable small tank so that i can carry it anywhere. for the first two days they were eating and very active. just yesterday one of them is not eating anymore, i don't have much sunlight in my house and just last night i put them in my room and just this morning i saw them eating... it could be the temperature coz my room is warm compared to my living room which is cooler. i just realized from your article that sunlight is really important. the store lady didn't tell me much about the importance of sunlight though. anyways, thank you for this info. it really is helpful. thanks!

Pagong 6 years ago

Chloe3006, does your turtle have a place where she can lay her eggs? If you can provide an area where she can burrow (mixture of soil and sand), that would be great. Even if she is not mating, she still needs to lay her eggs.

Someone. 6 years ago

hi I have 3 terrapins and one of them are just sitting on the rock, when i put it in the water, it just went on all fours and didn't move, i don't know what to do.

Twinkle 6 years ago

Can I just check what sort of food do you feed a baby terrapin? I have 3 terrapins and I fed them turtle food but articles on the internet said they should be fed a variety of food including fish, shrimps, cabbage and lettuce. What do you feed your terrapins?

Sfionn 6 years ago

I just feed them a mixture of pellets and dried shrimp. According to the vet, dried shrimp has zero vitamins but they like it a lot, more than the pellets. Be careful if you feed them live food - one of my terrapins got his lung puctured after gulping down a live shrimp. I lost hiim within 2 hours. Small live fish should be okay provided your terrapin is quick enough to catch them. But I only throw in live fish once in a long while.. like once every half a year. The advantage is they need to exercise for their meal!

Yvonne 6 years ago

Hi my baby terrapin has sore eyes. I when to the vet & fed him medicine which they gave. But his condition has worsen as the eyes swollen even bigger. Same as your case, I went to the pet shop to ask & I bought a red color liquid medication as recommend by the sales person. He told me to gave my terrapin 1 to 2 weeks time to recover however after 2 weeks, my terrapin regain his eyesight. So I change him to normal water but few days later his eyes became swollen again.. This time place him in the water with medicine for 2weeks n it finally open his eyes.. For fear his condition occurs again, I play safe to extend another 2weeks.. After the 1month of medication, I decided to place him in normal water again.. But now it eyes seems to swollen again? Do u have any advice? I don't wan to lose him.. Any other vet or medication whom I can seek to?

Sfionn 6 years ago

One of my terrapins is prone to swollen eyes too - he gets them from time to time. As I handfeed them, it's quite easy to tell when this happens as he will mis-aim and bite at the space next to my fingers instead of at the food. The infected eye(s) will also be close for prolonged periods.

All I do is give him 2 or 3 drops of "eye drops for all turtles" from the pet store down the street. It costs less than S$10 and certainly doesn't need prescription. I then let him sun on my patio for 10-20 min before putting him back in the tank. He gets his eye drops 2 or 3 times a day and usually recovers by the 3rd day. Make sure that his water is clean and chlorine-free. If possible, add some anti-stress or terrapin tonic. Check with the pet store for the suitable types. Good luck!

Priss 5 years ago

I got a baby terrapin... But He doesn't eat and always slping...But he is still kinda active.. Do u know wat the problem might be?

Fern T. 5 years ago

My terrapin has nemonia & already took her to the vet, we have to forcefeed her by mixing vegetable juice with chicken froth and lettin her swim in it, the vet also gave anti-biotics she's getting better but is still gasping/yawning. Does anyone have suggestions to make her well?

Sharin 5 years ago

At what age does these terrapins get ready to mate and breed? Because i have 2 of them at home and i don't know which is male and female. How do i get to know them. they are all healthy. I heard that they give eggs in lots of numbers. What are the ideal conditions where they lay eggs. I have kept them in my aquarium, and they are about 1 yr old.

lean 5 years ago

I noticed that my terrepins eyes wernt openin an that he wasn't as active I got him out an felt that is belly was feeling soft but his top shell was still hard am so worried can't get to the vets till tomorra am scared he might not make it

Ethel 5 years ago

Im really touched to see many others out there who do care for their terrapins. because when i try asking around for help, everyone tells me to just 'let it be' cause it costs just $3 each.

My terrapins are behaving very weirdly, as they only open their eyes when they are out of the water. The moment their eyes touch water, it remains closed. why is this so???

Also,only recently had the sun changed its direction. which means that my house no longer receives direct sunlight. My terrapins have no place to soak up the sun. what should i do??

i hope someone replies me soon, thanks!


Sfionn 5 years ago

Hi Ethel, it seems to be an eye infection, try some eyedrops for terrapins from the pet store. It's an over-the-counter medication and should work for your little turtle.

Ethel 5 years ago

Thanks Sfionn :)

mark 5 years ago

Hi, I hope you all know that 'uvb' light from the sun does not penetrate through windows and aquarium tanks!! your terrapins need 'uvb' bulbs and heat lamps directed over their basking areas, without the 'uvb' light the terrapins cannot process calcium for their shells which then become soft, they loose their appetites and die.


mark 5 years ago

Here is a link to a terrapin care site,,if you genuinely care for your terrapins please read...........

Wang Nanyan profile image

Wang Nanyan 5 years ago from Singapore, Singapore

please help. i don't have enogh money to go to the vet.

for my place does not have sun light (west caost .)

or enogh money to buy a uv light for my terrapin.

now its eating.... please help don't want it to die!

cooky terrapinpal 5 years ago

Hi all, I bought 2 terrapins last year in a fish farm. They have been eating as per normal until 1 of them fall sick. It was the girl. It had swollen eyes. I seperated them n bought some eye drops from a local pet shop. A week later, her eyes were ok, so I put them 2gether again. The nxt day, both of them wouldn't eat. Even the boy. The boy 1 ate only a little but the girl didn't eat at all. A week later, I seperated them,the boys appetite improved but the girls 1 didn't. I noticed her mouth n nose hav mucus n she started "burping" occasionally... Now there isn't any mucus n she doesn't burp much... I put them near the window... Any advice?

alusa71 5 years ago

Hi, anyone know where I can get terrapins tanks for my 3 RES?

They are between 10-12 inches and I intend to put them in the same tank. How big should the tank be?

Thanks in advance!

yeesong 5 years ago

One of my terrapins recently bitten another terrapin of mine at the tail now the tail is have broken and it looks like it is going to drop.What should i do???I seperated them.But should i bring it to the vet or buy medicines and where can i find vets or medicine for my poor terrapin.

yeesong 5 years ago

Cani know where to bring my terrapin if it is sick etc vet,pet shop?

yeesong 5 years ago

opps!I forgot to say thanks.THANKS!

yeesong 5 years ago

I live in singapore.Should i put it somewhere with sunlight?What should i feed it either then turtle pellet?Can it eat turtle pellet?


yeesong 5 years ago

one of my terrapin floats but the other terrapin does not float.Is it sick or ill?PLease help me.


Sfionn 5 years ago

Your questions are worrying..

I guess priority should be to make sure the wound is clean. Antiseptic lotion for turtles can be bought at pet stores selling turtles. If an infection sets in, it could mean a death sentence for the poor guy. Don't see any issue with pellets.

You could try to google for a vet in Singapore but I don't know of anyone who specializes in terrapins, sorry.

yeesong 5 years ago

Thanks sfionn.I think i will by some Antiseptic lotion from SSC pet lover.Thanks i was wworried sick about it.


Junwei12345 5 years ago

why one of my terrapin never poen eyes

Junwei12345 5 years ago

Hi why my terrapin never eat anything and then it kept on sleeping

JemJem 5 years ago

My brother has 2 terrapins that are really really big for about 4 and 1/2 years old. Their size is like from the tip of a grown man's middle finger to his wrist. Both of them are that big.

Anyway, my brother has put them in the toilet where he lets them walk from time to time. The toilet is cleaned everyday by yours truly so I guess it's clean.

Unfortunately, he has rather been negligent about them so I take care of them more. However, I do not know a single thing about taking care of terrapins much less terrapins their size. I do not know how to see if they're sick or what-not. But they are very active. If you go to the toilet to pee or crap, they will look at you and like "ask" for your attention.

The toilet is well- ventilated; the windows are always open, the door is open when not in use (unless they're walking about).

Could you advice me on what to do? Coz I have 6 hamsters at home and I don't know if I am taking enough care of the terrapins like my hamsters. Thank you.

JemJem 5 years ago

My brother has 2 terrapins that are really really big for about 4 and 1/2 years old. Their size is like from the tip of a grown man's middle finger to his wrist. Both of them are that big.

Anyway, my brother has put them in the toilet where he lets them walk from time to time. The toilet is cleaned everyday by yours truly so I guess it's clean.

Unfortunately, he has rather been negligent about them so I take care of them more. However, I do not know a single thing about taking care of terrapins much less terrapins their size. I do not know how to see if they're sick or what-not. But they are very active. If you go to the toilet to pee or crap, they will look at you and like "ask" for your attention.

The toilet is well- ventilated; the windows are always open, the door is open when not in use (unless they're walking about).

Could you advice me on what to do? Coz I have 6 hamsters at home and I don't know if I am taking enough care of the terrapins like my hamsters. Thank you.

Sfionn 5 years ago

Hi Junwei - I hope your terrapin has gotten better.

and Halo JemJem:

Although some people believe terrapins shouldn't be allowed to run around to avoid getting stained by bad bacteria, I think that applies more to those that are already sick or have open wounds, or if the place is really filthy.

I guess the health condition of your turtles is the best judge of suitability of their environment. If your toilet is dry, clean and well-ventilated, and they still look active after so long, there shouldn't be any problem. That said, terrapins are amphibious so if you could provide them a place to swim, that'd suit their nature better!

JemJem 5 years ago

Thanks a lot!!! Shall keep it in mind!! =D

Goob 5 years ago

Not true

Chew Kai Ming 5 years ago

Oh one of my terrapin suffered the same fate too. Where is the vet? I also live in Singapore. So at least I know where to go in case of emergency. The other terrapin is quite strong. Escaped twice, once falling down 2 metres - no damage. Sanitiser was poured inside his water once(Dunno which mean classmate did that). I LOVE THAT TURTLE and I am willing to bring it to a vet in case of emergency :D

Sfionn 5 years ago

I don't remember the vet's name, only it was along Jalan Kayu. It may be "All Pets". Try googling for their contact details/ reviews, good luck!

Chew Kai Ming 5 years ago

OK thx!

Chew Kai Ming 5 years ago

Plaza singapura terrapins are really of low quality. Some already have pneumonia, some i could find with a broken shell. Even worse, some with their spine exposed. Ouch.

Weixin 5 years ago

Hello! I find your article very helpful and thanks so much for sharing your info with the other red ear slider turtle owners in Singapore! :) I keep two red ear slider turtles, one about 6 years and the other about 4-5 year old. I keep them in a container but now they have gotten so big! :( I am currently in a search for a big tank to hold these turtles of mine, and i was wondering if you could share with me the picture and position of the tank? I have no clue how to have my turtle tank positioned in a suitable environment for them. my email is ! Thank you so much! :)

Sfionn 5 years ago

Hi Weixin, I haven't got a picture for you but Mark (one of the visitors who commented on this post 6 mths ago) has got a useful link on terrapin housing and general care. I'm pasting it here for your reference:

Some possible places could be a balcony or low cabinet top that gets good direct light for a couple of hours for basking and "normal" light for the rest of the day. If you're housing your big terrapins in a rack-aquarium, you should be able to achieve this by finding a wall that gets the morning/ afternoon sun.

IndefiniteEL 5 years ago

Hi I bought 2 baby terrapins just a month ago n today 1 of it died:( I went out for around 2hours and when I came back,one died.I do not know how it died as I was out,but 1 thing I remembered was before I went out,it kept going onto the rock I put into the tank n the water level was around 1cm.Its shell was rock hard n the bottom was too fyi.It was hyper active like 15mins before I left n was on the rock closing its eyes,I tot it was sleeping.O and, I broke a bit of tip 3 and instead hold it by the side,pls reply as soon as possible bcos I wud wan find out the cause of it as I do not want my other terrapin to be lonely n most of all,I do not want to take another life ever again -Singapore

IndefiniteEL 5 years ago

O and mine had a bit of white patches(don't know if is fungus) on its body

Dewi Ayu 4 years ago

Is Terrapin reptile or amphibian ? Answer is - REPTILE. Thanks!

joycelyn 4 years ago

my terrapin eye was different than other

Geoff 4 years ago

In their natural state terrapins will eat practically anything they can swallow, I feed mine on moths, soft bugs, worms, pieces of raw fish or meat and sometimes lettuce, just make sure you remove what is not eaten. I usually feed him with a bamboo meat skewer which makes it easy to reach him without getting bitten. Just make sure that any bugs are not in contact with insecticides otherwise you will kill your pet. If you put it in direct sun then make sure it can get into shade when it has has enough.

Zackery88 4 years ago

Hi, I've just gotten 2 res terrapins as a gift and I really like that a lot. But I just came to notice that one of them has a whitish layer on one of its eye. It's was very active for the first 2 days but now he is just sleeping at the basking area all the time till I give him a nudge. I've got 2 filters for the tank, a basking lamp and a UVB florescent lamp. It's is enough for them? Is there anyway I can cure the poor turtle's eye?


Sfionn profile image

Sfionn 4 years ago from Singapore Author

Hi Zackery, if your RES' eye looks abnormal in size as well, an eye infection may be possible. I've never used UV/ basking lamps so not too sure of what should be good enough. Try describing its condition to the pet store guys and see what they recommend. If it's an eye infection, a suitable eye drop may be all that you need.

tk 4 years ago

hi what kind of terrapins are the smallest, tamest, and easiest to handle? i need answers in24h or best immediately!!!

Sfionn 4 years ago

Hi tk, I can only offer my 2 pence worth for red eared sliders which I'm familiar with. While these are generally known to be aggressive towards other turtles/ terrapins/ tortoises and are great hunters for fish and shrimps, each has its own personality and by observing their behaviour before purchase, you may find one that is extremely timid, to the point of not being able to hunt effectively on its own. I've had two like this before which were very happy to rest in my hands, and on the top of my foot as I walked around the house. As they were handfed, they did grow to considerable size despite their gentleness.

rule 4 years ago

I have 3 pet terrapin and all of them is the size of 2 palms. One of my terrapin was infected around its nose for 1 month now, I don't have enough money to take it to the vet. My parents has some money issue and I currently have $32 in my saving, I feel very bad for my pet. Please help :-(

Sfionn 4 years ago

Hi rule, sorry to hear that. Do visit a good pet store for recommendation. You may be able to cure it with off-the-shelf medication under $20.

Klemens 4 years ago

Mine had some growth on him and one tortoise recently died the disease pass to him should I bring him to a vet and how much the bill cost and he is always sleeping

klemens 4 years ago

what should i do as my mum say go vet use $100 when the tortoise is 2.50 sin dollars... please help answer faster

Sfionn 4 years ago

Hi Klemens, the vet cost me $40 plus, that included a bundle of syringes. I don't think you will need $100. You sound like you're in the same predicament. Well, if you care for the terrapin as a life and don't see any other option, go ahead and try the vet!

Klemens 4 years ago

If I dun bring to the vet what can I do to save him

Klemens 4 years ago

Do they like warm water

Sfionn 4 years ago

Hi Klemens, i don't have specialist knowledge of terrapins and actually believe neither do our local vets since people usually adopt the unfortunate "buy and throw away" attitude with the terrapins.

From experience, if your terrapin is not moving/ eating, and you've decided not to go to the vet, you should quickly try an over-the-counter medication from the pet store. They do have a small section on terrapin lotions etc. Find one that is described on the label for symptoms that your terrapin is showing. You'll prob have to keep it up for a week before you see improvement. In my case then, I was able to provide the recommended dosage throughout the day and was lucky to have it start eating again slowly in 3 days.

Ade 4 years ago

My terapin died ... ya the one at jalan kayu u went isit the lady vet or the guy vet?

Sfionn profile image

Sfionn 4 years ago from Singapore Author

I'm sorry to hear that.

It was the gentleman on duty the night that I was there.

Abgail 4 years ago

Hi, um, i received two red ear sliders from my parents on my birthday. Now, its been only two and a half months, and one of them has a membrane like thing growing around their neck(the sagged up place) and now its going round the frontlimbs. I am really worried. And I stay in India.

PS: Its a translucent membrane like thing -.-

Abgail 4 years ago

Yeah, and, I started to use some clean, dust free ear buds to remove that membrane. now my little beryl snaps at me real loud. But i manageed to remove some of that membrane-y thing. :)

Klemens 4 years ago

How,I got that tortoise and his skin is peeling!!!its is white or it or fungus??

Sfionn 4 years ago

Hi Klemens and Abgail, it is healthy for terrapins to shed skin as they grow. The skin usually comes off as a thin white membrane that can roll up along the way and eventually end up in the tank as small floating white sheets. Does the white stuff fit this description?

jenny chua 4 years ago


Abgail 4 years ago

Yup. Its now all around the neck, legs and back. That sound well to you? Some on the shell too. I really don't think its okay.Plus, when he move really fast in the water, some of them manages to come out. So you think its fungus or skin?

Sfionn 4 years ago

Hi Abigail, it's hard to say without seeing it. If it's as profuse as you describe there may be a concern. Why don't you try taking the little guy to the aqua-pet store for the pet people to take a look? I'm sure they can help with a few recommendations!

Abgail 4 years ago

Truthfully, here vets know only about fish, dogs, cats and hamsters. It took me ages to find through the yellow pages for one place where the doctor could so about it. But my final exams are going on and i can't go out.

Abgail 4 years ago

Anyway, thank you very much. :)

Didi 4 years ago

hi ! i bought a terrapin recently and it has been sleeping a lot . is that normal ? and what do i feed it ? cuz it does not seem to eat the food that i gave .

Sfionn profile image

Sfionn 4 years ago from Singapore Author

Hi Didi, too much sleeping is certainly not normal as terrapins should be curious by nature. I fed mine dry pellets with small live fish once in a while. Some people feed theirs leafy vegetables. I hope we're not looking at another case of 'drowsy disease'!

Didi 4 years ago

well , mine does not want to eat the pellets . i don't know why . what should i do ?

Nicole 4 years ago

Hi, I am so pleased that I have found this site, it is really hard to find info about terrapins on the internet. I bought three terrapins two weeks ago and one of them has developed a white spot on its neck. It is now spending a lot of time sitting on the rock with its eyes shut. It is eating from time to time. I am not sure what to think and the pet store where I got them is pretty useless. We live in the UAE so it is hot and sunny here. The terrapins live in a a fish tank, with a filter and a light. Do they need a heater too? The fish tank is near a window and the sun shines through it. Do I still need to put the terrapins outside in direct sunlight? Any advice is really appreciated as my son would be really upset if his terrapin died... :((

Sfionn profile image

Sfionn 4 years ago from Singapore Author

Hi Nicole, yes unfortunately most of the information available tells us how to set up the tank etc but doesn't shed light on diagnosis and troubleshooting. I'm no terrapin expert myself and can only guess from experience. White spots could be a sign of fungal infection. Depending on what it really is, it could spread over the surface or deepen into the skin like a sore. As the neck has plenty of folds for trapping moisture, try keeping your terrapin dry and medicating the area with an anti-fungal lotion (usually 1 or 2 drops). Leave it to dry in an empty tank for about ten minutes before returning it to shallow water (just below the shell line) that has an area for dry basking. You'll probably need to repeat this 2, 3 times a day. Do check this against the directions of your purchased medication however. If all goes well, your terrapin should recover significantly within the week, though treatment may continue for a couple of days more.

After recovery, fungal infections may recur. Certain terrapins are just more prone to this. The remaining medication (if it's not expired) can be used for future treatment. Good luck!

P.S. The UAE's sun is extreme so be sure not to leave it out. Indirect light will be just fine.

Nicole 4 years ago

Thank you so much for this info. I have just returned from another pet shop and they had lots of different medications. I bought some vitamins, a heater and thermometer. I will go back and buy some anti fungal lotion and follow your guidelines. I will let you know how it goes. I checked the terrapin just as I got back from work and noticed that he has one eye opened and one eye closed... Oh dear! Too much to worry about!

Nora 4 years ago

Hi. Just want a little bit of info. I bought 4 terrapins almost 4months ago. Everything went well. All were healthy and naughty. But recently one of my terrapins have not been opening its eyes. She still run around as per normal but just don't want to open her eyes. Is there anything I can do about it? I get too worried now because it's been almost a week.

Sfionn profile image

Sfionn 4 years ago from Singapore Author

Hi Nora, terrapins may not eat if they can't see and can possibly starve itself. Are its eyes infected? A tell-tale sign is an overall swell. If only one eye is infected you'll be able to notice a difference in size from the other side. In this case, an eye lotion will do the trick. However, if it's not opening its eyes due to general lethargy, it could be something more serious internally which I'm afraid am unable to advise much.

MKuan 4 years ago

Thanks for your info regarding terrapins needing sunlight. Wished I had seen your article earlier.

mc 4 years ago

Hi Sfionn, I must thank you for writing such an informative piece on terrapins. i just got two recently & I'm sure one of them got pneumonia :( I wish i found your article before - that might had just saved the little one. i'll try to take him to the vet tomorrow, but i'm not sure if that'd help :(

Everyone writes about setting up & the likes but it really helped to read your article because you wrote in Singapore's context. thank you so much again :)

ps: I hope poor michelangelo survives :(

yAti 4 years ago

Hi Sfionn

I recently bought 3 terrapins (one male & 2 females) three days ago.On the first was fine-all 3 of them were swimming.when i feed the pellets,all but one of the female didn't seem to touch her food. Then the next morning,same thing happened.Then after she swam,she crawled up to the rock to bask and closes it's eyes-as if sleeping.I was getting worried,so before I went off to work,i'd informed my sister to observe it.When i reached home,she told me that it didn't move an inch & didn't eat.I immediately bring her down to the vet @ PetSafari Simei for some more info.As i was on the way,i suddenly started to open its eyes and actively wandering around the temporary basin.I was shocked.The vet simply told me that she just need the Sun rays and nothing is wrong with her.I told him regarding that she didn't even touch her food since I first bought here.He recommended me another type of pellets-perhaps she didn't like the one I gave to her.Then,I let her bask as much Sun rays before evening sets in.When i reach home, she already closed her eyes as if sleeping-again.I put her back to my terrapanium and observed.Since that day till now-she has been in an immobile state (even when i carry her to shift something in the tank),not eating and sleep most of the hours,literally.So,is this a case of what-you-called "pneumonia"? I'm still very worried. As for the other two,they are very active and all.Please advised.

Sfionn profile image

Sfionn 4 years ago from Singapore Author

Hi yAti, oh dear, if not for so many people sharing their experiences, I wouldn't have thought that this was so common. Unfortunately, I can't advise much other than to move the terrapin tank to a different area, since that one is definitely not working for her. Since terrapins in public ponds bask in full glory at noon daily, and that's in pretty strong light that most people can't look in without squinting, evening rays may not be strong and effective enough. You could try giving her some mid-day sun as well. My ailing baby terrapin was saved in a location on the balcony which had direct morning sun. In the afternoon, the tank was in the shade but the sun-line was just two metres away so there was good heat as well. The rock that the terrapin rested on probably helped because it was warmed by the afternoon's heat and I guess acted like a hot water bottle for the little guy sitting atop. If he wanted to cool down, there was an inch of medicated water to help him cool and heal at the same time. The medication was for terrapin digestive issues and which also works as a general supplement for healthy ones as well, bought from the small pet store along Havelock road. Hope my experience helps your little girl!

yAti 4 years ago

Hi Sfionn

Okay noted. As for the medication,it is just available at that pet store along Havelock Road or are they available in any other pet stores? And may I know the exact name & brand of the medication, if you don't mind? I would like to purchase it. By the way, thank you for your replies.

Sfionn profile image

Sfionn 4 years ago from Singapore Author

Hi yAti, I was fortunate to hit on the right medication on the first try so did not check if other stores carry the same. As the bottle is long gone, I can only remember that it's a brown solution in a cylindrical bottle which also simulates optimum water conditions in the terrapins'natural environment. This was from the pet store at Blk 22 of Havelock Road, on the side nearer to Beo Crescent. There's only 1 pet store (more like aquarium store now) there, you might want to drop by and enquire. Hopefully, the aunty who recommended that solution to me may be able to help you as well.

Jenny 4 years ago


We just got 2 terrapins recently. I would like to know how long can they be left unattended, should we go away for vacations?

Sfionn profile image

Sfionn 4 years ago from Singapore Author

If you are going away at all, even if for 2 days, you will need to have someone drop by to take care of them, especially if they're housed in an enclosed tank and not an open pond where natural circulation and filtration can occur. Turtles soil their water quickly with food remains such as pellet dust and fecal matter. Algae can also be a problem in a couple of days, sometimes shorter. The messy water will encourage harmful bacteria growth and you could come back to the beginning of internal health problems e.g. intestinal and other digestive issues.

Jenny 4 years ago

Thank u for advise. Will bear in mind of what u said.

babqqq 4 years ago

hey would you help me??

what may have happened to my turtle? id just resides on the surface of water. neither it eats anything nor it moves at all. it has been 3 days that it hasn't eaten anything.i tickled it with my fingers but it showed no response at me with it please....

Sfionn profile image

Sfionn 4 years ago from Singapore Author

Hi babqqq, your turtle seems to be experiencing the same ailment as our fellow hubbers above. The short answer for it is to make sure it gets adequate sunlight. If you scan thru their experiences shared above, you may find some useful nuggets of info that could help your turtle eg location of tank and type of medication. No one is really sure of any real cure so far though so it's still mainly trial and error at the expense of our terrapins' lives, unfortunately. That is why I have not bought new terrapins for pets myself again. Good luck.

babqqq 4 years ago

thanks a lot..i apereciate that.

Mabel 4 years ago

Hi Sfionn. I bought my lil' one on the 17th of June. This lil' poor guy went cold all off a sudden today night. I accidentally left the window open. And winds were blowing. It's not moving even if I tug on it. I'm afraid it's dead. Any advice? :( I dun wanna take a life away, lil' a not. Pls help my lil' one... I'm still a kiddo.........

Sfionn profile image

Sfionn 4 years ago from Singapore Author

Hi Mabel, sad to hear that. U can try moving it to somewhere dry n warm like your palms n see if it revives. Not sure how much time would be good enough before determining it to be dead. It's unlikely to have died suddenly. Did u notice it sick or lethargic before this?

Mabel 4 years ago

Thx for da reply, but my lil' one died today. I just buried him..... T_T. may I know where is one of the best places here to buy a healthy terrapin. Pls answer by today if possible.

Sfionn profile image

Sfionn 4 years ago from Singapore Author

Neighbourhood shops r usually better than mall outlets which sometimes struggle to balance quality n cost due to higher rent. Wherever u buy a terrapin from, be sure to give it the right living environment or it could quickly deteriorate as well. If u still don't get the hang of rearing them right after a while, u might want to change your mind abt keeping them as pets though.

Mabel 4 years ago

Thx Sfionn.

Yvonne 4 years ago

I just bought my terrapin today.... It hasn't eaten! Wat can I do to make it eat? Pls answer ASAP

Sfionn 4 years ago

Hi Yvonne, as much as I'd like to to help, afraid that I'm no terrapin expert n can't offer much advice based on your description. However, do read thru some of the experiences of our fellow hubbers above n see if their symptoms apply to your case. Good luck!

thursday 4 years ago

Hi, I am really worried about my terrapin and have been doing searches online but decided to ask instead..

My terrapin has swollen eyes and stopped eating around 1-1.5 weeks ago. We have brought it to the vet (treats terrapins) and she said that he has an infection and shell rot, and the infection could have gotten internal and hence the swollen eyes. She has given it an injection (anti-biotics and Vitamin A) and prescribed us some medicine: eye drops, antiseptic wash and anti-fungal/anti-baterial application.

She has also instructed us to keep him dry with 2 15-mins intervals in water to re-hydrate it. She also did say that we can let it walk around freely and we are completely okay with that, except he is always digging in corners and trying to get into tight corners that has gotten him a few new injuries (my heart...) and so we have put him in the toilet (clean) instead as she did say that it is also okay. We also have him out in the sunlight but he is always crawling away to hide in dark corners. :(

I have a few questions: the bottom shell is also infected, so is it really okay to let it walk about in the toilet? I mean, no matter how much we clean the toilet, I don't feel good about it.. Hence, I put it in its tank (made of glass) without any water but it is always trying to climb out, resulting in it falling and hitting its bottom shell all the time (my heart really hurts!). Is there anything I can do to help it?

Please please please do throw any advices this way; I'd do anything to have my baby be okay again! :(

Hazel 4 years ago

My little RES is just sitting there on the basking rock and closing his eyes. He barely touches his food. When touch it, it opens it's eyes, then close it again. He was very active yesterday. I'm very worried, can someone help?

I need a reply A.S.A.P!

Hazel 4 years ago

And he also has a white spot, which looks like a pimple or white head on his leg. Save my RES pls!

Sfionn profile image

Sfionn 4 years ago from Singapore Author

Hi Hazel, it does sound like a fungal infection. If he's not eating, there might be an internal infection as well which probably will need medication to go away. If left on its own, chances are it'll deteriorate further. Any chance u can get it to the vet or pet supplies store for advice?

Sfionn profile image

Sfionn 4 years ago from Singapore Author

Hi anonymous, Don't worry abt your turtle slamming against the glass tank. When mine did the same, I just allowed it to get bored n it stopped after a while. It tends to do this when people walk past, I'm not sure abt yours but if u keep up with the doctor's advice, it should be out of there pretty soon.

Jorelle 4 years ago

Hi. My terrapin doesn't seem to open it's mouth ever since the first day I bought him.

David 4 years ago

My 15 year old terrapin is not eating and is swollen all over his body. Thinking of going to a vet but couldn't find any real experts in Singapore. Anyone can help? I'm afraid he can't take it any longer without eating. Thanks.

4 years ago

Hi! First I would like to thank Sfionn for sharing these useful information with us! After reading your page and other forums, I realised my pet terrapins (2 of them) were probably suffering from respiratory infections.

I bought them about a week ago from the Vivocity Pet Lovers Centre. There were many terrapins in the tank and i just randomly picked 2 that were swimming on the surface. I failed to check if they had any skin problems as I assumed they should be healthy. But with so many terrapins in a tank, there are bound to be some which are neglected. It would be better to buy from shops with lesser terrapins: they will get sufficient basking and food, and chances of disease transmission are also minimized.

At the same time, I bought a large tank which comes with filter, stones, turtle pellets and water treatment. Thinking it is more than sufficient for the terrapins (all these plus the 2 terrapins already cost me ~$85), I went home to prepare them a new home. For the next few days, they did not eat at all and when I went near them, they immediately hide in the water. They were rather active for the first 3 days, but thereafter, they became lethargic and their heads were outstretched lying on the rocks. When they breathed, their mouths are opened widely and there seem to be a lump at their throat with each breath. Also, their eyes were puffy thus they kept their eyes closed most of the time.

I read that water temperature and sufficient basking are important to maintain their health, thus I realized that the water was too cold resulting in them being sick. I bought a water heater and a basking lamp (total ~$94) for them, but their condition remained the same. 2 days ago, one of the terrapin even coughed badly. Yesterday, not able to bear them suffering any longer, I called Allpets & Aqualife Clinic (Jalan Kayu) to ask if there is any way I can treat them myself. They say I have to bring the terrapins to the clinic for the vet to diagnose how serious their infections are.

So today, I brought the 2 of them to the clinic. The vet, Dr Erika Tan, was very nice and explained clearly to me their condition. They had respiratory problems resulting in them breathing from their mouth. Luckily, they are not to the stage where they have mucus discharge or even difficulty swimming.The puffy eyes were due to water retention which is most probably deficiency in vitamins, especially vitamin A (important in maintaining membrane integrity). She also said that white spots on their skin may be bacterial/fungal infection, or even scabs formation (similar to humans except that they are white).

Following is what they were given:

1) Baytril injection - antibiotics to help cure the infection (injected once a day)

2) Stress Vitamin injection- this is what was printed on the receipt, but it should be vitamin A as Dr Erika mentioned it during the consultation (injected once every 3 days)

3)Bacidin- topical solution to apply on the affected areas once a day, so far both the terrapins' skin are improving tremendously as the scabs on their limbs have dried off and dropped

When injecting them, the terrapins are held upside down so that they won't move about. The needle is inserted into the area between their tail and their hind legs. Only a slight insertion is needed (as long as the tip is inside) so that they won't bleed. I asked Dr Erika if holding them upside down will cause suffocation; she said it is fine for a short while so injection has to be done quickly. The total fees (consultation and medicine) for both cost about $103. I was also told to keep them away from water and let them bask under the sun. Once a day, I have to soak them in warm water (using your hand to feel the water first) for 20 minutes to hydrate them. Feeding can also be carried out during soaking since they can only feed in presence of water. The water should be about 1cm in height to allow their heads out of the water.

A short reminder, don't buy terrapins on impulse just because they look cute. There are many equipment and materials required to keep them healthy. Below are some suggestions of items to buy if you want your terrapin to stay healthy:

1) Tank: It is better to buy a larger one since they will grow and will require more space to bask and swim.

2) Filter: Definitely needed to pump air into the water and clear some debris. Make sure the pumping ability corresponds to the size of the tank i.e. bigger tank, stronger filter

3) Water heater: Ensure the heater can fully submerge in the water. It works like a thermostat and will automatically switch on/off to maintain the correct set temperature. And since they don't come very cheap, make sure it works before you buy it (request for the store owner to test it).

4) Basking lamp: It would be good to invest in one unless your tank has ample sunlight shining into it. But sunlight may not be present all the time so it is still better to buy one. The one I bought (ExoTerra) did not come with the bulb so I had to get it separately. For the bulb, make sure it also emits UV rays because I think some only provides heat which does not help in strengthening the terrapins' shell. Also make sure it works before leaving the shop.

5) Turtle Conditioner: I bought the Nutrafin one and it costs less than SGD$2. The salesperson told me that it takes about 2 to 3 weeks for the whole block to dissolve, thus what I did was to put it in for awhile and take it out after that. Moreover, a whole block dissolved in a tank will be too wasteful and might even cause adverse effects.

6) Water conditioner: To neutralise chlorine and heavy metals in tap water.

7) Rocks or basking area: Ensure it is fully out of the water as the terrapins need to dry themselves to prevent fungal infections.

Hopefully, my two pennies' worth helps :)

Sfionn profile image

Sfionn 4 years ago from Singapore Author

Hi J, thanks for the detailed account, will surely be very helpful to others with similar issues. Def agree that terrapins or any other pets should not be bought on impulse. That's a hefty investment you've put in for your turtles btw. Many may think of terrapins as plug n play pets and don't realize the effort needed when things don't work out. Hope they respond well to treatment and recover soon!

karling 4 years ago

Hi Sifonn,

I was wondering if you know how much it'll cost to bring my terrapin to a vet to drain off the abscess it has on the side of his head.

Sfionn 4 years ago

Hi karling, can't really say but would venture a figure above $50 for sure.

franciskeith 4 years ago


Well done for such a in depth write-up and love for your terrapins. I shared similar experiences for my 2 baby RES. Isolated them, realising that 2nd one was falling sick, struggling, not eating.

Tanks, Basking Spots, Lamps, Medications, Calcium Tablets. Doing all means possible, even resulting to force feed them with medicine soaked pellets to ensure that they eat. Waking up early to do their medicine prep before work is really no joke. It's really challenging, but its heartwarming to see them embrace in your love. They know that we do care, and love them.

Great to see so much fellow terrapin lovers, whom really care and look after their sick terrapins. Kudos to all terrapin owners!

As for their health, the key thing is, basking temperature, basking spot, ideal water temperature, generally they are ok. Terrapins are quite strong reptiles, that wamr / "hotter" temperatures allows them to kill the bacteria within their body. Plus the necessary eyedrops / calciums, they should be aggressively swimming in no time. I was being told, they can survive even up to 3 weeks without food, especially when they are sick. It really takes a lot of patience for 1 to look after a sick terrapin.

Till then, KUDOS once more. And may all those, whose terrapins are sick, may they get well soon!

p/s: No advertisement, but do read a heartwarming note I received from some online page.

Arty 4 years ago

One of my terrapin died after going to the Jalan Kayu clinic.

Can someone pls give me an alternative clinic? I don't trust the doctors there anymore.

Francis Keith Yeo profile image

Francis Keith Yeo 4 years ago

Arty, sorry to hear about your loss.

Mine died on sunday after 1mth of battling. If you're in the west, i would recommend The Joyous Vet @ Choa Chu Kang, Sunshine Place (Singapore 680475). There has been quite a fair bit of +ve comments towards Dr Grace Heng...

Alternatively, Pet Lover Centres with small animals have Vets (Pet Care Consultants), those dressed in Blue shirts, you prob can seek advice from them too.

Mabel 4 years ago

Arty, sorry bout ur terrapin...

I had a sick one once too, and I brought it to joyous vet, wat Francis Keith Yeo suggested. Sometimes even though u bring to other vets, it still might not work. Young terrapins should not really be given injections as they weak. Its sometimes based on luck, whether ur terrapin can pull through a not.

Well gd luck! :)

Joey 4 years ago

Hi Sfionn,

My little RES is not eating, and it is recovering frm swollen eyes, just able to open. It eats only a little, but somedays not at all. Is there anywhere we can force feed it or make it eat?

Pls help my darlin'

Anna 3 years ago

I bought two terapins from the plaza singapura but it turn out not eating and playing for a few days so I went back there and change. At first when I brought home it was very active it also eats a lot but two weeks later I realised that one of the terapin is not eating, playing or moving it just stayed there for one whole day. The next day I changed the water for them but it still remain the same it closed its eyes and its leg. One day later the second one died too. So sad. :(

Sfionn 3 years ago

Sorry to hear that Anna. U can try starting with slightly older terrapins sold at the pasir ris farms. These should be more robust.

Lynn 2 years ago

Jus have a question.. i do let my terrapin (it has been with us for about 15 yrs for now) walk around the house about half the day and just today it has been super hyperactive despite me and my mum feeding it already 2x in a day. It still crawls about the house biting @ the floor as if lookin for more food. Should I be concerned that it's more hyper than usual? thnx!

Xin 2 years ago

My terrapin suddenly stop eating when I feed them. They have not been eating for 4-5 days is it sick?•﹏•

Icanttellmyname 2 years ago

My terrapin has pneumonia n I didn't know that he was having..he didn't want to eat suddenly...his eyes froze and his moith he dead..?

sfionn 2 years ago

Hey I'm sorry to hear that. Pneumonia shouldn't cause "sudden death", u would have noticed unusual behavior days before before that. My turtle died with his eyes and mouth closed, so I can't really advise..

Michael 2 years ago

anyone with terrapins more than 10years old here? mine is around 12-14years old already(couldn't remember the exact age). I have always been tempted to bring to vet for a checkup but thinking if its really necessary. I have 2 RES, one much bigger than the other. I was thinking if terrapins are suppose to lay eggs? As I cant tell its gender. The smaller one tends to keep opening its mouth to breathe if it decides to crawl faster while the big one had no issues. Really don't understand the problem... appetite wise its perfect. Always hungry. I do not have the finance to sustain their tanks/filters etc like you guys do and they have been living in a large basin and roaming around my flat everyday. Does anyone here have similar issues? Or I'm just worrying too much? Any replies is deeply appreciated

Stella 2 years ago

Hi. I am amazed that your older terrapins grew so big! I would like to ask if your terrapins happen to lay eggs in the past (if you have any female terrapins)? Could you share the methods you use to overcome this issue?

caroline95738 2 years ago

Hi Michael my red eared slider is 15 years old. She is HUGE.

Michael 2 years ago

Stella... the problem is I DO NOT know if there's a probability of it laying eggs or not... thus I'm stuck.

Caroline, may I know do you have a male? Did your RES lay eggs?

newowner 2 years ago

Hi i have this terrapin i got from a pet shop and it is quite normal except that it doesnt want to swim even though the water is at the right temperature and it doesn't look sick at all. Can a terrapin forget how to swim? Or something else? I tried to put it in the water but it just climbed up the rock again.

Sfionn profile image

Sfionn 2 years ago from Singapore Author

You might want to be sure that it's not unwell around areas which will hurt in water, e.g. eye, skin or shell infection. Another clue is whether it's eating regularly. If all still seems okay, it may just be it needs longer heating time on the rock. You can see the terrapins in public ponds basking on rocks for the longest time on the hottest days.

asther 2 years ago

my red eared slider is also around 8 years old, same as Michael , I have always been tempted to bring to vet for a checkup but dunno where to go to . I think is a female as it lay eggs at time to times , but due to last time my whole family and i have poor knowledge of taking care of terrapin, we let its roam around the house and roam around corridor outside of my house at times in the afternoon, as my terrapin like to walk outdoors but of course my family and i will be somewhere nearby to look at it to prevent someone stepping on it.

Usually its prefer to stay more on the ground than in water, only when at times that its want to , it will go approach and try to climb the large water basin , then we place her in a large water basin to soak in it from morning to maybe afternoon or evening. But because of this it shell is already curve up and the color of the shell is more to brownish , other then that it still can eat well everyday , sometime 2-3 times a day. We only feed it pellet and sometime my family feed it a bit of soft fruits like orange ,watermelon and papaya.

Have though of buying some of the medicine for my terrapin at pet lover center , but i don't dare to any how buy all those stuff as my terrapin never eat before that kind of stuff, i scare will cause more harm than good.

Always thinking whether to find some vet to have a consultation to let them check it health condition and anyways that can help improve it 's shell problem. Any advice or any vet that is reliable to intro?

Dawn 22 months ago

Hi, I have a terrpin for 6 years old, and it dud not eat veggy, is it alright? I give him dry shrimp once a while.

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