How To Be A Good Neighbor When You Own Pets

Don't Let This Happen to You

What Should You Do When the Crap is in Your Court (So To Speak)

Do you clean up after your dog when he poops on the street? I hope you do. I used to live in New York years before the pooper scooper laws and believe me I would have rather walked a minefield than deal with the disgusting mess on the streets.

Everyone had a dog, because everyone was afraid of crime and thought even the tiniest dog could at least yap and warn them someone was breaking into their home. When you consider the city had a population of 10 million people and at least one dog per family that was a lot of, ah, crap on the streets.

But what do you do when you don't live in the city and someone allows their pet to crap on your lawn? Some people scoop it up and leave it back at the neighbor's but I think that's just asking for war. People can become very irrational. Never had the problem and most people where I live scoop their pet's poop. I once had someone leave poop in the little plastic poop bag on my lawn. I prefer to believe they stopped to tie a shoelace and forgot the bag. At least it was nice and tidy.

I also had a neighbor think we were allowing our little dogs to poop on the grass divider between our garage driveways, when in reality they were pellets for feeding the grass in our townhome community. I felt rather insulted by the accusation (and that the neighbor believed that we would do such a thing) and who knows, you could be wrong about the culprit. Actually, I should have come back with, "No we don't allow our dogs to poop on anyone's lawn, but it would be real nice if you tied up your garbage so I don't have to chase it down and pick it up off the street every week - you pig. I actually picked up your daughter's disgusting used diaper off the street last week."

Now see how these things can escalate?

Try to catch the doer in the act with your cellphone camera (and, yes, you will feel downright silly lurking in the hydrangeas for hours at a time waiting for some animal to come crap on your lawn, and, yes, nosy old Mrs. Hadamik will probably call the cops on the peeping tom, but remember as your knees cramp and sweat trickles down your forehead, it'll be well worth the hours of waiting). After you have the photographic evidence you will be well-armed to make a formal complaint with the authorities. That way your concern is on file and you can let the cops or animal control do the dirty work - that is if you manage to beat Mrs. Hadamik with your complaint to the police. Otherwise, a dog crapping on your lawn will be the least of your worries.

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brackenb profile image

brackenb 4 years ago

It's a real shame that people can be so inconsiderate. I've always cleaned up after my animals but have also suffered the frustration caused by people who don't.

MarleneB profile image

MarleneB 4 years ago from Northern California, USA

I like the idea of taking a picture. I have actually seen a neighbor let her dog out to go potty. The dog never goes in its own yard - just everyone else's. It will pee on one neighbor's yard and then poop in another neighbor's yard. Complaints have been made, but the neighbor thinks it's OK. In fact, she said, "Well, I let the dog out because I don't want him doing his doo in my yard." What? I don't know what she's thinking. But, people like that are out there. Yes, they are. I am grateful for people like you who are decent and careful.

Paulie profile image

Paulie 4 years ago Author

Same here. I'm very conscientious. Even when my doggy has pooped more than I judged for and I have run out of bags, I'll memorize the spot and go home and get whatever I need and hunt down that doody! We have a nice community with lots of grassy areas. I love dogs and like to meet dog owners but I also love a nice clean area to live. I take plastic bags with me to pick up any debris that I find on my walk as well.

Paulie profile image

Paulie 4 years ago Author

Grrrrr..all of the neighbors should get together and take pics/movies, then create a nice little montage and leave it for the neighbor to view!

MarleneB profile image

MarleneB 4 years ago from Northern California, USA

You're funny Paulie - Or, we could do something like neighborhood movie night. Set up a big screen. Oh, what a scene that would be. But, it sure would get the message across nicely, wouldn't it.

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