Teacup Pigs

You don't have to dress the pig up but if you choose to it is simply precious!! Who can resist this little piggy????
You don't have to dress the pig up but if you choose to it is simply precious!! Who can resist this little piggy???? | Source

Look at that little face above, and tell me you don't want one! The piggy is irresistible!

Last night at dinner a woman next to me spoke about her co-worker's new pet, a little, tiny teacup pig. "He oinks himself to sleep at night and wraps himself in a blanket when he's cold," she said. I came to conclude that I, too, want a teacup piggy!!! They are so small and precious! I found some online this morning for an outrageous dollar amount of $4000, shipped from California. Personally, I would prefer to hand select my teacup piggy and not receive it from the airport for a $385 dollar shipping fee.

What is a Tea Cup Pig?

To begin, they are probably the most adorable animal you will ever see. They are quite small and that is why they are called teacup pigs. They also are referred to as teacup potbelly pigs, pixie pigs, pocket pigs and potbelly pigs. Whatever they are called, I call them the cutest thing ever!

Teacup pigs grow 95% of their growth in their first year. Their second year they will grow one to two inches of body fat.

Cute little teacup piggy.
Cute little teacup piggy. | Source

What to Feed Little Piggy??

Teacup pigs have a special diet consisting of 12% protein grain and hay. This is available at most feed stores where you can buy food for goats and horses.

They also enjoy limited amounts of cut up fruits and veggies such as cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and squash. Use these as training treats. Make sure these aren't exceeding the 1-2 % body weight feeding each day.

How to Nurture Little Piggy?

Many, many teacup piggies will be housebroken and can go outside and play with the dogs (supervised) and can go use the litter box to relieve themselves. Give little piggy all the love and attention you have.

Where Should Little Piggy Sleep?

Little piggy can sleep wherever h/she is comfortable. They do get along well with other animals such as dogs, cats, chickens and other farm animals. However, use caution when introducing a teacup pig to other animals. Teacup pigs are considered prey animals, and we would not want a new teacup piggy to be abused by a fellow animal who might chew their ears off.

You can set up a crate for little piggy in the den. Provide a blanket and tuck him underneath it at night.

Extracurriculars for Little Piggy

Your piggy can be trained and can be a great lap pet. Provide them with love!

How Much Will Little Piggy Grow?

Looking at the parents of little pig, h/she will become as large (or a little smaller) than the little pigs mother.

Teacup Piggies

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Sanitation for Little Piggy

Contrary to popular belief, pigs are quite clean animals. In general, pigs keep their living and eating areas far away from their areas where they relieve themselves.

However, piggies who are living in dangerous and unsafe conditions live in restricted small areas where all their business must be done in a small region or stall. This is tragic for piggies because they get sick and increase their bad reputations of being filthy animals.

Teacup piggies can be bathed just as you would bathe your doggy.

Little Piggies on the Tyra Banks Show

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emilybee profile image

emilybee 4 years ago Author

Thanks Magdaleine! Tea cup pigs are adorable and I'd imagine they would be great pets :) Thanks for stopping by !

Magdaleine profile image

Magdaleine 4 years ago

First time I heard about this.. very interesting. the little piggy is so cute :)

emilybee profile image

emilybee 4 years ago Author

Haha, we have to pay 50 dollars a month for a dog and our apartment is just too small for one. But a little piggy.....;) Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Jeannieinabottle profile image

Jeannieinabottle 4 years ago from Baltimore, MD

Teacup pigs are just so cute! I wonder what my apartment management would think of one. There is a ban on dogs, but nothing in the lease discusses pigs!

emilybee profile image

emilybee 4 years ago Author

Hahaha - I KNOW!!! I think piggie kisses would be the sweetest thing to wake up to. I guess the "oinking" is what he is not keen on- but I also think that is simply precious, too! It's just a sound, and after a while anyone is bound to get used to it.

GDiBiase profile image

GDiBiase 4 years ago from Portland, ME

Hi Emily,

Tell your other half he would be missing the chance to have all sorts of piggie kisses. They are adorable indeed!

emilybee profile image

emilybee 4 years ago Author

Hi Gail! I agree - they are way too expensive, but I hope to someday find one for a cheaper price, so I have some time to talk my other half into wanting one too. Right now he's a bit skeptical, lol! Thanks for stopping by to read all about these adorable little teacup pigs!

GDiBiase profile image

GDiBiase 4 years ago from Portland, ME

Hi Emily,

Great hub about these precious precocious potbellied biggies. LOL sorry I got started and I could not stop with the "P". These little guys are the cutest thing I think I have ever seen. I would love to have one too, not for that price though. Thanks for all the information regarding these tiny teacup treasures...Take care Gail

emilybee profile image

emilybee 4 years ago Author

Hi thumbi7! Yes, I, too, believed that - but it only appears that way because of many pigs very sad, and unfortunate living conditions. Aren't the little piggies just the cutest thing? I would love to get one, someday. Thanks for commenting and the vote up!

thumbi7 profile image

thumbi7 4 years ago from India

This is very interesting information.

I used to believe that pigs are dirty.

They look very cute in picture:)

Voted up as interesting

emilybee profile image

emilybee 4 years ago Author

Hi alocsin! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! Teacup piggies are so precious!

alocsin profile image

alocsin 4 years ago from Orange County, CA

Those are very cute and have never heard of them. If anybody wants to know why they're called teacup pigs, listen to the video. Voting this Up and Interesting.

emilybee profile image

emilybee 4 years ago Author

Aren't they the cutest?! I could just picture myself cuddling and holding one while relaxing or getting work done. I think little oinking noises around the house would be the sweetest thing, lol thank you for the comment!

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 4 years ago from England

Hi, they are so cute! I couldn't get your video above, it said it was not shown, only on youtube, but I have seen them before, Aw! I want one now! rated up for cuteness! lol!

emilybee profile image

emilybee 4 years ago Author

That's awesome Eiddwen, thanks so much :) Teacup piggies aren't much work but it's definitely helpful to have some space for them to roam in...Once we get a house I will possibly get one.

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

Thank you for this gem;my daughter wants one of these so as well as voting up I am also bookmarking.

Great read and thanks for sharing.

Take care and enjoy your day.


gail641 profile image

gail641 4 years ago from Mason City

Your welcome.

emilybee profile image

emilybee 4 years ago Author

Thank you for the comment Gail!!

gail641 profile image

gail641 4 years ago from Mason City

Very enjoyable hub with beautiful photos. The teacup piggies are really cute and adorable! 4000 dollars does sound very expensive. It does sound like a better idea to hand pick a pet piggie. Their so cute. I voted up.

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