It's Easy Being Green

If the Earth goes green it might look like this.
If the Earth goes green it might look like this.

It's Easy Being Green

It's both a journey and a destination. Can we drive our SUVs or do we have to take the bus? What if the SUV is a hybrid?

How do we know when we get there? If we walk, will it take longer?

Are there potty breaks along the way?

May we carpool? Can we use the carpool lane on the freeway?

Perhaps it's not easy being green after all.  So many unanswered questions.

Existential Green

It's me; green is me. Being me represents Being Green. Sometimes it's not easy being green; I feel like a carbuncle on the porcelain skin of Mother Earth. Do I fit in? I exist only to generate carbon and consume unsustainable resources.

Fight your urge to resist going green. The Earth loves a fighter. What would your Mom say?

"Green" has the same numbers of syllables as "Spam". Apply a little simple editing; this Monty Python song can work for you.

Composting in the ocean
Composting in the ocean

It's All Relative

Toss an apple core into the woods; you're composting. Drop a banana peel behind your sofa; you're an ecological fanatic, at least until your Mom catches you.

Barbara Streisand is ecologically sensitive, but Johnny Rotten was the first Green punk rocker.

Mother Nature gathers up litter for us to retrieve.
Mother Nature gathers up litter for us to retrieve.

Be Green

It's an adjective. Are you green? Is it really all that easy getting green?

Have you ever eaten a pine tree? Some parts are edible.

Thus spoke one of the earliest eco-evangalists, Euell Gibbons.

Eschew styrofoam containers. Reach into the drive-through window and grab your burger directly from the grill. Avoid the extra carbs by skipping the bun.

It's green but not aerodynamic
It's green but not aerodynamic

Drive a Green Vehicle

A horse represents the mostest greenest mode of transportation. Unlike a hybrid car, the spent equine doesn't languish in a landfill, seeping acids for hundreds of years. Certainly the car doesn't leave smelly surprises at intersections, but everything is a trade-off, yes?

Shorten your commute; move closer to your employer. Wistfully ponder the days of miners camps owned by coal barons. Take your pay in credits at the company store.

A tasty eco salad?
A tasty eco salad?

Walk a Fine Line

Green roast beef is yucky. Scraping off the green parts won't help. Even the horse wouldn't want to eat it.

Are you Green?

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