My Dog Is Missing, Now...So Am I

My dog is missing, now so am I. I came home from visiting relatives in a nearby town and he was gone. What bothers me most is that he was unsnapped from his lead. It wasn't broken, it wasn't pulled out, it was unsnapped. Someone deliberately unsnapped him from his lead while standing at my back door. It unnerves me that someone would do that, but most of all....he is missing...and I am missing him.

Diesel, my pet, cheesing for the camera!
Diesel, my pet, cheesing for the camera! | Source

Why I Am Missing

There is more to just missing my pet. Beyond the fact that he is my pet is the foundation that he is my youngest son's pet. I was entrusted with his care. "Feed Diesel both soft and hard food. Make sure to check Diesel's water. Does Diesel have any toys? Get Diesel another bone. Are you playing with Diesel?" are all tidbits of our conversations over the past couple of weeks. My son, Dillon, just moved out of the house. We live in the country and he moved to town. Diesel is a rescued pup. He is scared of men. Diesel stayed here so he would have room to roam and not have to be intimidated by the hustle and bustle of town. He has a tender mouth and will only gently bite down on anything, even food. We think he may have been seriously abused. He is a sweet baby. He is gentle and careful. He is afraid of cows and pumpkins. Yes, pumpkins. He runs and hides from a pumpkin. Living in town could have been traumatic for him. He stayed behind with me. We cried together, missing Dillon. We have adjusted together, missing Dillon. Diesel's missing. So am I. I am missing Diesel and I am missing Dillon, again.

When I pull into the driveway, he runs and finds an object, a toy, a bone, his rug, SOMETHING... he brings it to me, his gift to me for coming back home! He sits and lets my grandbabies love on him and he snuggles into them and licks their hands, legs and knees. He LOVES children. When my elderly parents come to visit, he sits and respectfully allows them by without fear or worry that he will be underfoot. He has been the perfect pet. Protective when a stranger is near with barks and alert attention, gentle with family, playful and loving. I miss him! I spent hours calling his name, searching the barn, along the highway out front, calling the neighbors, even praying for his return. He is still missing. I am still missing him.

I called Dillon. He said, "It's okay, Mom. He'll come home. It will be okay. I'll come look." Today, I have looked, called, walked, searched. I have not found Diesel. What I have found is that he is not Dillon's pet. He is MY pet. MY pet is missing. So am I.

My Concern

My concern also stems from the fact that Diesel is such a baby, but he is also a German Shepherd/Pit Bull mix. He has the Pit Bull body, coloring, ears, chest and neck and attentive stance. He has a German shepherd nose and heart. I am concerned that IF he is found, they will see him as a stray pit bull and will shoot him. We live in the country, remember? He will not be welcome as a stray. He will not be welcome as a pit bull. He is afraid of men, therefore WILL bark at them. He will be shot. If they moo at him or step near a pumpkin.......he will RUN!! Who will know that?? They will shoot, not moo. I don't want him shot. It would be better if he were taken, but then again, "WHO took my dog!!?? I want him back!"

If he was taken, then it was someone standing at my back door who stole my dog. I live on a highway, but in the country. A stranger at my door, stealing my dog, is not a good thing. My security guard is gone. My husband works nights, my nest is empty, it is me. Alone. My security is missing. I am missing. Missing my security, missing my dog, missing my son, and missing me.

Good grief! I gotta go find that goofy, loving dog!!! I will let you know if I do!

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WillStarr profile image

WillStarr 5 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

Good luck.

Was your home burglarized? If not, I would assume it was somebody who knows you and it was an act a vengeance. Go from there.

Dalaina Smith 5 years ago

Oh My!!! Find that dog! :)

prektjr.dc profile image

prektjr.dc 5 years ago from Riverton, KS, USA Author


We cannot find anything missing, but things are so odd lately...a sheriff came by and was checking to make sure things were okay only last week. REALLY odd! There have been burglaries around, but not here. He was kind of intimidating to most. Unless you moo at him! Don't know of anyone who would do something like this...never locked our doors before, but even locking the deadbolt now. Don't like it! Not one bit!

prektjr.dc profile image

prektjr.dc 5 years ago from Riverton, KS, USA Author


I hope he was looking for Dillon and will come back! He has never tried to go further than our other dog's play area before, even when a lead has broken. Dillon was here the day before and played with him some, so may be....he has on his collar with tags with address and phone numbers, so hopefully we will find him.

prektjr.dc profile image

prektjr.dc 5 years ago from Riverton, KS, USA Author


I know!!! I can't shake this sadness either!! Your son will NOT be happy with me!! Bryar loved Diesel!! The girls too!!! I am really in the doghouse here!!

Movie Master profile image

Movie Master 5 years ago from United Kingdom

Oh dear Diesel where are you?

I will be frantically waiting for a hub from you tomorrow, hopefully to say he's back home.

Best wishes MM

Fennelseed profile image

Fennelseed 5 years ago from Australia

I so hope Diesel comes home. I can image how you are feeling, he sounds like the perfect pet and very much loved and missed. All the best with finding him - very soon I hope.

prektjr.dc profile image

prektjr.dc 5 years ago from Riverton, KS, USA Author

Movie Master,

No Diesel yet....I have hope. We have scoured the highway and there are no signs of him or any animal for that matter. That is good. He is alive. Alive, he can find his way home. Makes me think of those movies about the pets returning home. Here's hoping.

prektjr.dc profile image

prektjr.dc 5 years ago from Riverton, KS, USA Author

Thank you. He is a great pet! My granddaughters tonight came in the house and gave me a suspicious look and asked, "Nana, where is that Diesel?" I told them he went on an adventure and hopefully he will be home soon. I am not sure if they bought that, but it sounds better than lost or stolen. An adventure....hmmmm...maybe!!

PirateFX profile image

PirateFX 5 years ago

Sorry to hear about Diesel =( I had two little poms many years ago. Wouldn't know what i would've done if they went missing back then.

prektjr.dc profile image

prektjr.dc 5 years ago from Riverton, KS, USA Author

Thank you. Tomorrow we are going to go walking and looking and calling for him. Maybe we will find him. That is my hope!

profile image

reeltaulk 5 years ago

I can definitely relate to having someone maliciously take my dog. Who would think someone would stoop that lets you know what's really going on in some people's minds, especially those that live amongst you. I definitely feel your pain. When my first beautiful pit got stolen I would hear his bell jingling from his neck when indeed he was no where to be found. It's funny I would have never thought I would have missed him to that degree. Although it is impossible to replace good times with someone that you love you can always replace an aspect of their existance. I'm quite sure in time you will experience the same security, dedication and trust from yet another dog, even though it will not be the same experience. Voted up!

prektjr.dc profile image

prektjr.dc 5 years ago from Riverton, KS, USA Author


I know what you mean! I went to the back door to see what he was bumping the door for and he wasn't there! We do have another dog, Shadow, who is 12 years old that we have been giving some extra attention to as he is moping around missing Diesel. He is a cuddle dog.. not intimidating at all! Thanks for reading and sharing!

Heather Says profile image

Heather Says 5 years ago from Buckeye, Arizona

Oh! My heart goes out to you. I am such a dog lover. I can't even imagine how you must feel. What's the latest news? Sending you prayers and positive thoughts.

prektjr.dc profile image

prektjr.dc 5 years ago from Riverton, KS, USA Author


We have decided that Diesel will not be returning. It is sad. My grandchildren have told me I shouldn't have let them take him. I agree. My husband said we need to get another "guard" dog. I don't want another. I want Diesel. I need to wait. I don't have the heart to put his dog house and dish in storage, but it hurts to see it every time I come home. I'm pathetic right now. Thanks for your prayers.

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