Paul McCartney Narrates PETA's New 'Glass Walls' Video

Music legend Paul McCartney narrates PETA's (People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals) new 'Glass Walls' video, which advocates that if the slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian. The video shows an inside look at how chickens, cows, pigs, and fish are all raised and killed in modern day slaughterhouses.

Animals raised for meat endure almost unimaginable suffering throughout their whole lives. McCartney explains that chickens and turkeys are arguably the most abused animals on the face of the planet. They are crowded by the tens of thousands into filthy sheds and forced to live and breathe in their own excrement. He goes on to state that chickens and turkeys "are selectively bred to grow so large so fast, that most of them become crippled under their own weight."

The video also illustrates the routine cruelty factory workers inflict daily upon the animals. One scene shows one of the employees standing fully atop a struggling piglet. Paul McCartney explains that workers on slaughterhouses and mechanized farms are poorly paid and their work often goes unmonitored. Many investigations in chicken and turkey farms revealed shocking cruelty that goes beyond the standard abuses. One example showed a man squeezing and twisting a turkey's neck viscously and stating "sometimes they're ****ing hard to kill."

The Egg industry is no different. The mother hens are crammed into tiny cages, called battery cages, where it is so packed that there is little room for them to even spread a single wing; and it is not uncommon to see chickens die from being trampled under such conditions. As babies, workers cut off the sensitive tips of their beaks with a hot blade to prevent them later from fighting- all without any anesthesia or painkillers. This causes chronic pain which studies have shown to last for more than a month. The video goes on to describe that living in these conditions makes their wings waste away and their feet lacerated and bruised from standing on wire cages for eighteen months before slaughter.

In natural conditions, chickens are very intelligent creatures with the ability reason in some instances that is greater than dogs and children. McCartney describes chickens as "very social animals with an elaborate pecking order and ranking system. Yet chickens used in the egg industry are confined their entire lives."

McCartney also explains how cows never forget a face, a place, and have complex problem solving skills. Cambridge University Professor Donald Broom documented the fact that these gentle animals become excited and even jump into the air when they've discovered a solution to the problem.

Video Footage also shows that consumption of fish is the number one cause of food poisoning and the only significant means from which humans are exposed to mercury, a documented poison that causes a wide range of neurological problems.

As a result, "modern meat production is responsible for the recent outbreaks of mad cow disease, SARS, bird flu, and other diesels." Animal products are also often contaminated by several bacteria such as campylobactor, salmonella and e coli. Becoming vegetarianism not only helps animals, your health, but also the environment. According to United Nations scientists, eating meat generates about 40% more green house gases that contribute to climate change, than all the world's transportation systems combined! If we care about saving our planet, cutting meat out of our diet is one of the most important actions we can take.

Paul McCartney ends the video by stating that "it is only prejudice that allows anyone to think there is a difference between abusing a cat or abusing a chicken, or abusing a dog and abusing a pig. Suffering is suffering, now matter how you slice it."

With this detailed information on several meat industries that are harmful to your health, the environment, and supports unamnious amounts of cruelty amoung animals, the decision is yours to go vegetarianism and make a difference.

To watch the video for yourself simply go to

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James 7 years ago

Great article. I'm so glad that McCartney took the time to volunteer for this worthy cause. It's important to increase awareness of cruelty that goes on in slaughter houses!

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 7 years ago

Great hub. Thank you very much!

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

This work is more important than any I can think of. The addiction that people have through habit and taste buds is so ridiculous. There were no carnivores in the Garden of Eden. Man was not permitted to eat meat, by God, until after the flood and then it had to be cooked. This should tell all people who study the Bible what God intended our diet to be.

But when animals are abused there should be no heads looking the other way. God bless you!

aisha1257 profile image

aisha1257 6 years ago Author

Micky- Tell me about it, the whole meat industry really grosses me out. So tragic. We process animals like frozen peas. People think animals can't feel or love just because they can't communicate. Thanks a lot for your comment Micky!! Have an awesome day!!

AnkushKohli profile image

AnkushKohli 6 years ago from India

Great article aisha,

I've also posted a new hub on "PETA Super Bowl Ad". , Hope you like it. Cheers!

aisha1257 profile image

aisha1257 6 years ago Author

Oh wow, I'll definitely check them out. Thanks a lot!

aisha1257 profile image

aisha1257 6 years ago Author

AnkushKohli - Well the your hub tells me that is isn't published anymore but you ever write it again, or anything similar, let me know. I'm very interested in reading it!

Harold Altman 5 years ago

As a member of Peta, I would like to distribute a large quantity of the DVD " Glass Walls, I truly believe that people would have second thoughts about eating animals. Can you give me a special rate? Thank you. Sincerely yours, Harold Altman 631-439-9925

aisha1257 profile image

aisha1257 5 years ago Author

A special rate? You can visit and order all the materials you might need for tabling. Good luck!

hiit 4 years ago

That's what I call a "great hub". Thank you so much.

Ron from

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