Taking Care of a Hamster

Here are some hamster cages.

 Here are some cages for hamsters.
Here are some cages for hamsters.

Critter Trail Cages

Treat and chew sticks .

Chew stick for hamster.
Chew stick for hamster.
All of the above were chew sticks.
All of the above were chew sticks.
All of the above were treats for your hamster.
All of the above were treats for your hamster.

These are some exercise balls. They have many sizes to fit your pet.

Traditional exercise balls.
Traditional exercise balls.
 You can clip these on to the cage wires.
You can clip these on to the cage wires.
Wheel for glass cage.
Wheel for glass cage.
Cool exercise wheel!
Cool exercise wheel!
 You can add this part to any critter trail cage.
You can add this part to any critter trail cage.

Taking care of a hamster can be tons of fun. Hamsters have funny personalities! Here are some things you should know about your pet hamster.Hamsters' are funny, little, cute, balls of fur. But be-careful, they will bite just like any other animal. Its' just instinct. So don't get mad at them and lose your temper.They can have a heart attack very easily.

Hamsters are nocturnal. So they do most of their activity at night . It's best to close your door that way you can get some sleep,instead of listening to the wheel all night long or listening to them biting the bars. They love to hide and go through tunnels and run on their wheels. Hamsters love attention.

You must play with your hamster at least once a day for 1 hour. If they start to get antsy put them back in their cage and play with them later.

Your pet hamster must go in an exercise ball. For at least 20 minutes a day. You can buy one at a any pet shop. Make sure you get the right size for your hamster.

Hamsters must have their cage cleaned once a week. You will need to put fresh bedding and hamster food in their cage. Never let them go with out water , they exercise a lot. Always check that their food hasn't spilled. Accidents happen. You should put toys in their cage that way they don't get bored while your gone. These are some toys you should have in their cage to keep them occupied :

  1. tunnels

  2. wheels

  3. ladders

  4. balls

  5. rope for them to climb

  6. slides

You must make sure that their bedding stays dry otherwise this might cause milldew or bacteria. Take out any fruits or vegtables in their cage . They can get very sick if the food starts to rot. Put some chew sticks in the cage for your hamster. This helps their teeth from growing too long. Make sure that the food you get agrees with your hamster. They might get sick or have a bad stomach. If you've tried all the other foods you should go tell your vet very soon. If their cheek seems to be swolen and their eyes are watering that means they have something stuck in their cheek - pouch. Tell your vet as soon as possible. But before you call try to get them to drink some water this might help.

They can can get very stinking. To prevent this from happening just put them in a basen or in your bathtub. Which ever one you prefer. The water should be warm, check the water by putting your elbow in the tub. If the water is too hot put some more cold water in there. Let them swim for 5 minutes . This can be very tiring . Some hamsters can't swim that well , they might start to sink. This is very common. You can also put some kind of bath tub toy in there for them. They might play or take a brake on it when they get tired. Then dry your hamster gently , you can use a q-tip to dry their ears. You can also get your blow dryer out and put it on low. They love this.

Hamsters are tons of fun .But you can lose them quite easily.They are sneaky quick little things. If you lose your pet put the cage on the floor. They will probably be in there in the morning , asleep. If not , check behind your refridgerator usually they'll be there.

Well I hope ya learned something. If I forgot something tell me, please. Thanks : )


Krista 07

These are hammocks you could buy for your pet.

Cool Hideouts

Different Hamster Breeds

 All of the above are long-haired hamsters.
All of the above are long-haired hamsters.
These are Russian dwarf hamsters.(above)
These are Russian dwarf hamsters.(above)
 This is casper my cute dwarf hamster! I got him last x-mas.
This is casper my cute dwarf hamster! I got him last x-mas.
 Here she is 'Whiskers' the cute teddy bear hamster.
Here she is 'Whiskers' the cute teddy bear hamster.

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MrMarmalade 9 years ago from Sydney

There is a beautiful 1,000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle called Turtle Dreams. I love them too

Great Hub. Do some more

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Krista 07 9 years ago from Europe Author

Thanks! I'm gonna start doing hubs on exotic pets

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Hope Wilbanks 8 years ago from Louisiana

Great info!

Miranda 8 years ago

This is good info it gave me ideas for my hamster!

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glassvisage 8 years ago from Northern California

I love Critter Trail cages!

morgan 8 years ago

I got a teddy bear hamster & he loves 2 sleep & play in his new Critter Trail!

Cinnamon315 8 years ago

Cute Hamsters!

Hammy 2008 8 years ago

Where did you find the wheel for the glass cage?


janett 8 years ago

i want a hamster

austin0525 8 years ago

I am getting a hamster next mouth and am using this website again!

taylor 8 years ago

kristinas addvice is very good so read her advise on how to take of a hamster

taylor 8 years ago

kristinas addvice is very good so read her advise on how to take of a hamster

katryn 8 years ago

I will try to take 2 of my hamsters to see this picture

Gabi 8 years ago

This info is great! I wanna get a hamster so this info is perfect!

Mylene 7 years ago

Yes this is great information :) I Will go get myself a hamster this week! thank you1

ceejae 7 years ago

thanks for the information but i jut wwant to ask if what can i do for them not to be bored if i will them maybe a week

monty 7 years ago

THAT'S THE COOLEST INFO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

james  7 years ago

this is awsome. il do all of it right now.

monty 7 years ago

i tryed this and my hamster died



katelyn 7 years ago

i think that the stuff that u put was cool

gjkbfdgjfg 7 years ago

hamsters are evil

gjkbfdgjfg 7 years ago

hamsters are evil

gjkbfdgjfg 7 years ago

hamsters are evil

ILoveCats 7 years ago

How many Hamsters did that cat eat in the picture above?

Groovy Greeks 7 years ago

I have a hamster an I have 3, I did what to do and my hamsters were happy now.

layla 7 years ago

great info! im try to get my parents to get me a hamster and its working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

catfan 7 years ago

hey im getting a hampster in a week i think dwarf hampsters are the cutest.looks like good advice.:)

Bumblebee 7 years ago

put some rotastak cages on the site

Nami 7 years ago

Um.. I don't think it's very safe to put your hamster in a bathtub. If you do, make sure it's only up to your thumbnail , and the tub is very clean.

JessicaEmm 7 years ago

I used to have 2 male dwarf hamsters (brothers) but after a while they had to get put into separate cages because they tried to kill each other lol. but then one ran away and we couldn't find it and the other one died of old age lol x

i now have 2 bigger hamsters (one of them is the first long haired picture^^^)

thanks x

CELINE 7 years ago


shani 7 years ago

shani 7 years ago

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 7 years ago

great, this will help me take better care of my hamster.

chase 7 years ago

awsome.my mom and dad told me if i worked for one i probably could get one

lea 7 years ago

yeaaaah i justed started wanting a hamster yesterday. Should I? welll i realy want to and this stuff really helps! k cool cuz it probably woulda accidentally died dooing something exotic.. ha I don't even really get it. But ha thanks ..

lea 7 years ago

ha hello its me again. K so i just got a dwarf hamster today and that thing is SO CUTEE!!!!!! Oh my gosh really i am just in love. thanks much for the tips!!

shayla 7 years ago

This information is very helpful! When i get my hamster this week i will know exactly what to do, to feed her, water her, and bathe her, also to keep toys in the cage and keep it fresh and non- stinky! Thanks so much for the tips! there very helpful ones at it!! Cant wait to get my hamster this week!! So excited!!!

Sally 7 years ago

hamsters DO NOT like going in the water...they're desert animals and they easily be drowned and die!!!!!!!!!!

Andrea 7 years ago

hey i just wanted to say i got a hamster yesterday and this helped me very much because i didn't know how often to clean the cage thanks a lot :-D

macy 7 years ago

you forgot when to feed them

macy 7 years ago

you forgot when to feed them

macy 7 years ago

you forgot when to feed them

Mallory9 7 years ago

The hamsters on the page are so cute

Mallory9 7 years ago

It's me agen my dad maybe I can get a hamster but, my mom says I can't! What could I do!

emmers29 7 years ago

well, im getting a hamster soon 2 of them but i cant get i boy and one girl. jst either 2 boys or 2 girls.... so girls or boys


emmers29 7 years ago

well, im getting a hamster soon 2 of them but i cant get i boy and one girl. jst either 2 boys or 2 girls.... so girls or boys


madi 7 years ago

Thanks for the tips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

nice girl 7 years ago


you are so mean for lol ing at dieing hamsters your a meany!


Uvex 7 years ago

Thank you so much for the useful information.

Heyylove's 7 years ago

Oh um I just want to know somethings.

1.if you put their cage on a small counter, will they be able to be strong enough to push it off the counter?

2.Is it easy for them to open their cage doors because my mom would get super mad if I lost one of my hamsters.

3.If I get a boy hamster and a girl hamster will the girl always turn out to be preganant? If she does then how long will it take for her to have her babies and wll I need a vet to help give the girl hamster birth to her babies?

Sorry about all the questions I just want to be prepared and know everything before I buy my 2 hamsters.

yogirl 7 years ago

nice info!!!!!!1 I want a hamster sooooo bad but my dad's allergic.

Nicolle 7 years ago

Hi ny hamster had babies and i didn't kno they were a boy or girl so she got pregnant and you don't need a vet to help give birth it just pops out lol and they arent that strong to push off their cage and i think that's it oh ya im not to sure how long it takes but i think its not long

Tash-Sheca 7 years ago

this is so cool because of the cool thing that you can see to buy for your hamster and to know how to set it up

Andrea Zuniga 7 years ago

this is a really good website.

I'm getting a hamster next month thanks for the help

gogogirl 7 years ago

that's very helpful advice i had 13 hamsters and i got a gigantic cage with every thing but they all died yesterday they died of hunger lol . now im get just 1 but she got the big cage to herself

Destiny 7 years ago

wow hamsters r sooooooooooooo cute i just got 2 of them now im onley 13 so

Lucey 7 years ago

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lllllllooooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeee hammys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hamsters can not swim!!!!!!!!! THEY DROWN!

pokémon1 7 years ago

I'm using the info off this site to convince my parent to let me get a hamster to get a hamster and and it's working

pokémon1 7 years ago

hamsters are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

POPO 7 years ago


POPO 7 years ago




bad word girl 7 years ago

i want a flipen hamster so fn bad that ill kill u if u don't give me one

Michael 7 years ago

THis is the Sttuppppidest site in the HOLE intire WOrLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Guys are fucken retardes

Sammantha 7 years ago

Yeah i agree with dat dude o ur girl sorry not!!!! This is a dumb site!!! EWE GROSS hamsters

kenn 7 years ago

guys how can i keep my hamster warm in winter,., its about winter here,, and when i saw my hamster she is shivering,. so i always cover her cage with a blanket,, so i need tips rather than covering her with a blanket i think its not effective..thnks,.,

Katie 7 years ago

my hamsters escape a lot!!!!!! they usually go down to the basement. one got lost for three days; he hid in a rip in the cloth under a couch.

Care for your Hamster 7 years ago

A hamster should never be washed, since hamsters keep themselves clean. If you bath a hamster, it would catch a cold and die.

Hamsters produce their own natural oils to maintain the condition of their fur and will spend a long time grooming. So I would not recommend bathing a hamster since it will not enjoy it and bathing may make the hamster's fur look worse. If your hamster smells bad then you should clean the cage more frequently.

izze 7 years ago

I have wanted a hamster for a year now, but I haven't really told my parents. Today I saw a hamster in the pet store and I told my parents. My dad said yes mom said maybe I'm hoping that this site will convince her.

Zoey 7 years ago

how did you no this stuff?

nic 7 years ago

I love these hamsters!

fee 6 years ago

Overall, this info was ok. Please NEVER give your hamster a bath, this gives them a fatal disease called wettail. Hamsters can not swim- NEVER try this ,they will drown and die. I am getting a Teddy Bear (syrian hamster)for Christmas, and I srongly advise you not to buy cedar or pine bedding! Thanks for the info!

lol 6 years ago

this is some good advice thxx

anthony 6 years ago

nice info =} i have a long hair hamster he dosent bite at all even when he is mad

kendell99 6 years ago

i just got a long hair gray and white hamster .i named it fuz


BOOBOO 6 years ago

great site although NEVER put your hamster in a bathtub belive me. i have 7 dwarf hamsters.

dejanna166 6 years ago

i got a male hamster x-mas (2009)this is awesome info! thank you sooo much!!


No name:) 6 years ago

i just got my hamsters for christmas and i want to thank you for all this great advice. :)

milldom 6 years ago

were all of those hamsters yours?

dajanna166 6 years ago

my hamster(Larry) keeps eating its bedding! (GROSS! I KNOW!)

what do i do?!?

danjelina166 6 years ago

dejanna166 is my BFF (i know her from skool) we love herove hamster! He loves me (he bit me once) but i still love him! we both think hes the best hamster ever!

10jdubb 6 years ago

i might get one

Moonface 6 years ago

I just bought myself two pairs of hamsters, their names are YURI & YUKI, MISHA & MIHU... They are so lovable and I want to have them forever... I hope they don't die on me like my friends had.

Mimi 6 years ago

I am doing a 5 paragraph essey on hampsters and this site might hav most of what i need! thank you! thank you! thank you!

Alana Paul 6 years ago

I might get a hamster and my mom's making me write a report about hamsters so this is good info ... thanks

kari 6 years ago

wow this will help me when i get my haster! age 10

guuurl 6 years ago

im getting hamster tomorrow (: & im very excited thaanks for the infoo (:

tgayle276465 6 years ago

wow im just 11 yrs. old u know and

jillbill1212 6 years ago

Please be careful with the bathtub, She said they might start to sink once they get tired, THAT'S NOT GOOD, if you turn your back even for a second they could easily die. There very fragile and if mistreated WILL bite, ive owned over 10 over the years, mine all lived to their old age. A sink would be a much safer and easier choice. ALSO make sure when you take them out you be careful with them and watch them at all times, and don't leave their cage door open while there in it and then you walk away! THEY WILL ESCAPE (talking from personal experience also expert advice). A hamster is a very cute and rewarding pet, but they can get a deadly disease easily such as wet tail which is caused by dirty habitat or a wet cage (cant spread to humans or other animals obviously , we don't have a tail :)). There not the type to come snuggle in your hand and if they do then that's very rare, A guinea pig however would be a better choice if your talking about a snuggly small animal and there much less quick to bite, (when hamsters bite they draw blood and it can be very painful). BUT guineas are harder to take care of. Just think before you buy, a lot of people get the misconception that there easy pets because there so small, but that's not true. As with any animal, much love and care is required. please be responsible!

clare 6 years ago

I will try this stuff

secret 6 years ago


lav123 6 years ago

NEVER put your hamster in the bathtub cuz it will kill them. I swear, it killed my hamster, Sammy.

reganc 6 years ago

My sister and i want a hamster soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad.we might get one soon. hoooray!

Quinn carroll 6 years ago

Me and my sister reganc love hampsters. But our mom and dad

wont let us get a hampster.We are very mad at them. What

should we do ???????????????????????????????????????????????



Megan 6 years ago

This website helps VERY much :) I have wanted a hamster for soooo long and now I am studying them. I hope to get a teddy bear hamster... Thanks a lot :D

Stellcy 6 years ago

I was wondering how to do everyone of those things! Thank you very much your a life saver! Now i'll buy one.

shhhh 8-] 6 years ago

i checked on other websites and it says you shouldn't let it swim in your bath tub because they drown and DIE.

shhhh8-] 6 years ago

Hi, im back again. Thanks for the tips your a complete life saver.I showed this site to my mom & dad now they said they are buying me a hamster finally after saying no no no a thousand times bye bye

SAMANTHA R. 6 years ago

i love this website its helps me a lot i am getting 1 for my brithday (2010) april 10

quinncarroll 6 years ago

the cutest hampster of them all is the 5th big one .

Lana 6 years ago

I'm sorry but hamsters can drown and this isn't accurate information. For good information please go to a Humane Society website or buy a book on the subject.

Jesse 6 years ago

I have got 2 little dwarf hamsters SO CUTE!!!

beckey 6 years ago

i love what you said i wish you would put hpw to make homemade toy and stuff like that

szzzzzzzz 6 years ago

are u kidding? are u sure they can swimmmmmmm???they will drown and die!for sure believe me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

betheny 6 years ago

thankx for your help!

awsome me lol 6 years ago

im probabliy getting a hamter this wekendcant deside dwort or teddy bear

Andrew 6 years ago

very nice information. im getting a hamster in like a week and i just want to be prepared :(

beck 6 years ago

You can you use toilet roll tubes as toys, by the way. my hamster loves them but keep an eye out, they tend to rip them up in a short period of time. :)

i luv horses 6 years ago

i agree with nice girl. jessicaemm is a big fat meany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL U MEANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Princess Perfect 6 years ago

This is a very good advice..thanks Kristina!!hmm..i think this is a really good advice,but is the swimming thingy real??can they really swim?how bout if they sink then die??

and..What will happen they get bored

danielle 6 years ago

omgg cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a hamster and this site teached me about them but don't give them baths they like their smell and my lil cousin sprayed febreze on it though we smacked her lol

i got a hamster cocoa 6 years ago

gota hamster i named it cocoa im danielle the girl yeah

i got a hamster cocoa 6 years ago

here are good pets to get:bearded dragons guinea pigs hamsters cats dog (but if you get a cat or dog once you train them and they turn like seven you cant retrain them)but i think hamster are a good start i have one named cocoa endless cute its golden hehe

hamstergirl123 6 years ago

that's great i am soo looking forward for my hamster that i am getting for x-mas

Sarah.Brennan15 6 years ago

I have had many hamsters before. You have a lot of truthful and good information, but one thing is majorly WRONG. DO NOT GIVE HAMSTERS A BATH OR PUT THEM IN WATER.If you want to get them a bit clean, wipe them down with a damp cloth. Make sure it isn't to hot or to cold. The reason you should never give hamsters a bath is because they can clean themselves. They cannot swim, and will probably get VERY sick if you give them a bath!!!! Bye.

Music Mama 6 years ago

my daughter just got her first hamsters 4 days ago & this site was really useful thank you!

rosh roshi 6 years ago

thanks 4 the notes .....Now i know how to take care of my hamster well

rowan 6 years ago

my son's hamster was injured yesterday. broke his left hind leg. what should i do?

lol 6 years ago

i lov a hamster so freaken bad!!!!!

i have a hamster cocoa 6 years ago


kelsey 5 years ago

thx 4 the info lolz...btw that motorcycle wheel was awesome!

anonymous 5 years ago

Thanks for all the details, my friend. I'm planning on getting a hamster lately. =]

chantelle 5 years ago

i lovehamster s

Farah Azwin Zakaria 5 years ago

that hleped me a lot!!!!!!!

hyacinth 5 years ago

thanks a lot for the tips...it would really help me on how to care my hamster...thank you very much.

Hi 5 years ago

I am Getting a hamster in like a week I'm so excited and can't wait!!!

awesome 5 years ago

i luv hamsters thnx for the advise i also play everything on hamsters like ecobuddies (-^.^-)i also have three ham hams but now i have one

mia 5 years ago

i have hamsters and ur advice helped thanks

i llllllllloooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeee hamsters

hamtaro 5 years ago

i have 2 hamster any advice...........plssssssssssss

hashimocco profile image

hashimocco 5 years ago

how can i order one online for my hamster jerry!!!

Dogluver 5 years ago

I love ur website i used info on it to convince my parents to let me get one and i think i am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rowan 5 years ago

thanks for all the advice guys and i hope i get a hamster soon too.

WTF 5 years ago

Let your Hamster swim in the tub? that is the dumbest most dangerous thing you can do to a hamster. If you do wash a hamster use very little water I recommend a bowl and wet rag. Hamsters are not meant to be swimmers and they sniff when nervous and if they sink they could breath in water so DO NOT PUT YOUR HAMSTER IN DEEP WATER!

Michaela 5 years ago

well it depends , some hamsters can and some cant... but ive tried and only 1 out of both my hamsters can, but in my pet shop i found a hamster bath and sand that cleans them, so i would prefure that if your local pet shop has it

fank 5 years ago

that so cute hahahahahaHAHAHAHAH LOL :-)

kar lyn 5 years ago

cute pictures and i learn how goodv care of peter!(hamster)

hevelin 4 years ago

hello i'm findally getting my hamster C;

sarah 4 years ago

i'm not a grown up yet

lilly9997 4 years ago

thank you for helping me to take care of my hamster

wrongg 4 years ago

can i just tell you that your information regarding bathing your hamster is wrong! you could cause many hamsters to die by telling people to bathe there hamster as they catch chills very easily...you obviously didn't even research it before or even consulted a vet because you should NEVER bathe your hamster and if you do its only because they have got something poisenes on there fur that would harm them if they cleaned it themselves. in fact hamsters are very clean creatures as they have special cleaning fluids in there spit so when they lick themselves it removed dirt. if your hamster is smelling its because you are not cleaning the cage enough.

secondly another bit of your information that is wrong is that last bit about if they escape, in fact you SHOULD DEFINATLY NOT PUT YOUR CAGE OPEN ON THE FLOOR FOR THEM BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT BE THERE IN THE MORNING!!!! all that will happen is they will go to the cage in the night and take there bedding and food ect and then go back out into the room and use the bedding and food to keep themselves survivng out in the wild. you infact need to do this -http://www.hamstercentral.com/wiki/How_to_capture_...

now please do not give incorrect advise with out researching because you could of easily lead to hamsters dying :s

sierra green 4 years ago

I love hamsters they are so cute I am 8 and I am getting one tomarrow I am soooooooo exsited!!!!!!!!!!

hi 4 years ago

i think it is great advise but you are completely wrong about bathing them cos they cud die very very easily and you forgot to say what not to do with hamsters

tianna mckenzie 4 years ago

hamsters are very good pets for childern but they need to be age 8 and up to learn the real responsibility of taking care of hamsters. It was my birthday and I wanted a hamster I did get 1 she was a teddy bear her name was muffin and she died at 6 or 7 months old because I wasn't taking care of her properly I said I was ready but I wasn't now I'm getting another one and I know that I am ready cause I have learned the exprinces and I know I have to take responsibility.when I got muffin the lady at the pet store said that she bits I was really scared I wanted a nice hamster. but I have learned that the trick is just be paitent my cousin came to my house and just put her hand in the cage of course it was in the evening and cup her hand and all this time I have been scared. I also learned that wear gloves you never knew when your hamster might bite if this works then post a comment if not then just post a comment telling me it didn't work and I will give you another method I have lots

animallover 4 years ago

I have had a lot of hamsters and I have one now. Everything she said is true!

alice 4 years ago

very good info. my hamster0 use to stink but now he is not

Jade 4 years ago

I was told to never give a hamster a bath cuz it could get sick an also it could get stressed an get I'll .. I had a teddy Baer hamster and I had her for about a week she I gave her a lil bath and she also got "wet tail" an died for the illness

abbygale 4 years ago

Thanks for the info. But I also was told you can't put a hamster in the tub bacause it will cause them to die. and get wet tail.

ally ducan 4 years ago

hamsters are great

charlotte 4 years ago

emm take on 2 girls i hade a hampster i hade her 4 to yrs but she died cose she was so skaerd of her night mayor :(::::: but take on aq girl there the best 1 thx

Daniel 4 years ago

Cool hamsters.

shayonna 4 years ago

they are so cute. thanks for the advice on how to take care of a hamster

logan 4 years ago


Julia 4 years ago

thanks i needed this!

snickers 4 years ago

this info helped me a lot thanks

Miss Beauty-OMG Girls 4 years ago

this stuff helps a lot.

Miss Beauty-OMG girls 4 years ago

im gettin a hamster for my birthday.thanks for the tips on hamsters.

isabella 4 years ago

I want to really get a hamster but my dad does not. I want one for christmas. That would be my only present

hope 3 years ago

my hamster's are cute but one climbs the bars its mentil

cody drye 3 years ago

thanks i lerned a lot. thanks vary much

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