Why Does My Pekingese Smell So Bad?

There are several reasons that your Pekingese may stink, but they are, luckily, all preventable and treatable.

Good question!  A Pekingese is such a beautiful and lovable breed, but underneath all that pomp and circumstance (and hair), often lies malodorous scents that you likely don’t care for at all – and that can clear a room from a hundred yards.  No matter. You can get rid of the stink so that you can enjoy your little Pek to the fullest. 

Hygiene to Avoid Pekingese Smell

The Pekingese is a brachycephalic breed, which is a long word that basically just means that the Pek has eyes that bulge and folds of fat around their face.  You will need to wipe the Pek’s eyes twice each day, morning and evening to take care of stinky fluid that can leak out of the eyes. If anything builds up or dries in the eye area, use a warm, moist compress to soften it so that it can be removed. 

You also need to wipe around the Pek’s muzzle, and around her lips.  If these areas are not maintained properly, the Pek can develop moist pyoderma.  A moist, warm cloth works best for Pek hygiene. 

Pekingese can also have horrible breath, even at a young age. In younger dogs, this is likely from the teething process, which causes a bad odor.  If this is the case, you can actually brush your Pek’s teeth, being sure to get the deeper parts of the mouth where most of the odor (and tartar) originates. 

As with any odor issue, your veterinarian is your best source to turn to. Your vet can recommend specialized products that can rid your Pekingese of its bad smell for good.  


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