Why hamsters make great first pets for children

Herbie eating
Herbie eating | Source
Herbies decked out house
Herbies decked out house | Source

A Great Pet for Young Children

Let's face it all children want a pet and some parents just can't see having a dog or cat because we all know that we will end up taking care of them.

So what do you do when your child wants a pet, but you don't want one that is high maintenance? A great choice is a hampster out of every pet a child could have.

First of all they are inexpensive to keep. Between food and bedding you are talking about ten dollars a month or maybe fifteen if you buy treats. With the new hampster bedding they have out now, they really do not smell and you only have to change the cage weekly or every other week if you wish too.

Hampsters are wonderful creatures to watch as they build their nest, move their things around where the want them and make piles of bedding to hide in. Herbie our hampster is a little spoiled because he has more things in his cage to occupy him then he really needs.

Most hampsters cost around 13.00 dollars and the cages usually run anywhere from 30 to 75 dollars depending on how much of a hampster condo you really want them to have.

When you go in the pet store you always see half eaten plastic houses and do you know why they do that? Because they dont feed them what they like. Our hampster has never chewed on anything in his habitat.

Hampsters eat a mixture of nuts, dried fruits and pellets. They love banana chips and they really are cost effective pets. It will teach your children responsibility but at the same time let them enjoy having a pet.

Hampsters are nocturnal and love to run in their wheels at night so make sure you get a squeak proof wheel.

So what do you need to keep a hampster.

A cage preferably glass because they do like to chew. A water bottle that is up high enough so they can stand on their paws to drink. A house to hide in and a food bowl. Hampster bedding is about 7 dollars for a large bag and it will last for several changes because it makes a lot once out of the bag. Oh my I almost forgot the wheel. They have to have a wheel to run in. Do you know in one night a hampster can run five miles?

Hampsters and mice are a delight for children. They are smart, will take food from your hand and become very personable after time with them. Herbie is smart and very easy to care for. So if you want a pet for your children but don't want all the hassle a hampster can be your childs best friend.

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