Why my Bearded Dragon is Awesome


My bearded dragon is a little over 17 inches long, and over 6 years old. While in his early years he had lots of energy, today he lays around and does a bunch of nothing! He does have a great personality and loves to romp outside on a warm, sunny day.

Growing up I developed a fascination with the fantasy creature best known as the "Dragon." This creature appears across the world and throughout history in stories, drawings, and myths of a vast array of societies. Specifically, I love the lizard-like dragons over the serpent dragons any day.

The bearded dragon is native to Australia, and my particular "beardy" is a rare breed known as a "Lawson's Dragon," probably after the first person to discover the breed. Lawson's dragons are best known for keeping higher energy levels later in life, and overall being healthier than the beardies found most often in pet stores and exotic pet shows.


My lizard is SO goofy! He constantly makes me laugh with his crazy lizard antics. The picture above with the piece of leaf on his head, he did that by himself! He was eating and somehow got that on top of his head. He LOVES anything green. If I let him roam around the house or on my desk and he sees something green, he tries to eat it. He's great with everybody and rarely gets upset enough to show off his beard. He's kind of a brat when it comes to going outside though. Once he is out there, he does NOT want to come back in. That's usually the worst behavior I ever get out of him.

Mostly, I just love him to death! He is the first pet I have ever owned since moving away from home. My mother was not an animal person so we never had dogs or cats growing up. Now I have Braille and my adorable Chiweenie Buddy who is now my first doggie! I love my babies!

Nice and warm in here
Nice and warm in here
Feed Me!
Feed Me!


Bearded Dragon being a bum!
Bearded Dragon being a bum!
He's a big pig!
He's a big pig!

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AliciaC profile image

AliciaC 5 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

I loved the photos of Braille. I don't know much about bearded dragons, so it was interesting to see the pictures of your pet and to read the information in your hub.

profile image

Ghost32 5 years ago

That is one cool lizard!

Voted up and across.

DavyJones02 profile image

DavyJones02 5 years ago from Netherlands

Wow nice pet! Makes my cat look a little boring...

Voted up and awesome!

manthy profile image

manthy 5 years ago from Alabama,USA

WOW - It sure looks awesome

Nice hub - Voted up

TattooKitty profile image

TattooKitty 5 years ago from Hawaii

Gotta love the reptiles!!! I really like the name Braille too ;) Nice hub & great pictures- the lettuce-head one is so cute!!

Hhh 5 years ago

Bearded deagons put green food on their heads when they are constantly abused. Notice the picture with his mouth open. Sign of aggression. He was scratching the cage to get out. They do that when they want 911 called. Shame on you

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