10 Best Digital (Digi) Stamp Companies of 2010

Digital, or as they are more commonly referred to, “digi” stamps, are stamps that can be saved to your computer and printed on the paper of your choice. They are increasingly popular to their nature, price tag and ability to be resized and customized to fit your needs.

If you’ve never used digi stamps before, you can start by downloading free digi images. Visit my Free Digi Stamps hub for information on where to find these “freebies.” If you decide you like this new form of art stamping, here are some of the best digi stamp companies out there. Some of these companies even host weekly or monthly challenges with prizes for paper crafters to really get your creativity flowing. This list was generated based on online polls and SEO research over a 3-month period. They are not listed in any particular order!

Mo's Digital Pencil Shop

If you are a digi stamper and haven’t acquatined yourself with Mo’s Digital Pencil Shop yet, you’re in for a wonderful treat. Mo’s Digital Pencil Shop is one of the most popular digi stamps shops out there. Maureen Manning, talented artist and creator, is a children’s book author and illustrator who has brought her characters to life in the form of digis.Though Mo’s does not have a vast selection of categories, with most of the digi stamps being of her human characters, there is an extensive catalog of stamps that cover any possible occasion you could possibly ever be looking for.

Free stamps: Periodic free stamps are available on Facebook or through Mo’s Paper Craft Planet group.

Challenges: Yes

Sassy Cheryl's

Sassy Cheryl’s is another high-quality digi shop with many different categories for all of your projects. This very large catalog of stamps covers a multitude of themes such as everyday items, holidays, special occasions and children – all with a big of whimsy and “sass!” Sassy Cheryl’s stamps are available in standard black and white line art, as well as in pre-colored format.

Free stamps: No

Challenges: Yes

Digi Stamp Boutique

Digi Stamp Boutique was the first shop I ever bought a digi stamp from, so they hold a special place in my heart. Digi Stamp Boutique advertises their stamps a “simple and trendy” and they couldn’t be more spot-on. The images are wonderful for coloring and make perfect additions to greeting cards and scrapbook albums. You’ll especially fall in love with their whimsical characters.

Free stamps: Yes

Challenges: Yes

Bugaboo Stamps

If you are looking for fun and humorous digi stamps for your paper-crafting projects, Bugaboo Stamps is your one-stop shop. Bugaboo Stamps has hysterical digi stamps with sentiments that make them even funnier. These stamps work especially well with greeting cards because there seems to be a stamp available for any occasion. And if that's not enough, the customer service is fabulous and the artist and owner is a complete joy to work with!

Free stamps: Yes

Challenges: Yes

Sew Many Cards

Sew Many Cards features adorable characters and creatures hand-drawn by the talented artist, Angela Doescher. Over 1,000 digi stamps are available in the shop and feature adorable characters and animals. Sew Many Cards also runs a VIP membership club where members pay a monthly fee to receive free stamps and special deals.

Free stamps: Yes

Challenges: Yes

The Stamping Boutique

The Stamping Boutique offers a wide range of digi stamps with a very distinct look and feel to them. They are all drawn by talented artist Tracey Malnofski, with most being on the whimsical side. All stamps are very reasonably priced.

Free stamps: No

Challenges: No

Michelle Perkett Studio

Michelle Perkett is a talented artist who showcases her talents in the form of digi stamps. Categories for her gorgeous stamps include mermaids, holidays, special occasions, children, animals and magical characters. Her stamps are easy to color and make great additions to paper crafting projects.

Free stamps: Yes

Challenges: Yes

Meljen Designs

Melissa Jenkins is the talented artist of Meljen's Designs which offfers very popular digi stamps sold through the Wimsy Stamps store. Stamps include cute and whimsical characters, adorable and cuddly animals, kids and more.

Free stamps: Yes

Challenges: Yes

Phindy's Place

Philomena O'Neill is an illustrator who has brought her characters to life at Phindy's Place. Digi stamps include children, animals, magical characters and occasions, all with a bit of whimsy, and feature the very popular Mr. Brown and Mrs. Comfy characters.

Free stamps: No

Challenges: Yes


Squigglefly makes the top 10 list simply because they offer a TON of digi stamps from many different artists. This means that the diversity of stamps and styles is endless, so you're bound to find something you like! Squigglefly also has wonderful customer service and even provides tutorials to help you along. That, coupled with the rewards program Squigglefly offers are just two more reasons to check out this great digi shop!

Free stamps: Yes

Challenges: Yes

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flint3099 profile image

flint3099 6 years ago

Great resources here. You found some great sites for digital stamps. I also love your free digi stamps hub.

Kaitlyn W. 6 years ago

Thanks for posting this info. I have bought from a few of these companies and Squigglefly is far and away the best!

Their prices are so cheap compared to the rubber stamps I've purchased and they have been more than responsive to questions I had on some of the images.

In my opinion Squigglefly should be in the #1 position!

Wanda 6 years ago

First off I have to correct you in that you say digitals are rubber stamps you can save to your computer - they are NOT rubber. Second I think it's pretty crappy of you to say that you are not a fan of a company yet you have not ever purchased anything from them and you give no reason as to why you are not a fan.

I have personally bought from all of the companies you listed and Squigglefly's customer service is EXCELLENT. They have a ton of tutorials to help you learn how to do things you might not know you can do with digi stamps, and their rewards program lets you earn free digis. Maybe you should try them before you blast them!

StarryNightsDiva profile image

StarryNightsDiva 6 years ago from Wethersfield, CT Author

Wanda, I have made your suggested correction. I did not mean rubber stamps literally, however if it is causing some confusion, I'd rather eliminate "rubber" all together. Thanks for that.

Secondly, it was never my intention to "blast" a company. Not really sure why you'd think that since they made my top 10 list. I simply said that I've never bought a stamp from them yet, not that I didn't intend to in the future. Again, I have made a correction to reflect that as it was definitely taken in a way I did not mean for it to come off.


Saroni 6 years ago

Wanda, I want to thank you for posting this list. I am a "digi-holic" and using digital images is light years beyond rubber stamping for so many reasons.

For whatever my opinion is worth, Squigglefly is head and shoulders above the other companies you listed, and believe me, I have tried them all.

Squigglefly has hundreds of digi images and I find new stuff to use every time I go there.

I hope everyone will give digi art a try and see how easy and inexpensive it is to be creative and fulfulling. Thanks for letting me share this.

Jess 6 years ago

Great list but I am surprised Squigglefly is not #1 too!

StarryNightsDiva profile image

StarryNightsDiva 6 years ago from Wethersfield, CT Author

They're in no particular order! :)

Cheryl 6 years ago

I just wanted to thank you for including me in the list. What an honor.

Paulette 6 years ago

I have tons of digi stamps and lots of free ones every day on my blog.


Tracey Malnofksi 6 years ago

I'm totally honored to be on this list. I'm an artist for Squigglyfly as well as the owner/artist of The Stamping Boutique. I also draw rubber stamps for UnityStampCo.

Thanks so much for putting this list together.


Dianna 6 years ago

Congratulations to all the talented digital stamp artists: specifically, Melissa Jenkins!! I am proud to be on the Design Team for Meljen's Designs!

Melissa 'meljen' Jenkins 6 years ago

Thank you so much for featuring my digis on this list! I am honored to have made top 10 along with so many talented companies...and yes, I do offer tons of freebies (to anyone that was wondering). I am sure many of these other companies do too. :-)

Again thank you very much!

Jan Hunnicutt 6 years ago

Wow, this is really neat Alissa! Thanks for posting this, I'm on the Bug A Boo Stamps, Michelle Perkett Studio and Stamping Boutique design teams and I must say the owner/artists are fabulous to work for! I'm proud to be on their teams and love their images!

Michelle Perkett 6 years ago

Thank you for adding me to your ten best list! Quite an honor to be among these talented artists! I also design for The Angel Company and FairySong Art Stamps. Thank you so much for giving Michelle Perkett Studio such a great "shout out" I really appreciate it!

Michelle Perkett

Ken 5 years ago

Your articles on

"10 Best Digi Stamp Companies of 2010" and

"Free Digi Stamps" are extremely well done and very informative.

I especially like the "Squigglefly" site and have done a lot of business with them. They are excellent.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to put out such useful and educational information concerning these topics.

Well done, StarryNightsDiva

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