10 Crafty Blogs To Inspire and Teach You!

There are millions of blogs out there, some about personal journeys, others about life experiences and lots about arts and crafts! Blogs can inspire and teach you things you've always wanted to learn. Whether it be learning to knit or crochet, or make a necklace with some beads you have had lying around. Blogs are the perfect way to find the your inner "creative child". I have listed 10 craft blogs that will inspire and teach you. If you are a crafter (or not) then check these blogs out!

  1. Bakerella - a cool blog on all kinds of cool and neat recipes! This one offers giveaways!
  2. Cuteable - lists all things handmade from different crafters - crafters are able to send the author pics of their own handcrafted items to have them appear on the blog! Pretty cool!
  3. Make and Takes - offers great ideas for home projects, kids crafts, decor and recipes
  4. Dollar Store Crafts - offers crafters with not alot of disposable income to make crafts for pennies. I particulary love this one!
  5. The Purl Bee - if you are interested in knitting and crocheting, this is the site for you! Filled with awesome advice and projects you are sure to enjoy!
  6. Totally Turorials - this site offers just about any craft your heart desires, from knitting and crocheting to ow to create glow in the dark jars! Interesting!
  7. Blog Catalog - not many tutorials or how-to's on this site but lots of inspiration from other crafters!
  8. Chocolate Room - a blog about crafts and family!
  9. Gem Gossip - offers all sorts of blogs about jewelry!
  10. How to Make Jewelry - random blog about jewelry and how to articles

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marellen 5 years ago

All very useful information. Thank you for sharing.

sassyabby1 profile image

sassyabby1 5 years ago from ATL Author

Thank you! I will be posting more soon! There is a plethera of information out there!

Lyn.Stewart profile image

Lyn.Stewart 5 years ago from Auckland, New Zealand

Bakerella is one of my favs and I ofter make cake pops for different occasions. voted up and useful

sassyabby1 profile image

sassyabby1 5 years ago from ATL Author

Hi Lyn! I love this site as well and use it for the very same thing withthe kids - the cake pops! Thank you for the votes! :)

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