10 Fall Leaf Activities

Fall leaves + children = FUN!!! Any kid, parent, or teacher knows this equation. Here are some simple tips for enjoying fall leaves, no matter what your age.

Photo by author
Photo by author

#1: Jump

Rake a pile of leaves together and jump in them, or go tromping through the leaves where they are piled the thickest. See who can make the leaves go the highest.

#2: Be a leaf

Dance, with or without music, in a swaying motion like you are a leaf ready to drop. Then, depict dropping from the tree to the ground. Especially fun with scarves.

#3: Paint a leaf/Paint with leaf colors

This activity can be done in a variety of ways.

  • Brush paint lightly on a leaf and use the leaf to make impressions on a piece of paper
  • Look at a leaf and try to paint what you see (or draw what you see)
  • Use leaf colors in an imaginative painting
  • Paint a tree, then use leaf colors to paint leaves onto it
  • Cut out leaf shapes, then use leaf colors to paint them

#4: Make a bouquet

Find beautiful leaves and make a bouquet of them, then put it in a vase (no water).

#5: Make a placemat

Supplies: construction paper in a solid color (white, black, or yellow work best), clear contact paper, a variety of leaves

  • Position the leaves on the construction paper, with a dot of glue if necessary
  • Fold the contact paper over the front (or both sides, if decorating both sides) and fold the edges down

This is great for Halloween parties, Thanksgiving school dinners, etc.

#6: Do a rubbing

Put your leaf under a piece of paper (not too dark a color unless you're using a white crayon). Take a peeled crayon and rub over the paper where the leaf is. The raised veins of the leaf will show darker than the flat parts.

#7: Mobile

This can be done with any of the paper leaf crafts here.

  • Do your leaf craft
  • Cut it out
  • Use a hole punch to punch one hole
  • Thread a string through each of the holes in the leaves, tying them on the string with knots
  • Attach an unbent clothespin to the end
  • Hang your mobile up

You can also add painted straws for more tiers.

#8: Go on a color walk

While on a walk through a forest of fall leaves, see how many colors you can see, and/or how many color variations.

#9: Take a photo

Even young children can do amazing things with cameras. Get your camera, or a disposable one, and take pictures of the fall leaves you see on your nature walk or just walking around. Then you can make a collage, school bulletin board, photo album, or cards with them.

#10: Write a poem

Gather some leaves, and follow the steps to write a simple "senses" poem about them.

  • First line: Name of object/season/etc.
  • Second line: Two nouns associated with the first line
  • Third line: Three -ing verbs associated with the first line
  • Fourth line: Two adjectives associated with the first line
  • Fifth line: One synonym of the first line

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Feline Prophet profile image

Feline Prophet 8 years ago from India

Wish we had Fall in India! :)

KT pdx profile image

KT pdx 8 years ago from Vancouver, WA, USA Author

I could send you some fall leaves. My uncle does that for two of his friends who live in Guam; he sends them a box of fall leaves every year.

Feline Prophet profile image

Feline Prophet 8 years ago from India

Hehe...that's a sweet thought!

Karen Ellis profile image

Karen Ellis 8 years ago from Central Oregon

I love fall leaves. In fact my favorite season is fall. Great and fun ideas.

KT, I live in central Oregon in a rural area outside of Terrebonne (45 minutes north of Bend) I also love knitting, sewing and rubberstamping. We have a lot in common.

Moon Daisy profile image

Moon Daisy 8 years ago from London

That's a lovely hub. It's given me some nice ideas to try. We're going to collect some leaves and try out the mobile one next week!

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