65 Creative, Crafty Blogs to Inspire and Inform you!

Blogs can be a great source of information and inspiration. A good blog provides a visual as well as text-based way to learn something new and get fresh ideas. Here are 65 great blogs that you’ll like if you’re interested in learning new crafty, creative things.

1. {frolic!}. An online inspiration board blog that has been created by an event planner. So fun!

2. 52 Weeks, 52 Hats. A knitting blog where one hat is made per week and shown off to you as a reader. It’s fun to see the creative path develop here each week!

3. 6th Street Design School. This smart interior design blog is not only information but also beautiful.

4. A Bag of Olives. This is a blog that is primarily about knitting, great for people who are specifically interested in that craft.

5. A Bit of This and a Bit of That. This is a blog that is a bit about crafting and a bit about Montessori education, an interesting creative combination!

6. A Feathered Nest. Just a really beautiful blog!

7. A Knitting Knerd. Another great blog for people who like the craft of knitting.

8. A Lemon Squeezy Home. A tutorial-rich sewing blog. If you enjoy crafting and specifically sewing then you will find little treasures here.

9. A Little Sussy. This is the blog of a San Francisco Bay Area photographer who takes beautiful pictures of super cute kids.

10. A Little Sweetness. A quilting and sewing blog filled with photos of cute things.

11. A Morning Cup of Jo. This is a blog about amigurumi, a type of crochet in which the maker creates super cute little animal/ creature items.

12. A Pretty Cool Life. This craft blog is primarily about sewing although it features other things as well.

13. A Subtle Revelry. A blog about celebrating variety of different types of events.

14. Aaaandreaaaa's Creative Memories. Blog about family, creativity, fabric yo-yos and crochet. Creative combo!

15. AbiKnits. Abigail is a knitter who also writes about spinning and dyeing so this blog is about many aspects of a fiber lover’s life.

16. Accidental Knitter. A crochet-friendly knitter’s lovely blog.

17. Adoption: Raising Sophie. A blog about being an adoptive parent, something that requires creativity in a different way!

18. Affiknitty. This knitting blog has some terrific posts about yarn.

19. Affiknitty. Another knitting blog great for people who enjoy the craft.

20. AG Mode. This is a crafty blog that gives almost equal attention to knitting and crochet, both popular needlearts.

21. Alice’s Bucket List. The inspiring bucket list blog of a 15 year old girl living with terminal cancer.

22. Alisa Burke: Creativity Redefined. An inspiration blog filled with gorgeous photos of beautiful inspiring art and other things. Love this one!

23. All Tangled Up. There are quite a few creative knitting blogs out there and this is another one!

24. Alyoops. This is a blog by an artistic college student who shares her art including her knit work.

25. Amy A La Mode. Terrific quilting blog! Who doesn’t love a good blog about modern quilting?!

26. Amy’s Body Decor. A blog about the work of a jewelry designer, something that is really fun to learn more about!

27. Ana Paula's Amigurumi Patterns and Crochet Cuteness. Another blog showing off cute little crochet creatures.

28. Anna Maria Horner. This craft blog emphasizes posts about family, quilting and sewing.

29. Annette Petavy Design. A French-English crochet design blog, great for people who are inspired not only by crochet but also by the French language!

30. Another: The Eighth Day. The name doesn’t necessarily let you know it but this is another fun knitting blog.

31. Apartment Therapy. This popular design blog is a great source of inspiration for creative people who want interior design and DIY ideas for apartments.

32. Art as Life. A freelance graphic designer's great art and inspiration blog. So neat to see what inspires other creative people!

33. Artistic Inclinations. A photo-rich blog by an Etsy seller who creates amazingly adorable work for kids.

34. Ask the Bellwether. A lovely yarn seller who does a variety of posts that are great for people who love crafting with fiber!

35. Attic24. Lots of colorful crochet posts and inspiring ideas for people who like to crochet.

36. Auntie Jenn's Kitties. This blog is updated infrequently but shares heartfelt posts about the healing benefits of crafting, which is an important topic for a lot of creative people!

37. Autumn Geisha. This beautiful crafty blog features a lot of knitting but also includes other types of crafts as well.

38. Beadlizard. This blog is clearly about beadwork but it also includes crafty inspiration for people who like knitting and sewing.

39. Being Careful Not to Twist. This is another blog that is great for people who are inspired by conversations about knitting!

40. Berroco Design Studio Blog. This is the blog of the yarn company by the same name so it’s great for crafters who love yarn.

41. Bingo Buttercup Crafts. Really fun crafty blog!

42. Botanical Bird. This is a blog related to gardening and nature-inspired jewelry. There’s definitely something creative and inspiring about that!

43. Brandon and Marilee. This is a blog about one family. Sometimes it’s neat to see how people take creative approaches to everyday life.

44. Brooklyn Tweed. This is the blog of a knitwear designer who has created an artisanal wool line for knitters.

45. Caitlin Wilson Design. An interior designer's blog showing off her different sources of inspiration and ideas for her work.

46. Califonia Pixton Family. Another family blog that might inspire you!

47. California Crafters Blog on Etsy. This is a group of Etsy artisans all from California who collectively showcase their work on the blog. Fun!

48. Carina Gardner. This is a blog that is all about sewing.

49. Carole Knits. As the name suggests, this is another knitting blog.

50. Cascade Yarns. The yarn blog links to patterns and announcements in knitting and crochet from the company of the same name.

51. Cast On. This is not just a knitting blog – it’s a knitting podcast.

52. Cats and Casseroles. A blog about cooking that includes various types of recipes.

53. CGOA Blog. Blog of the Crochet Guild of America. Great way to keep track of different events and news in crochet.

54. Charts for Charity. Free patterns for various crafts intended for people who want to create items for charity. Very inspiring ideas here!

55. Chez Beeper Bebe. Cute handmade stuff with a "projects to download" section for people who want to get hands-on with crafting once they’ve been inspired.

56. Chillibibi. A cooking blog.

57. Chocolate Room. A blog about family and crafts.

58. Cirque de Bebe. Very pretty Australian blog celebrating handmade and thrifted items. Who isn’t inspired by pretty stuff!

59. Claire Gets Crafty. This is a craft blog that emphasizes crochet as a main craft.

60. Claudia’s Blog. This blog is great for yarn lovers. It’s about spinning yarn as well as knitting with yarn.

61. Clover Lane. A craft-friendly Mom's blog that provides another voice in the crafting world.

62. Cluck Cluck Sew. This crafting blog is mostly about sewing and quilting.

63. Cole’s Corner and Creations. This fun blog combines two great creative things: baking and sewing!

64. Comfort Creatures. Susan shares her amigurumi work on this blog with lovely photo-rich posts.

65. Cole’s Corner and Creations. A crafty blog rich in sewing and baking posts.

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Awesome craft sites ....really it would be useful ti me ...very interesting

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Thanks for adding my blog to your hub! Crafty folks are so kind.

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Ronna Pennington 4 years ago from Arkansas

I love the puzzle pocket I saw on Cluck Cluck Sew. Thanks for sharing. I'd have never seen it otherwise.

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Many interesting links or should I say, ALL! Thank you and am bookmarking this hub of yours.

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Bookmarking!!! Thanks for sharing this with with all of us who are into crafts- not only a great list but so many new seeds have been planted. It's always refreshing to see what others are out there doing!

thanks again & I'm looking so forward to reading more of your articles!

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Simone Smith 5 years ago from San Francisco

A bunch of these are entirely new to me. Nice!

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Thanks for mentioning my blog in the list! Very kind of you :)

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Hello, hello, 5 years ago from London, UK

Thanks for all these information. Any idea which ones oare doing better than others?

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Wow what a great resource for finding new blogs to do with crafts. I have bookmarked this because I want to check out all these blogs.

I love crafts and my sister is an avid knitter so she will be getting this hub url emailed to her too.

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Super List!

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Glad you stopped in the "C's!" What would one do with no blogs? Flag up and interesting!

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I'm bookmarking this one, too! I'm especially curious about "Cats and Casseroles." And I have a friend who might be interested in the quilting sites. Nice hub!

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