Life in Luncheon of the boating party.

Le djeuner des canotiers by Renoir
Le djeuner des canotiers by Renoir

Art is a reflection of life sometimes in an ideal way. Luncheon on the boating party is one of those paintings I would want to live in. There is so much warmth, dynamic and light.

Sometimes I wish that life was as simple as any of Renoir's paintings, where you feel that all is about laughter, dance and having fun. Pain,sorrow or even death do not exist.

Renoir had often painted people detached of their usual backgrounds, he painted people enjoying themselves in ballrooms, boats, restaurants, etc. The kind of surroundings in which people went specifically to have a good time.

Luncheon on the boating party shows 14 different characters playing a different part(fifteen if you count the dog). A young woman playing with her dog, other people are flirting, speaking, drinking and just enjoying the moment. All of them were friends from Renoir and posing to help him.

This painting is so full of air, light and water. Renoir makes the viewer feel the summer and be part of this wonderful moment, frozen in time. It's interesting the background is so undefined, only the people and close object seemed to be really present.

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hafeezrm profile image

hafeezrm 5 years ago from Pakistan

Nice hub, full of information. The painting itself is awesome.

LorenAyBe profile image

LorenAyBe 5 years ago from Belgium Author

Thanks. I agree with you, it is an awesome painting.

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