Dark Horizon

dark horizon

Dark Horizon

Wedged between light and dark;

Vised between reason and emotion;

The balance is unattainable.

Emotion, the thief of common sense,

Creates a blinding illusion,

Obscuring the clarity of logical insight.

Reason, fiery and emphatic,

Pierces through the darkness,

Even if only, a streak of gold light,

Brilliant and vivid,

Seen with effort but yet visible.


Is a double-sided form,

A soft and caring lamb on one side,

And a fierce and passionate lion on the other.


Though sometimes a ice-encrusted rock,

Still attains one shape;

One identity, one perception.

A soul...

Labored to emotional exhaustion,

Must strive to see the sunset of reason

On reality's dark horizon.

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Bren 5 years ago

Lovely, whistful, a little sad perhaps, but filled with lovely imagery. As per usual, your writing is fabulous!

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