Corel Draw Shaping tools Tutorial (weld,trim,intersect ,etc)

Shaping options is one of the most important options you are going to use when drawing in Corel draw, This tutorial is going to help you understand shaping options, what are they used for, and how to use them.


This option allows you combine objects together, it's really helpful when you need to draw a complicated shape which consists of simpler shapes combined together.

To use weld, first you have to draw two objects at least, now select the two objects using pick tool, or by holding SHIFT keyboard key, then press the weld button as shown above (the shaping options will not appear until you select two objects), this is going to result a new combined object, and is going to take the last select object's color.


Trim is used for removing unnecessary parts of objects.

To trim, select the objects in this order 1.trimmer 2.object to be trimmed, then click on the Trim option.


Intersect is one of the options I like, it`s like two objects got married and then, they had a baby.

Other shaping options

Also you can try other shaping options in Corel draw, try Simplify, front minus back, back minus front, or create an object that surrounds the selected objects (I think they should find shorter name).

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bob:) 5 years ago

this was really fun!!

katielyn SP :D :D 5 years ago

this program is fun

Reet 5 years ago

we can see very gud tools in this website.

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