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My own personal drawing
My own personal drawing

Drawing Intro

 Drawing. Everyone does it, even if its just sketching, doodling on some math homework, or going full out sketch ink then color. I've been drawing my whole life, and I've had some friends of mine ask me for help and how I became so good at it. Well first obvious peice of advice is PRACTICE. Start with something simple, such as a butterfly, and work from that. Now onto some helpful advice.

How should I start a drawing?

 Thats always a big question. The best thing to do would be to use a very light (not too light that you can barely see it) pencil and do a quick outline. For drawing people, try using a stick figure as the base. Then when you're happy with the pose, start adding the outline of the body using the stick figure as a guide. This same technique can also be used to help draw horses, dragons and any other animal. Once you get the pose you want for your animal, add the body outline. Now if you aren't very familiar with the way the body looks of the certain animal your drawing, look up a reference picture of the animal. Every animal has its own shape, unless you wanna get creative and make your own thats fine too. In the next section I shall explain reference images.

References: Is it copying?

 Reference is not copying, unless you trace it, then thats copying. The image above is my own personal drawing that I used a reference for. Many people who like to draw fanart for their favorite animes or video games usually find different reference pictures to help them get the hair, eyes, or body right. But a reference picture can be for anything you wanna draw, from cars and motorcycles to horses and anime characters. When drawing vehicles is when you might need more then one reference picture, as for a horse you would only need one depending on the type your drawing. Details are very important when doing a drawing but those usually come last, along with the shading. Both of those shall be explained below.

Shading and Details: Is it too much?

Ah my favorite part of drawing, adding details and shading. Depending on the drawing, there is no such thing as too much detail. Dragon drawings, or any kind of reptile, have tons of details due to all the scales and wrinkles. Details are wrinkles, scales, outfit patterns, lines in armor, and more. As for shading, there can be too much. The picture above has the right amount of shading, but I've seen drawings where shading takes it over and takes away from the beauty of the actual art. Although on certain drawings, shading is all it needs to look amazing, People who draw horses usually use shading to show the muscles. If you have ever seen a horse, then you know how much shadows are really on their body. Shading also adds shadows to parts of the human face and body, but depending on if your drawing anime or realistic, the shadows may be different.

Black and White or Color?

 This is mainly the choice of the artist. Color can be traditional (colored pencils or crayons) or digital (photoshop or tablet). I prefer black and white, which just means you use a black ink pen and instead of having shadows, you use the black ink to make it look very interesting. It can give any innocent looking picture and very creepy look to it. When doing black and white, you start out by sketching out your drawing, inking the outline, then using a pencil you mark out where you want the shadows, then use a black ink pen and color in the outlines you did.  Coloring is a bit more complicated, but not too complicated. When coloring, you usually have to use different shades to get a shadow effect to add some realism to your drawing. Like having the base color a light green and using a darker green to creat shadows.

Edit Overs: the WRONG way to make art

 This is a very touchy subject but is a must to go over. I want you to think for a minute. You just drew this amazing picture, and say you upload it to a website. Then a couple days later you see that someone has taken your art and painted over it and claims it as theirs. How would you feel? Sadly, alot of people do this. They use everything from anime screenshots to other peoples art. They use others hard work as their own, never giving credit or saying where they got the original image. And their only excuse, 'I cant draw to save my life'. Anyone who says that means that they didn't even try. I've seen it too many times and its rediculous. I mean just go to photobucket and type in 'anime OC' and you will see just how many screenshots are edited over to look like these 'original characters'. Not really original if you ask me.

My scanner sucks
My scanner sucks

Did it help?

 Now that you have read all this, does it help even a little? From using stick people to help you make a pose, to shading and shadows, and finally to color. Sadly i could not give anytips on how to draw better hands cause I am still trying to figure that out. Hope you enjoyed reading this and learning some different ways to start drawing.

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thaiqr profile image

thaiqr 5 years ago from Corpus Christi

Interesting article. Kind of want to go out and draw now.

RachaelLefler profile image

RachaelLefler 5 years ago from Illinois

I would say drawing hands is like drawing anything. You have to practice it a lot to be good and I would use your own hands in a mirror or a picture of hands. If you just look down at your own hands though you'll mess up because your drawing is usually a person who's facing you.

I made squares in graph paper one time and just drew 64 little pictures of hands about 5x5 cm each. Flip through your favorite manga and chances are you'll see a good hand pose to use too, one where the hand is important to the shot because it's being used to gesture, to display the character's emotion, or to hold something like a drink. I think fists and gripping hands are the hardest.

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