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Changing Times
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At this point in my life I am certainly not a senior citizen (no offence to any who are) but even at my age I feel that since a child I have felt that art is dying. Whether rendered obsolete by technology or simply social change many art forms I knew as a child and teenager have lost their audience and possibly their spark altogether.

As a teenager I wrote a large novel and in my late teens to early twenties I went on book tours and many other promotional events to gain recognition and basically have my novel sold. I had secured a deal with a publisher and did make money from it, very good money for someone of that age group. During that few years I came to understand that it was a lot of work to sell a book.

The audiences that once purchased books have aged and have been replaced by a young new set of consumers that were much more interested in the immediacy of a product. For instance when they listen to a song it comes and goes in a few minutes and it must be exciting throughout or it is deleted. Instead of reading books many simply want to see the film, it is easier and uses less time. Art and crafts in general have been eradicated as factories have for quite awhile been pumping out sculptures, and many other trinkets that used to have to be hand carved. Things that used to be unique have become inexpensive faux artifacts.

Even now as I approach 30 I feel that the times have passed me by. I enjoyed computer games in the 1990s that wanted you to use your mind, solve puzzles. I enjoy a very specific kind of music that looked at music as a form of art and was presented by underdogs with an underground mentality. I enjoy literature and sci-fi and I enjoy sculpting, making claymation cartoons, and many other types of art. These things define me as a person and I don't think I could wake up one morning and completely give them up. It would be virtual suicide.

I guess all I am trying to say is that I feel very lost in these times and I don't think I can be the only one. I know that times change and many may say you must change with the times but what happens when you can't? Do you become obsolete as well?

Let me know your thoughts. Do you feel the same?

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Jools99 profile image

Jools99 5 years ago from North-East UK

Terrektwo, this hub really resonated with me even though I'm quite a bit older than you. I suppose we just live in different times, my 17 year old daughter is one of those you describe - instantaneous gratification or don't bother! But take heart - you are very creative and that never goes away so just ignore the rest of 'em and carry on doing your thing :)..and sometimes what goes around comes around - we could still return to an age when culture and the arts have the precedence they once had, let's hope it's just around the corner.

Alecia Murphy profile image

Alecia Murphy 5 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

I'm 24 and I relate very well to your issues as well. Many people in the Y generation and younger aren't used to waiting or developing a relationship with the arts, they want the now. To me, the arts and culture is a lifelong process of learning, insight, and cultivation. I still love some of the same silly pop songs of my tween/teen years as well as other music I discovered or was turned onto in college. It all defines different stages of my life and who I am in many ways. The same can go for my tastes in film, television, and literature. It's all about being yourself and enjoying the many twists that the arts represent in our lives. Amazing hub, I really enjoyed it!

terrektwo profile image

terrektwo 5 years ago from North America Author

Jools99 - I do certainly hope we can return to an age when are is appreciated and culture is more valued than just instant gratification. I'm glad to see I'm not alone in this thinking, thanks.

WD Curry 111 profile image

WD Curry 111 5 years ago from Space Coast

I had to check funny along with all. You got me with this. I gave it all up to pursue art. I have been run out of business several times by changing trends and technology. I always find new medium, genres and venues. It has become part of the process of pursuing art.

You are just hitting 30? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! You have an old soul. You are a true artist. I wish you the best. You are a solid writer, and you took me on a trip. Great Job!

terrektwo profile image

terrektwo 5 years ago from North America Author

Alecia Murphy - I understand what you mean. I wouldn't want to seem like I'm trying to invalidate others interests even if they don't match my own. I'm more trying to point out how society has changed toward art and depth in culture. Thanks for commenting :)

hawkdad73 profile image

hawkdad73 5 years ago from Riverside, Iowa

terrektwo- I have been seeing the same patterns. I creeping up 40 and am just getting my writing out there.

I guess the advice I can give is if you are concerned with people losing touch with the arts...the creative and most important aspect of life...keep doing what you are doing:write. Write about the cerebral and the creative artists who inspire you. Encourage people to read and write; I tell my wife, "then tell someone." I recently put my money where my mouth is and dressed up and attended a city hall meeting to get people to read my blog about their city. I take my kids to the library every week. I guess, be a peaceful instigator by encouraging thought and creativity where you can.

terrektwo profile image

terrektwo 5 years ago from North America Author

WD Curry 111 - possibly I do have an old soul as you say that is very much part of why I feel so unusual about these things. I'm not really old but I feel that I'm already outdated. Can this happen this quickly? Oh well, glad I took you on a trip and thank you for the kind words I do my best and enjoy writing.

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

I agree if we lose creativity and a way of expressing ourselves individually then what's left? Hate to think about it. I'll pass your hub along.

profile image

manlalakbay 5 years ago

Honestly, I can relate to this hub. Nice one! =)

terrektwo profile image

terrektwo 5 years ago from North America Author

hawkdad73 - you are right, I suppose I can't get caught up in what's going on so much and concentrate on what I should do. I'll try to lead by example and maybe if enough artists follow suit we can change it. Thanks.

terrektwo profile image

terrektwo 5 years ago from North America Author

Gypsy Rose Lee - Exactly, what is life without art? Thanks for taking an interest and for passing it along.

terrektwo profile image

terrektwo 5 years ago from North America Author

manlalakbay - if you can relate then I'm glad the message is out there :)

profile image

femmeflashpoint 5 years ago


I agree. However, there are a few of us who still love to take in the wordsmith's works before seeing the movie, and that's if we ever get the time to watch it.

I'll always be a book reader and a book-pusher. Reading is one of my top five favorite drugs, lol. The others would be people, sports, music and spreading the smiles. :)


terrektwo profile image

terrektwo 5 years ago from North America Author

femmeflashpoint - glad your still reading femmeflashpoint, have a good one!

aboutaustralia profile image

aboutaustralia 5 years ago from Newcastle, New South Wales

No, you're not the only one who feels lost terrektwo!

The pace of technology and life in general, is extraordinary! For a baby boomer like myself it can be very daunting indeed. It feels like a world away from growing up in the 60's.

Thankfully you and I, and at least the rest of the hubpages community, have the art of reading and writing to fall back on. Even if we can't keep up with the latest and greatest, our craft is an art which will shield us from becoming obsolete into the future. That's the way I like to think of it anyway :)

Thought provoking and interesting hub, really enjoyed it, thanks.

terrektwo profile image

terrektwo 5 years ago from North America Author

aboutaustralia - It is great to hear I'm not the only one. I like your way of looking at it to, the more we progress as artists the more we can keep from being obsolete, thanks for that :)

profile image

Sueswan 5 years ago

"I know that times change and many may say you must change with the times but what happens when you can't?"

Don't listen to what they say. Continue to express your artistic side as you always have.

Voted up and awesome.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

terrektwo profile image

terrektwo 5 years ago from North America Author

Sueswan - you are right. I suppose we must all be true to ourselves. Thank you.

Rachel Richmond profile image

Rachel Richmond 5 years ago from California

That was a deep hub. I think that having things immediately has disrupted finely handcrafted items and more..for sure. Plus an artist attempting to keep up with the target market loses the appeal to be creative. Either way it boils down to what really makes ya happy.. :) Happy New Year

terrektwo profile image

terrektwo 5 years ago from North America Author

Rachel Richmond - Thanks for your words of encouragement. Happy New Year to you as well :)

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