Easy Crochet Scarves Make a Great Summer Craft Project

Crocheting is a terrific craft for people of all ages. Crochet is easy to learn. As long as you’re careful about budgeting crochet can be highly affordable. And crochet is something that produces a finished product fairly quickly, providing a lot of satisfaction for those who engage in the craft. Because of all of these factors, crochet is a terrific idea for Moms who are looking for a good summer craft project for their family. Although you could choose to crochet many different products with your family this summer, you might want to start with easy crochet scarves.

Reasons to Crochet with the Family

There are tons of different craft projects that you could choose to invest your family’s time and money in this summer. So why choose crchet above the rest of them? Some of the leading reasons to choose crochet as the family project for this summer include:

o   Anyone in the family can learn how to crochet. The youngest kids in the family can learn and the older kids can get into more detailed crochet work so that they don’t get bored.

o   The people in the family who already know how to crochet (grandma?) can teach the others in the family.

o   Crochet is a portable activity so it can go with you on summer trips, to dance lesson waiting rooms and basically anywhere that you might go with your family during the summer.

o   You can easily make themes around which to crochet. Everyone can crochet something for Fourth of July or start crocheting presents to give away at Christmas.

o   It’s something that you can all do together as a family and yet you can also take your projects off and do them individually.

Why Choose Crochet Scarves?

There are so many different things that you can learn to crochet.  You can crochet baby hats and blankets and stuffed animals and home décor products and clothing and … well, the options are endless. So why should you focus on learning to crochet scarves this summer? There are lots of reasons including:

o   Easy crochet scarves can be done by anyone. This really is project that anyone can do as soon as they begin learning how to crochet. Crochet scarves are rectangular and can be done using the most basic crochet stitch instructions.

o   Crochet scarves can be worn by anyone. It might not feel like it in the summer but you can make really lightweight and lacy crochet scarves that can even be worn in warm climates. There are mens crochet scarves and crochet scarves for kids and crochet scarves for the trendiest of young girls. This means you can each make crochet scarves for yourself, for someone else in the family, as a gift to give someone outside of the family or even as a donation to charity.

o   Yes, crochet scarves are accepted by charities. Having a family summer project that allows you to work together to help people in need is a really great way to spend your time. You can all make crochet scarves and then donate them to homeless shelters, projects like Scarves for Special Olympics, and other places that accept donations. What a great family project!

o   Crochet scarves are inexpensive to make. They typically only require one or two balls of yarn each so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a lot of easy crochet scarves with your family.

Learning How to Crochet Scarves

When you first learn to crochet scarves with your family you’ll start by learning the basics of crochet. If you want to make really easy crochet scarves then the only things that you will need to learn will be how to crochet a foundation chain and how to crochet a single crochet stitch. You can use how to crochet video lessons on YouTube to teach you what you need to know.

After you learn the basic stitches you will need to learn how to read and follow a pattern for crochet scarves. You can also use YouTube videos to learn how to crochet an entire scarf. It really is a terrific resource for families learning to crochet together! However you might also want to look online for free patterns for crochet scarves. Some of the best resources to find free patterns for easy crochet scarves include:

o   Crochet Pattern Central. Their scarves section is filled with lots of crochet patterns. The downside is that you’ll need to sift through them all to separate out the easy crochet scarves from the ones that are tougher to make. As your family’s experience grows, though, you can tackle those harder crochet scarves. They also have cowls, neckwarmers and scarf / hat sets for the ambitious members of your family!

o   Lion Brand Yarn. This yarn company offers free crochet patterns on their site and this includes patterns for easy crochet scarves. A great thing about getting patterns from a yarn company is that you’ll find out exactly what type of yarn you need and this is a good company with affordable yarn.

o   All Free Crochet. This site offers free crochet patterns of all kinds. They even have one named “a quick and easy crochet scarf” so they definitely can help a family out when they’re just learning how to crochet.

If you’ve got an independent spirit in your family then he or she might want to learn how to crochet a scarf without a pattern. That’s okay too! Crochet scarves are such an easy project that you can become a crochet scarf designer with very little experience!

So now I have a question for you … why wouldn’t you decide to tackle easy crochet scarves as a family summer project?! I can’t think of any reasons!

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Brinafr3sh 4 years ago from West Coast, United States

Hi Kathryn, I've crocheted a few scarves last year. This hobby is fun, and I taught myself a new crochet stitch as well. I really like this hub, thanks.

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