Easy Hand Made Magnets To Make at Home

This is a guest post from my girlfriend Trudy!

Hi there! My name’s Trudy and I’m coming to you from Cloudy Dreams.

I’m guest blogging here today to tell you all about a cheap and easy handmade project that you can make at home and get the kids involved in.

Do me a favour and have a look at your fridge. Is it a little boring? Does it need some sprucing up? Well then you have come to the right place.

First, have a think about what you would like covering your fridge. Would you like some vintage pictures of bathing beauties? What about some maps of places you would love to visit? Or even Polaroid’s of friends and family.

Now, collect these things that you would like to decorate your fridge, next head to your local thrift store and have a look for some old ugly magnets. I bet they have a bunch of them. All you need to do is remove the front from the magnet. Be careful at this point, you can usually snap them right off but if they are ceramic make sure you are safe!

Ok now all you need is some strong glue to glue the magnet to your chosen decorative pieces. Let them dry for the required amount of time.

Waiting…. Waiting….. And....

Ta Da!!

You now have your very own magnets to decorate your fridge, your locker or anything else magnetic you can find. Fun and easy right?

Fridge magnets are fun!
Fridge magnets are fun!

Once you start it will be hard to stop, you will be seeing magnet items everywhere you look. These make wonderful heartfelt gifts that are not only thoughtful but also easy on the pocket. All you need is some old magnets, superglue and some decorative pictures!

Trudy runs and operates a website, CloudyDreams.com – a site full of free printable birthday cards for kids all handmade by myself. I would love it if you came and had a look!

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