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I guess you could say stained glass was patterned in my blood, because for almost as far back as I can remember, my father owned his own stained glass lamp shades company. He ran it at night out of our garage in California after working days selling safes in the not-so-glamorous Skid Row section of Los Angeles. (He didn't always have a sales job; he owned his own safe installation business until multiple heart attacks forced him to retire from pushing 2,000-pound objects around on a dolly.)

My brother joined him at night in the garage building kits filled with stained glass pieces he hand-cut to help facilitate my father's work, and the resulting business was named Chadwick and Son. Actually, thinking back, it should have been named Chadwick and Son and Daughter, because I worked for him, too, starting when I was 10. Many of his stained glass patterns incorporated flat-backed red beads that had to be wrapped in copper tape before they could be soldered into the lamps. It was my job (at 5 cents per bead, which wasn't bad pay for a 10 year old in 1969) to wrap the beads.

I loved this job and took it seriously. Everywhere I went, I took a used margarine tub full of red beads, a roll of copper tape and a blunt tool to burnish the tape into place. Young entrepreneur that I was, I would take my bead-wrapping paraphenalia with me when I baby-sat. When the children went to bed, I got paid by the hour AND by the bead. Soon I had a lot of money in my piggy bank, at least I thought so by my pre-teen standards.

As you can imagine, my father was quite interested in stained glass. He reveled in it wherever he could find it. Since nostalgia was just coming in as a style in the early 1970s, the Victorian look was in and Tiffany lamps were everwhere. This meant there were many outings to restaurants so we could study the lamps hanging over our tables.

I have fond memories of sharing this mutual interest with my father -- especially since he died when I was 14. But I keep that interest alive to this day by loving all things vintage; I even have a vintage art blog. Because of the blog, I collect all types of vintage art. When I came across the stained glass patterns at the bottom of this page, I just knew I had to offer them to others to enjoy.

I also found some fun videos that stained glass enthusiasts will probably love. One features examples of beautiful vintage stained glass windows and the second is an amazing time-lapse video of a stained glass window being built.

I hope you enjoy the videos and can find a use for the resources available on this page.

Free Stained Glass Pattern Resources on the Web

Sites that offer free stained glass patterns:

Stained Glass Windows in Gower Street United Church, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

Books on Tiffany Stained Glass from Amazon

Time-lapse Stained Glass Construction

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jezzbb profile image

jezzbb 8 years ago from Philippines

Those are wonderful patterns. Thanks for sharing and nice hub, I'm already a fan.

Abhinaya 8 years ago

Lovely patterns and enjoyed your hub thoroughly.Thanks for sharing.

WordPlay profile image

WordPlay 8 years ago from Georgia, y'all Author

Thanks, jezzbb and Abhinaya!

HeartHealth profile image

HeartHealth 8 years ago

Wow, i think you can say that your family shop is contributing to the art scene in California. hoping you can also drop by my art glass and carnival glass hubs. Cheers!

Anamika S profile image

Anamika S 8 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

The patterns are wonderful. I learned this art only a year ago and i love doing it.

WordPlay profile image

WordPlay 8 years ago from Georgia, y'all Author

Thanks, Anamika. I'm glad you like the patterns. Have fun using them!

Adrian 7 years ago

How many years you have been with stained glass? Anyway i must those stained glass patterns are beautiful.

Gary 7 years ago

Hi fellow stained glass pattern blogger :)

I too grew up with lead and glass.

WordPlay profile image

WordPlay 7 years ago from Georgia, y'all Author

Hi, Gary. So you know what it's like to have glass everywhere! :-)

downeastsg profile image

downeastsg 6 years ago

It's in my blood (literally)!

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