Getting Creative with Holiday Bracelets

Each holiday offers the time for a little extra fun with your jewelry. You can have even more fun designing your own bracelets with a little work and creativity. With the right color choices, beads, and even special holiday beads you can be having bracelets that reflect the different holidays.

Color Choices

Most holidays have colors that remind us of those days. You have Red, White, and Blue for the 4th of July or Red and Green for Christmas. With this in mind many holiday bracelets can be made by combining certain colors or using specific colors. Here are some ideas:

  • New Years-While the New Year isn't usually celebrated for long, you can make holiday jewelry in bright festive colors for the occasion. Adding lots of metallics is also a great option.

  • Valentine's Day-Valentine's Day is a fun day that can have lots of great jewelry options. For choosing colors to share your Valentine's Day passion you can use red, white, or shades of pink for great holiday bracelets.

  • St. Patrick's Day-Green is the color associated with St. Patty's day and as such should be the primary color in making a color themed bracelet for the holiday. You can add white or silver for a good mix.

  • Easter or Spring-Using bright pastel colors can lead to a festive Easter or Spring bracelet.

  • 4th of July-Red, white, and blue is all you need for this festive occasion and a festive bracelet.

  • Halloween-Black and orange are the colors that make up this scary holiday and with a little creativity you can use these colors for a lot of really interesting and unique holiday bracelets.

  • Thanksgiving or Autumn-Using "fall" colors can make great Thanksgiving or Autumn bracelets. These colors can include shades of browns, greens, deeper reds, oranges, and yellows. Think fall leaf colors.

  • Christmas-Christmas lends us several color combinations. Green and red are most prevalent, but you can also do blue and yellow, or choosing a color with metallics. Such as a red and gold bracelet or a silver and green one.

Your color choices can make for some really great holiday bracelets. Whether giving them as gifts, wearing them for your own pleasure, or adding them to your collection your options are endless. You can even use a wide range of materials.

Having Fun with Your Materials

Holiday bracelets, more then any other type allow you to have a lot of fun with the materials you can use. You can choose beads you wouldn't normally choose or have fun mixing and matching materials in completely different ways. For example you can make a holiday bracelet using black glass beads and orange embroidery floss. Leaving the floss with all of the strands (a good floss is made up of six strands) you can achieve an interesting look by knotting between each bead. This can give you a festive look and is a little creative with your materials.

Consider using alternative stringing options, different beads, or other beads in creative ways for great holiday bracelets.

Holiday Beads

There are a lot of options out there that can make for great holiday beads. They come in many colors and shapes. When looking around you can pick out great options for your holiday bracelets. Hearts, stars, ghosts, and Christmas trees are just a start. Mixing a few fancy shaped beads with plain beads can add the perfect touch for a holiday bracelet!

Paper Beads

Paper beads can make it so that you get to design your beads just the way you want to. There are a lot of different options that can be used for your paper bead making projects. You can use squares of paper that have been stiffened with glue or lament. Punch small holes and hook them together with jump rings for a great look. One option is to use wrapping paper for this project.

You can make rolled paper beads in colors or designs that suggest the holiday. Using paper in the colors that you wish, adding paint, or marker designs can make a huge difference in the appearance that the beads have and the bracelet has when you are done. For more ideas see Making Bracelets with Paper Beads.

Holiday bracelets are fun to wear and fun to make. You can show your spirit with a wide range of great bracelets for all the seasons and holidays there are. Have a lot of great options available to you or even lots to give as gifts!

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