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Ever walk by a huge mural and become completely amazed with the intricacies of the different styles and the blends of colors and lines? Have you ever wanted to learn more about Graffiti and the styles and maybe even the "tips and tricks" to designing your own Graffiti?

Well, here is the place where you can gain knowledge, resources, links, ideas, help, personal advice, and broaden your Graffiti horizons.

Around the Town Graffiti

Mural part of a large set as follows
Mural part of a large set as follows
Mural set #2
Mural set #2
Mural #3
Mural #3
Mural #4
Mural #4
Mural #4 right half
Mural #4 right half
throw-up by KNOWLEDGE
throw-up by KNOWLEDGE
Train quickie
Train quickie
sketch battle draw
sketch battle draw

Getting Started

So, after seeing those murals/throw-ups I'm sure you're starting to get more excited about doing this? Not only is this a great place to learn new things and broaden your ideas and style, but there will also be a chance to request artwork you've done to be placed on this page. Critique is one of the best ways to make sure that you're actually getting somewhere with your art. When I say art, I mean art. I suppose now is the time to start with the lessons.

Lesson #1

Graffiti is an art! Don't let anyone tell you that you are a vandal and your part of the cause of all the graffiti vandalism around the world. Graffiti is a form of expression, and yes, part of that expression is possibly displaying it on the side of a building, or down an alleyway. The fact of the matter is, you are doing what you love to do. There are other ways that people express themselves but this is your niche.

lesson #2 : Dos and don'ts in the Graffiti world

Do not be a biter! A biter is someone who steals another artists style or even their whole piece claiming it as their own. There are numerous reasons why you would not want to do this. Even though Graffiti in society is considered vandalism, Graffiti artists will find a way to make sure you know they are not happy with you stealing their artwork.

Lesson #3 : Do your research

I know that from time to time you are sitting at home or maybe in class or at a friends house and you start writing and drawing new ideas that flourish in your mind.  This is more than okay, but be careful if you decide to use something you've been drawing on the streets or for publicity purposes. Hence the title; DO YOUR RESEARCH. Make sure before you commit to a certain name or design you are not running the risk of biting someones name or design.  I myself have run into this problem many times before and have drawn multiple designs and even gone as far as using those designs for public arts until I did my research and discovered that there was an artist who had already beaten me to the punch. Therefor, I had to respectufully change my name I was writing.  There are always different things you have to be aware of and look out for. Be respectful of artists who have been writing their specific name or design for a certain period of time.

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zac 7 years ago

hey hows it goin nice artwork/throwups....wotever. im 13 and i really wanna learn how to bomb....not on the streets but id like to make up a blak book ive been tryin to tag and graffiti 4 ages but still strugling do ya hav any tip or info i may need????

7 years ago

I think you need to correct yourself there, graffiti can be an art, when produced well and in a place that does not cause distress. Some graffiti is mesmerising, intricate and well excetuted and can be used to great effect. When its a tackily sprawled word, with no artistic talent on somebodies property, without their permission its a nuiscance.

VOX BOX 1 7 years ago


Dylan 7 years ago

great piece.i really want to learn how to do graffiti properly.if you have any goods links can any body email me thnx

isaic 7 years ago

u know what, tht is soooo true i had this gurl try to steal my work cuz i got really popular but everyone wop knew me said tht she was biter nd everyone didn't like her.

Jinx 7 years ago

yo wheres the rest of the tips? this stuff that's on here is pretty much implied, i don't mean to sound like a dick or anything, but i am tryin to improve my styles, just these 2 tips

Noah Breeze profile image

Noah Breeze 7 years ago Author

K, as I stated in lesson #1 I expressed that graffiti IS an art and that those who express themselves with graffiti are artists and they should not let someone drag them down accusing them of being vandals. Thanks for your comment though.


Jrms 7 years ago

i think you need to stfu k and know your place, No permission, graffiti is an art in all forms, and people sometimes take a bigger risk to be seen and heard.. you cant not call is art just cause its vandalism.. that No permission art is what builds urban culture today, and that risk they take is highly rewarded and can become a tourist attraction ne how

vincent6619 7 years ago

im 10 look on my youtube "vincent6619" i have been practicing my graffiti

ghost 7 years ago

i think this advice is realy helpful but i was looking for tips that are more about how to do graffiti ! but still nice !

Noah Breeze profile image

Noah Breeze 7 years ago Author

FYI writers, this isn't a place to blog about biters, toys, etc. If you've got advice for ppl that have left comments on here, give it. I don't want to go thru the whole, "delete/edit" deal on your comments. Waist of my time. I'll try and update the hub asap. Just had a death in the family and I'm dealing with getting that sorted out. Again, give advice, don't hate, don't be rude, and don't assume you're better then any other artist on here. That's the first step to failure.

carlos 7 years ago

can you show me some tips

culture mulch 7 years ago

yo got started sprayin over the summer out of boredom and childhood facination with graffiti.gotten pretty good mostly cause once u know the few basic tricks. its just adding layers and personal style.


cans are cheap(buy em at walmart for like 90c. careful though sometimes they are acrylic or w/e and dry slower and are glossier.

gettin started. my mother didn't want me "vandalizing" anywhere so i just bought big oaktag sheets to test stuff out on. works well (buy at any stationary store)

from there i just copied methods from how to vids on utube or wherever. looking at pics. anything like this thing says....reesearch. after i got comfortable with not makin a mess on a sheet. i did my own inventions

best way to start, is to start just start sprayin lines somewhere. your name in graffiti is a great way to start and its also the thing u should put the most practice into

Noz 7 years ago

I only been doin diz 4 3 dayz

Nd I already got various tagz nd 3 throwiez


felix 7 years ago

graffitis sickkkkk but wen u started a friend of mine tagged a building and got busted soo tip of advice try a bin as u start if u gonna do in day and do big shit at night this sounds umb but a lot of retards do it during day

Seki 7 years ago

I'm a locAl artist in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A tip for all artists out there wanting to learn how to tag... Relax on your pieces. Don't stress yourself too much. Your not gonna make some sick ass piece beginning. But one thing you should know is your letters could look as deformed as you want. If you can see the letters, it's fine. Don't let anyone criticize you unless it's constructive. :)

lots of respect,


doug 7 years ago

my name is doug and im 13. im da bomb at graffity but i just don't use mycoulors properly can u teach me how

MahSAY 7 years ago

Hey, im an Australian Graffiti Vandal and Rapper known as Mase/Sega, prenounced mah-say btw. My Personal 10 top hints n tips for better graffiti, and also to build your self-esteem when it comes to tagging.

#1; You will always start out "toy" or bad.

#2; You will get better every time.

#3; Download VANDALSQUAD. practice the offline version for a while.

#4; Get some big sheets of wood for home and practice practice practice

#5; Start graffiti at Legal places.

#6; Move on to the streets.

#7; Even if your 'toy' keep going and get up as much as possible, taggers respect persistance.

#8; Be downlow about what word you put up at start, let everyone gossip about the new tagger around town for a bit, then build up suspension as you get better, and eventually tell them all it was you.

#9; IT WASN'T ME, if the cops pull you up, never straight up admit to it. Remember paint can be used for numorous things.

#10; ENJOY, weather you think your cr*p or not, keep going.

jw 7 years ago

nice throw ups. like this advice. graffiti is something you gotta feel. you can practice it and get good but you'll only be great if you feel what your making

Noah Breeze profile image

Noah Breeze 7 years ago Author


Keep doing research and finding things to post to the comments thread for everyone to use. i know that y'all want me to provide it all for you, but the best way to get information to stick is to go through the motions of finding it. I'll be updating the hub soon, finally getting back on track. Thanks for your patience everyone!


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