Hand Painted Glassware: A Labor of Love

Holly Leaves with Red Stripes on a Wine Glass

Glasses with Attitude!

Hand painted glassware has become one of my labors of love. Displaying holiday foods on a dull wooden table, surrounded by colorless glassware just did nothing to contribute to the spirit of the seasons. The food was good, candles burned brightly, and the guests shared spirited conversations, but the environment lacked pizazz.

My table was boring, lacked luster, and had no character! So, I grabbed my paintbrush and began to experiment on glassware. Now, I'm not a world famous artist, possess no degree in design, but I know what I like.

Many hours of washing the paint from the glasses, and my hands, there were recognizable designs beginning to take shape. And, while painting, I wandered into a land of my own. Getting lost in thoughts of my own, brought a feeling of relaxation and euphoria. It was a delicious place, a place just for me. And, so I painted.

A few triumphs and rewards have happened along the way, for instance, a few of my artwork is featured in a Nebraska wine tasting room. And, some have been sold to friends, co-workers, and others through the Internet. It's exciting when someone oohs and ahhs about something that I painted.

Today, most artwork is stamped out furiously by robotic machinery along an assembly line. Cookie cutter designs, no errors, no deviations, and no personality. Although, manufactured glassware that is adorned with designs is pretty, the 'sameness' seems sterile and boring.

However, it's doubtful that anyone gets rich on homemade crafts, and hundreds, thousands of items cannot be produced daily. No, you cannot demand quantity for hand painted artwork. But, if you enjoy the challenge or creation, then investing a large part of time will be worth the effort.

Hand painted stemware, I think, can set the mood for any event. Whether it's the first pair of glasses a bride and groom acquire, a birthday celebration, or a Christmas party, distinctive can add to the theme of the event. Custom colors that compliment decorations or seasons are more than a designer touch, they enhance ones own personality.

Hearing someone's delight about my artwork is the ultimate compliment. It's a labor of love. Finding a few minutes that were not obligated to some other chore or duty, some of my dabbling paintings are displayed for your viewing pleasure.

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creativeone59 profile image

creativeone59 7 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

Beautiful,beautiful painted glasses, thank you for sharing your glass art with me. creatvieone59

ivori profile image

ivori 7 years ago from Titusville Author

Thank you, creativeone59! I'm happy you liked my glasses!

Lonna 6 years ago

is your work for sale? Beautiful!

ivori profile image

ivori 6 years ago from Titusville Author

I do sell my paintings, Lonna, thanks for asking. Glad you like the glasses. If you'd care to see more things I've painted, please contact me at my email and I will be happy to send you pictures. Thanks, again!

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