How To Draw Friday The 13th Jason Voorhees Step By Step Video

Inspiring Ways To Draw Jason Voorhees

Jason, an iconic horror figure from the Friday The 13th movies can be quite cool to draw and fun too. One of the ways of drawing stuff like this like the simple hockey mask drawing I do later in this article as a drawing video is that everything starts out being inspired by something else and you can make a drawing of an existing character your own with a little bit of effort on your part.

When starting to draw a hockey mask all you have to do is to start out by drawing an oval shape for the mask and fill in the blanks by marking out the vacant eyes which will become black. Watch the video below to see one possible design of the classic Friday The 13th Hockey mask.

Draw Friday The 13th Hockey Mask

Draw Friday 13th Jason Without Hockey Mask

Drawing Jason from Friday 13th movies without his hockey mask.
Drawing Jason from Friday 13th movies without his hockey mask. | Source

Drawin Jason Voorhees Rotting Face

 Jason is not a pretty looking fellow under his mask and you should aim for ugly and a mishapened face and something that looks quite horrifying just like the movies when he was depicted as a disformed nutter whenever his mask was knocked off.

In the following drawing video I do one possible variation of Jason Voorhees' face shaded with a black Crayola pencil.

Drawing Jason Voorhees Head In All It's Rotten Detail

Rough Pencil Drawing Of Jason

 A full figure nearly of Jason from Friday the 13th holding his trademark macheti and wearing a tattered boiler suit, this is just the initial pencil drawing of an idea I had of Jason in the pouring rain. Watch the video and see for inspiration.

Look out for more updates as I add to this inspirational article on drawing Friday the 13th Jason.

Inspired Drawing Of Jason Voorhees Holding Macheti!

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Wayne Tully profile image

Wayne Tully 5 years ago from United Kingdom Author

I'm sure you can download something from somewhere to watch videos but it all depends on what computer you have and what software it has!?

asaru 5 years ago

i really want to draw it but i cant watch it because i dont have a flash player

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