How to Draw a Cube


Step 1: Draw a Square

Drawing a simple cube is one of the most basic - and easiest shapes to learn to draw.

All you need is a pencil (or some drawing tool) and a surface on which to draw.

To begin, draw a simple square shape as shown.

Note: This basic square shape does not have to be even or perfect - it can be irregular. AFter you practice a bit, drawing this first basic shape will come easily.


Step 2: Add the Sidelines

OK, the next step is very easy.

Carefully draw three short lines as shown.

Notice that these lines are all exactly the same length and are drawn at an angle. Also notice that these equidistant diagonal lines are all parallel to one another - that simply means they all go in the same direction.

It's important to make sure you draw these lines the same length and all going the same way.

How are you doing so far? Let's continue.


Step 3: Connect the Lines

This step is going to bring life to your cube - you'll really begin to see the 3-dimensional cube appear from your 2-dimensional flat square.

For this step, all you have to remember is that these lines are also parallel to the lines on your square.

Take your pencil and draw a line (parallel to the side line of the square) and connect two of the angled lines you drew in the last step.

Repeat on the other side as shown - be careful to keep your lines parallel. Your eye and brain will want to make these lines curve. Ignore them and make them parallel as shown.


Step 4: Add Some Shading

Using your pencil, lightly press down and add some gray shading to the top side of your cube.

Now, press down a bit more and make some slightly darker gray shading on the side of your cube.

You should really be able see the 3-Dimensional effect on the cube.

How are you doing so far?

Remember, it's always OK to make mistakes and start over if needed.


Final Step: Add a Shadow

OK, if you have made it this far and you like the way your cube looks, it's time to add what's called a "drop shadow" to your cube.

This drop shadow will make your cube look like it really belongs in the space.

To draw this shadow, simply make an outline in the shape of a triangle (see drawing at right) and then fill it in with some dark shading.

To get really dark shading, press down really hard on the pencil.

Congratulations! You have drawn a cube!

Remember, drawing is simply making a bunch of shapes that fit together in a certain way. Drawings like this do look complex at first but are basically simple.

Its perfectly normal to get frustrated and draw something many times until you get it right. The fun of drawing is in the journey as well as the end result!

Guess what? - the more you practice, the easier drawing becomes.

I wish you the best with your drawing!



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Comments 9 comments

peachpurple profile image

peachpurple 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

thanks for the simple instructions. I find drawing cubes are much easier than others. Voted up

MKayo profile image

MKayo 3 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks peach purple!

Brenda L Scully profile image

Brenda L Scully 3 years ago from Ireland

more more more i wanna be an artist.

DDE profile image

DDE 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

So simple thanks for showing me.

MKayo profile image

MKayo 3 years ago from Texas Author

You can do it, Brenda!

sen.sush23 profile image

sen.sush23 3 years ago from Kolkata, India

MKayo, I feel this hub can be an example of how the simplest of things can be material for great hub. Do you have a whole line up of such basic drawing instructions? I think I will go back and check out all your hubs- because this is just so nicely done, I could use it to help provide some diversion to my littlest students. Voted up..useful and interesting!

MKayo profile image

MKayo 3 years ago from Texas Author

Wow, what a nice comment. So glad you find it useful. Yes, there are more like this - take a look at the "Drawing a Dragon's Head" Hub. I have posted a young persons first attempt at drawing there at the end of the article - I think it is a great first attempt. Let me know what you think. Thanks for stopping by.

torrilynn profile image

torrilynn 3 years ago

MKayo, really good hub on how to draw a cube. I learned how to draw one when I was quite young. Nice and easy steps. Voted up.

MKayo profile image

MKayo 3 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks torrilynn - glad you liked it.

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