How to Dry Flowers in Desiccant

Use dried flowers in craft projects or for centerpiece arrangements for the table.
Use dried flowers in craft projects or for centerpiece arrangements for the table. | Source

Dried flowers are used for both craft projects and for showpiece arrangements for table tops. They are available at many larger craft stores, but if you have flowers in your garden, why not dry them yourself? One way to dry flowers is by drying them in desiccant. Desiccant is a substance that removes moisture from items and can be used to dry flowers easily. It can be found in bags, packets, loose fill and in pads or boards.

First, choose the flowers you wish to dry. Flowers that are good to dry this way are marigolds, dahlias and zinnias, salvia and gladiolus, among others.

Remove the stems from the flower heads. A wire stem can be inserted in the flower head for easier handling when dried. Do this by inserting a desired length of thin wire through the head and the end that is pushed through the head so that it doesn't slip down.

Wind floral tape down the length from the bottom of the head to the end of the wire.

Place a large amount of desiccant in a large, sturdy pan. Place the flower heads on top and sprinkle a little bit over the top. Repeat laying and covering each flower.

Let set until the flowers are completely dried.

Remove the flowers and shake off the desiccant. Use a soft brush to remove any straying particles and use for flower arrangements.

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JasonPLittleton profile image

JasonPLittleton 5 years ago

Nice hub, very informative.

pedrn44 profile image

pedrn44 5 years ago from New Berlin Wisconsin

Very informative. That pic makes me think of Thanksgiving..not quite ready for summer to end but it is one of my favorite holidays and I love to create center pieces. Never thought of drying my own flowers. Thanks for sharing.

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marellen 5 years ago

Never heard of this. My Dad years ago built me a press to dry my flowers. Sadly, I have misplaced it. Will bookmark this so I won't forget. Thank you for sharing.

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