How to Make a Cucumber Facial Scrub and Facial Cleanser

During the Summer months there is quite a bounty of vegetables and fruits that people grow in their gardens. I have found a fabulous recipe to use some of those excess cucumbers up by making an cucumber facial and a cucumber scrub. Cucumbers are known for their ability to help with excessive bloating, dark circles, and give your skin a really clean and fresh feel.

The first step you want to do is dehydrate some cucumbers. Cut your cucumbers at least 1/4 inch thick. Make sure not to cut them any thinner because will make the cucumber brittle. Make sure the cucumbers are completely dried out. Then you just put them in a coffee mill or blender until they turn into dust.

Natural Facial Recipies

Cucumber Facial Scrub

1 tbsp. of cucumber dust

2 tbsp. of either fine kosher salt, pickling, fine sea salt. Do NOT use table salt.

If you have oily skin add a few drop of vinegar to the mix. If you have dry skin add a few drops of oil.

Next you just get a washcloth, and dip it into warm water squeezing the excess out. Just dip your moistened cloth into the mixture and gently rub in a circular motion onto your face. When you're done, rinse your washcloth out with warm water and run it over your face to get any residue.

Cucumber Facial

1 tbsp. of cucumber dust

1 tbsp. oatmeal flour

2 drops of honey

Add all 3 ingredients into a bowl, and gently mix together until a paste consistency forms. That's it, just put it on your face and leave it one for 10 minutes and wash off with warm water.

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Lee Tea profile image

Lee Tea 4 years ago from Erie, PA

voted useful. so....many....cucumbers from my garden! thanks for giving them new purpose other than rot :)

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