How to draw a smile


Learn how to draw a smile in a few easy to follow steps and make your fashion sketches and illustrations even more gorgeous!
Drawing a smiling face beautifully has never been easier...
★ 1
★ 2
★ 3
★ 4
★ 5
★ 6
★ 7

★ Step 1

Draw the whole face exept for the smile. Make sure you have "Happy" eyes

★ Step 2

Find the middle of the space between the chin and the nose. Mark it. Pull lines from the center of the eyes down.

★ Step 3

Mark the middle of the space between mouth Centerline and the nose. Divide the space between the new line and the nose in two again.

★ Step 4

Draw hozizontal lines to indicate the widht of the smile. Use the guidelines you've set.Make identical line below the mouth Centerline. It indicates the lower lip.

★ Step 5

Extend the widht of the lower lip and make the corners of the mouth pointing up.

★ Step 6

Connect everything you have to draw the rought outline of the smile.

★ Step 7

Refine the lines and finish the drawing.


★★★★★★★★★★ I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! ★★★★★★★★★★

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Thank you, and happy drawing :)

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