Klimt, a world on his own


Gustav Klimt was an Austrian, symbolism painter, most of his pieces are full of sensuality and drama. Klimt seemed obsessed about feminine shape and his drawings depict all kind of erotic scenes.

I like "the kiss" by Klimt, gives the sensation that the couple is having a moment of total connection, so peaceful and beautiful. It's a unique master piece that keeps captivating my imagination. Klimt's work is elegant with a twist, he used bright color and gold leaf decoration, spiral,swirls and phallic shapes to hide the more erotic part of his pieces.

His style was marked by an eclectic range of influences from Egyptian to Greek classic to byzantine, Japanese and medieval art.One of the most common themes in Klimt's art was the figure of the dominant woman, the femme fatale, which is somehow attractive and scary, all at the same time for men. Klimt remains as one of the best artist that tried to describe ideas and concepts through images.

I inspired my pastel composition in one of his many drawings "Geliefden" which means lovers. The close-up seemed to depict better the feeling that I wanted (like Klimt) to express. To see the full piece just click on :


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jacqui2011 profile image

jacqui2011 5 years ago from Leicester, United Kingdom

Great information and well written. Thanks for sharing your hub.

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LorenAyBe 5 years ago from Belgium Author

Thank you, for reading it. It always great to share what I find interesting.

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