...Priestess of Isis...

Originally, this was drawn with a Rapidograph technical pen, this clean and clear image of the Egyptian Goddess with Anubis and Bast in her aura was hand drawn and hand painted with Winsor & Newton Inks (made in England) and created on Strathmore Bristol Vellum paper. I prefer the old ways of creating with my hands as opposed to computer generated and altered images. I very much enjoy feeling the pen and ink against the paper and building up the effects of depth and vibrancy through intuitive creativity and application. I am grateful to share my gift with you here!

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Carole Anzolletti profile image

Carole Anzolletti 5 years ago from The Phantom Queen's Labyrinth Author

Thank you so much!

banjodman profile image

banjodman 5 years ago from Alabama

nice design..I like it!

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