Really Hideous Knitting

Mixed Yarns, Messy Scarf

Don't let this scarf happen to you!
Don't let this scarf happen to you! | Source

A Comedy of Errors

The hand knit scarf at the right started out as a noble, environmentally-conscious effort to use up small amounts of yarn that would otherwise go to waste. Thus, I created a "green" mess that will never be worn unless somebody I know throws an "ugly scarf" party. It looks like somebody dyed a bunch of tribbles (Star Trek reference) and sewed them together.

Next time you go past a bargain bin in the yarn department of a craft store, think of this scarf. Just because something is inexpensive does not mean it's a bargain. Ugly yarn makes ugly projects.

Hand Knit Anything and Everything? No.

Some things simply should not be knit. Yes, a good technical knitter can knit anything, in theory. That does not mean that everything that can be knit should be knit. For example, a master knitter could knit a man's suit. No man with any dignity would ever wear it, but it could be made.

Those of us of a certain age (I'm over 50) can also remember a time when some great aunts crocheted all sorts of odd things. I remember one aunt had crocheted covers for her extra rolls of toilet paper. Why? Does toilet paper need a sweater to keep it warm? Is a fresh roll of toilet paper so unsightly it needs a cover? I just don't understand!

Bad Knitting Should be Frogged (Rip-It, Rip-It)

Mistakes Can be Corrected

The best way to deal with a serious knitting faux pas is to rip it back to the place where it went wrong, then knit that yarn into something better. Do the world a favor and turn that ugly sweater into wonderfully warm hats for the homeless or a beautiful sweater instead. Time is too precious to waste knitting ugly things! Space is too valuable to be used storing ugly things.

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billybuc profile image

billybuc 2 years ago from Olympia, WA

I don't know about everyone else, but I learn much better from mistakes...and I think you delivered that message.

Arlene 14 months ago

I happen to be an 87year old Great Great Granny and I am amused at your scarf and--YES--I would wear it. Remember the "Tie Dye" stuff that was all the rage?? I do a bit of knitting and crocheting. I have a bag full if those FunFur scarfs, just because I like to knit. I missed an opportunity to give them away to a benefit of some kind that some teen age girls were doing at a church I can no longer attend as I am lot licensed to drive. I may phone the church to ask if they are having some other benefit where they could use them.

I also have a bag of helmet liners for service people being deployed. I have lost track of the lady who gathered them and delivered them where they needed to go. .

Enough from me for now.

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