Rio Movie Coloring Pages


Rio Movie Coloring Pages

Rio is new movie which was released on April 2011. This fun family movie is about Blu, a macau who cannot fly and his adventure with Jewel, a female macaw in Rio de Janeiro. If you like Ice Age movie then I am pretty sure you will like Rio since this move is directed by the director of Ice Age. My kid love this musical movie and also love coloring.  Here is some Rio Movie coloring pages to enjoy.

Coloring is beneficial to children development especially to support creativity and problem solving skill. Study shows that children who are creative, they are mostly good problem solver. These Rio coloring pages are fee. You may like some Rio merchandise such as books, toys and music CD. I hope you will have good time with your children with Rio coloring pages. Have fun!

How to Draw Blue

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How to Print

  • First, select thumbnails picture you would like to print.
  • Then click on the image.
  • Next step is click right your mouse and save picture onto your desktop or your specific folder.
  • If the image is to small or you want to resize, you can open the image in your favorite photo imaging sofware.
  • You can process to print by selecting your printer.

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Spurwing Plover 5 years ago

Should be coming out on DVD soon

jojokaya profile image

jojokaya 5 years ago from USA Author

Yes hopefully

hannah 5 years ago

I love this movie rio rio rio...

jojokaya profile image

jojokaya 5 years ago from USA Author

Rio is fun. Thanks for visiting

adam 5 years ago

i love the movie rio it is so cool and cute

jojokaya profile image

jojokaya 5 years ago from USA Author

I agree with you Adam:)

silvermist 5 years ago

me to

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