My first around the World trip

World sandsculpture championship

My first trip around the World

My first around the world

In order of dates and places.

Age three: confined behind crib bars….

Outside I was sentence for being too adventurous. I reached around the bars and played endlessly with free things like bugs, mud, sand and water that surrounded my prison,

Age seven: First trip…

Ran away from home for 3 days, ate peanuts butter sandwiches and used a thread and pin for fishing, living this way can only go so far. I charged 2 cent to each neighborhood kid for touring my wildlife zoo in our basement, to finance my next escape.

Age eight to seventeen: Ran away from home…

I escaped several times for any excuse, we were a poor and drug abuse family and I retrained my parent later in life.

Our Government gave free accommodation and two free meals a day in every large major city across Canada. Since Marco Polo was my hero, age 12 looking like 16, I set out hitch hiking some summers across Canada.

At age 16 got a hair cut on a tree stump by two huge deep Southerner red necks by gun point.

Once was trapped by a mother and her black bear club, I scared them off by throwing garbage cans at them. In the morning I was awoken up by a moose breathing on me.

Traveled Europe, North America, and Centro America as international athletes from age 11 to 22 in swimming and wrestling. Hitch hiked most of USA states during the summers either as an athlete or tourist.

Kayak around Vancouver Island, best trip ever. I kayak underneath a tree branch over hanging sea, and a bald eagle threw down his fish guts upon me, then sprang off the tree branch and flew off into the sunrise. A curious killer whale thought my Kayak was maybe a beach ball to play with. My kayak was almost rolled over by dozen stellar seals weighing up to a ton, that belly up and slashed into the sea.

Age eighteen to twenty one, first trip around the world

Did animation, film work, studies taekwondo in LA, CA. and met many famous people and babes. Meet serial killers, devil worshipers, many flaming gays, Jesus freaks, rainbow people and criminals, they told me their stories in a nutshell. Slowed down on the hitch hiking after that.

My life went from a world class athlete to an artist over one hit of acid.

Sail off to my fourth trip to Europe, then from England to Calcutta India, took a magic bus, costing only $60. You get off any stop along the way and get back on again when you want. Did side trips to Northern Africa, almost got stoned over a romantic moment on the beach. Took a Polaroid picture in Iraq of a small family, then showed it to them, they went running off screaming, BLACK MAJIC.

At Monkey temple in Nepal got mugged by 40 monkeys (see mugged by monkeys hub)for food, used my taekwondo on them, going write a hub on that story. In Nepal went to a few drug food restaurants where hippies get high, only did a little, some people got very sick. Climbed Himalaya Mountains, the most beautiful mountain ever. The most varied with natural environments and ranges in the world.

I think India and the USA are the most extreme country in varied anywhere. Having many of world riches people and riches land and some of the poorest.

Bangladesh is the poorest country ever been to, one place had 10 waiters fright over me to serve me.

Burma boarder was closed for 20 years, we were second air flight to entry. Its reopening. Almost all the passenger had a bottle of johnny walkers whiskey and a carton of cigarettes to trade with the overly friendly.

Continue to many places in Asia, Australia, North America and went straight for 11 months around the world.

Was given my second forced haircut in Singapore and they labeled me a suspected hippy, stamped in my passport.

Malaysia went to Snake temple, handled poisonous snakes; put them in my shirt and on my shoulders.

Indenesia Stayed one week in a village hut, the people there had never seen a white person before. Did lots of dancing in Australia because, because Australian men don’t dance.

Lived with a Korean family for 3 weeks, dine on the floor table. Ate seaweed, cat fish and fish eye, then forced fed by the daughter of the house,

Stay tune to part 2 several trips around the world, where thing get wilder and crazier.

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pennyofheaven profile image

pennyofheaven 6 years ago from New Zealand

Can't wait for the Monkey story. What a colourful and fun life you have had. Looking for freedom even at the tender age of 3! Loved your hub

Castlepaloma profile image

Castlepaloma 6 years ago from Saskatchewan, Canada Author

Almost everyone likes the mugged by monkeys story

nextstopjupiter profile image

nextstopjupiter 5 years ago from here, there and everywhere

Great hub! I like these stories because I am an old traveler/hitchhiker.

Castlepaloma profile image

Castlepaloma 5 years ago from Saskatchewan, Canada Author

I hitchhikerd through 54 countries out the 94 countries traveled. All kinds of people telling you about their life story in a nutshell, trapped in their cars.

formosangirl profile image

formosangirl 4 years ago from Los Angeles

Love your achievements, even your younger ones. You are definitely not a caged animal nor caged by your country. Great hub!

Castlepaloma profile image

Castlepaloma 4 years ago from Saskatchewan, Canada Author

Thank you

Joy56 profile image

Joy56 4 years ago

yes you really are funny...... maybe we will pick you up in our car one day....... we will let you ride along with us..... never spoke to a sand sculpturer before...

Joy56 profile image

Joy56 4 years ago

yes you really are funny...... maybe we will pick you up in our car one day....... we will let you ride along with us..... never spoke to a sand sculpturer before...

Castlepaloma profile image

Castlepaloma 4 years ago from Saskatchewan, Canada Author

Most people invite me to their backyard sandbox or to the beach. So yes, I'll accept a ride or talk anywhere

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