Simple Christmas Card Backgrounds for Beginners


Holidays are a special time and there is nothing like the feeling of giving handmade cards to those we love and wish to make contact with. Here are simple, step by step instructions to help you create your own backgrounds that can easily be transformed into lovely handmade Christmas cards.


  • 12" x 12" scrapbooking card
  • Gesso
  • Round objects - sponge, dowel and filter
  • Acrylic paints - two shades of one colour plus a metallic
  • Stamps
  • Black ink
  • Sponge and old credit card

Method for background

1. Using gesso, stamp circles onto scrapbooking card. Leave to dry

2. Choose one colour paint and scrape a little around using an old credit card. Using a damp sponge, move the paint around, reducing the hard edges and adding more paint in areas without any. Leave to dry

3. Add second colour paint and repeats the above step, using both credit card and damp sponge. Leave to dry.

4. Add a little metallic paint for highlights, using the old credit card again to spread it around. Leave to dry.

5. Using matching circle stamps, over stamp background circles until you have an even converge of stamping. Leave to dry

Now your background is ready!

To make the card

1. Cut the 12" x 12" into 140mm strips, then cut three pieces, 95mm wide. Keep offcuts.

2. Edge background pieces with black ink.

3. Place onto A6 sized card, with greeting stamped and edged in black on matching cardboard.

Simple Christmas Cards
Simple Christmas Cards | Source

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theraggededge profile image

theraggededge 4 years ago from Wales

Simple, effective and very pretty! Thanks for sharing this technique.

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