Tate Modern Hits The 'Streets'

London's first real Street Art exhibition opened this morning at the Tate modern. Blu (Italy),Sixeart (Spain), Jr (France), Faile (USA), Nunca and Os Gemeos (Brazil) were invited to exhibit on the outside of the Tate Modern (see below for pics)

The free exhibition officially opened this morning, however pictures of the Art involved have been popping up over the Internet over the last few days whilst in construction. Faile's use of colour and the slight rough look works really well for me and I'd love a copy on canvas for my wall.

Some of you maybe familiar with Blu after his recent animation short 'Muto' spread around the net only 2 weeks ago. If you haven't seen it yet, I strongly recommend it, even if your not a street art fan, it will take your breathe away!

Similar, Nunca and Os Gemeos have worked together before on the Graffiti project at Kelburn Castle in Scotland. Again, if you haven't had the pleasure of seeing their work, check it out, Brazilian Graffiti meets Scottish Castle, Pure Genius!

Siexart, Jr and Faile Hit the Tate Modern
Siexart, Jr and Faile Hit the Tate Modern
Blu needs a Cherry Picker to Bomb the Tate Modern
Blu needs a Cherry Picker to Bomb the Tate Modern

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