Visconti Dance of Time I - Savador Dali Surrealistic Collection Limited Edition Pen


If you appreciate fine art, and are fascinated by the work of Salvador Dali, perhaps you should read about this fine writing instrument by Visconti. Can you imagine a Pen that was inspired by the symbolism of Salvador Dali's work? This is not an ordinary pen, and the effort that went into the creation of this pen does not stop with the precious metals and resin, or the master craftsmanship, there is actually a history lesson behind the creation.

Dante del Vecchio, founder of Visconti, is truly a master with regard to introducing World Class Writing Instruments. Visconti’s newest release, the Salvador Dali Surrealistic Limited Edition Pen Collection is nothing short of a masterpiece. The President of the “Ambrosiana Foundation”, Benjamin Levi also noted for being the world’s most significant collector of Dali sculpture, selected Florence Italy as the location for the Salvador Dali event museum. Visconti collaborated with Mr. Levi to help inspire the creative process ultimately reflected in this magnificent limited edition collection. The concept that inspired the creation of this pen came from the Salvador Dali “Dance of Time I”© and the impressive pen stand is an exact reproduction of another famous work of Dali "The Profile of Time"©. This creation was authorized by Mr. Benjamin Levi.

The symbolism behind the Surrealistic Collection starts with Dali’s preoccupation or obsession with the Lobster, which is hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Visconti consequently selected AG 925 (Sterling Silver) enameled for the hard exterior composition of the pen and the pen is delivered full of ink, which represents the soft interior of the Lobster. This exquisite limited edition pen features open windows cleverly integrated into the cap and body of the Visconti pen, allowing visability to the inner workings of the pen. The fountain pen nib is visible through these two windows in the cap of the pen, and you can also see the power feed rod and ink through the window on the body. These windows in the Visconti pen represent Dali’s Surrealist Newton sculpture which have large window like holes in the face and body of the sculpture.

Dali’s work ‘Woman Aflame’ represents two of his known passions, fire and a sensuous female figure. This female figure is divided up with Drawers which Dali associated with the fascination that children have with the unknown, and their intrigue with the hidden secrets and the symbolism of what mystery is contained within the drawers. While the fire, which is uncontrolled has a way of drawing us into the sensuality of the female figure. Visconti has captured the essence of this female sensuality with the blind cap unscrewing to access the double resevoir power filling system. This hidden filling system symbolizes the drawers divided up within the erotic female in Dali’s work. Most importantly, the sensuality of this magnificent pen and how beautifully it writes, is precisely what makes this Visconti a World Class Pen!

Moving on to Dali’s “Dance of Time I” you will note how Visconti masterfully reproduced the Melting Watch within the pen stand. Visconti has indeed recaptured some of Dali’s most famous works in this exquisite pen and pen stand. The concept of Dali’s ‘Unicorn’ sculpture with the Bleeding Heart is symbolized by the ink and how it gently flows to the nib of the pen.

I would also like to thank Roberto Sacchi, Visconti Sales Director for sharing the interpretive process of how Visconti recaptured the Salvador Dali sculpture. This article was reviewed by Dante del Vecchio himself to make sure we had the approval of Visconti. If you want to learn more about this exquisite masterpiece, I implore you to contact my brother Eddie the Pen Man.

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