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As I was sitting on the El train one day, a guy began to stare from across the aisle. I didn't particularly know what he was looking at, but I chalked it up and continued with what I was doing. After while, I looked up again and the same guy was staring, this time looking down and then looking up as if he was sizing me up. I decided to give an ackward stare back and then continued to do my work.

After several uneasy minutes on the train the young man in his mid-twenties stood and walked toward me. In my head I started to contemplate what he might want but before I could come to a proper conclusion, he was directly in front of me.

He said, "I know you noticed me staring and I didn't mean to. But what you are doing is kind of weird." Now imagine my confusion because I had the foggiest idea what this guy, who was slowly becoming an irritant, was talking about. "Excuse me," was the best come back I had.

He then stated, "I was watching you crochet and it confused me because you have to be old or pregnant to wanna do something like that. You're not old or pregnant." I looked down at the blanket I had been working on and laughed.

This was not the first time I've heard the comment, "you have to be old or pregnant to want to crochet" It honestly happens more often than not. People seem to think that this wonderful hobby is made for two types of females - Older women and expecting women.

So many different types of women crochet. When crocheting actually started is unknown but it is said that both peasant women and ladies of the court partook in this craft. In this day and age plenty engage in crocheting.

There are clubs, message boards, websites, etc. that have loads of people who enjoy this form of artwork. From elementary age children to community center clubs. School clubs to girlfriend circles. Even guys crochet (the guy on the train would have been shocked).

So it's safe to say that the grandmothers and pregnant women of the world are not the only ones who like the loops, yarn, and hooks. This is a pastime shared by women (and men) of all ages and situations.

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wordscribe41 7 years ago

Wow, what an odd bird to say that to you. Actually, knitting and crochet work are "in" today among young people. There's a new trend that way, at least here in the Pacific Northwest. I've never learned, but would love to. Thanks for the hub, a great visual on the train. Welcome to HubPages.

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