free cross stitch pattern zoo Zebra and Parrot

I am not sure why, but this relatively simple image made a huge cross stitch pattern. The stitch count is 196 wide by 296 high. I thought this would be a simple pattern to make, but the zebra gave me fits. I am pretty happy with the results. I changed the background and the colors so the zebra looks more like a real zebra.

The pattern uses 6 DMC color and is printed on 20 pages, but page 16-19 you can skip, they are blank. The software I use won't recognize where no stitches are and ignore it, so I am stuck with that many pages.

I designed it for white 14 count aida, but you could try 16 or 18 count if you want a smaller finished image.



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JasonPLittleton profile image

JasonPLittleton 5 years ago

Interesting hub! Cross stitching must be a great hobby. Thanks for sharing.

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