free large cross stitch pattern Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

UPDATE I got an email stating that the stitch chart is hard to read so I have added a larger version of just the color chart and hopefully this will solve the problem. There is also a mistake on the pattern, all the backstitch is in black, even though the pattern says there are other colors.

This is the most complicated pattern I have tried. I simplified it a little by getting rid of the shrubs in the front and two of the small poles front of the big dome were eliminated, but that is it.

I spent hours getting the back stitching right on the pattern, I looks pretty good.

This is a big pattern, there are no half or quarter stitches, just use your own judgment on those.

It only uses 15 DMC colors and the stitch count is 178w x 113h, which is about 13 by 8 inches on 14 count white Aida, it will be much smaller on 16 or 18 count.

Click on each image to enlarge then right click on each page to save.

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tb 4 years ago

I'm about halfway through this pattern and it looks great! Do you have a color version of the chart or general guidelines for which color of back-stitching goes where?

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scout901 3 years ago Author

I'm sorry that was a mistake in the pattern, all the back stitch is in DMC 310 black, I don't know why the software did that and it will not let me fix the chart, just ignore it and do all of it in black.

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