Auto Repair Software For Auto Shop

An auto repair software can be described as a quality auto shop management programmed software that perform and print out auto work orders, repair orders, track sales and invoice for all operations that take place. It general includes Invoicing, Customer services, Vehicle services and Inventory. Most auto repair software makes use of common platforms such as; windows, Linux/Unix, Mac, web based and open source.

An auto repair shop management software provides computerized jobs such as accounting integration, customer user interface, insurance claims management, customizable functionality and reporting, cost tracking, contact management, maintenance scheduling, payables and receivable tracking, parts sales and parts pricing, service schedule for standard repairs, and several others.  An auto repair shop software performs its functions basically through the Windows platform.

The auto repair software works by optimizing its applications. aid in the scheduling of customer appointments, service history, quotes, estimates and tracking of repair work completion. The inventory management software performs inventory functions of the auto repair shop,. It has several advantages in that it lower costs, reduce inventory, you can ship more orders on time with less labor, automate your warehouse, and eliminate inventory dark spots. The auto shop repair software has several reporting options to help optimize business operations and distribute key data throughout multiple shop locations.

Auto Repair Software

An auto repair service management software takes care of several functions of the auto shop and such services include;  Accounting Integration, Barcode / RFID Scanning , Category Specific Customization ,Collaborative Inventory Management, CRM Integration ,Custom Pricing Options  Custom Search Field, Custom User Interface, Customizable Fields, Customizable Functionality, Inventory Locator, Legacy System Integration, Mobile Access, Order Entry, Purchase Orders, Quality Management, Replenishment Orders Reporting, Stock Inquiries, Supplier Management, Transfer Management, Vendor Managed Inventory, and Warehouse Management among many others.

The auto repair inventory control software is best used for organizing an auto shop inventory. It performs full accounting and customer layout functions. With the auto repair inventory control software, the Screen  will always display the Invoice form so you can stick with something that is easy to use and familiar to you.

You can also Lookup customer by Last Name, License Plate, VIN number, and Home or Work phone. You can lookup customer Invoice history by Customer name, License Plate or Invoice number, Check daily sales ,  Add Inventory, service Codes, Kit codes, and Tire codes while invoicing; and perform Part Number Look-up and Search by Part number, Service code, Tire size, Kit code, Group, Description, Category, among many other duties.

A free auto repair software can be found on the internet but it will be ideal to be careful of such free stuffs as they may come with several spam-ware, and viruses which can harm your computer. You need to have a good antivirus on your computer before downloading such software and you must ensure that you scan after the download.

An auto repair software will make all auto repair activities much more easier and organized. You can get it for cheap prices and it will give you a better control over your businesses.

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Hannes Opperman 5 years ago

What I am interested in, is workshop which can repair cars, do machine shop work on lathes and Milling machines. Do welding repairsetc.

What kind of money is required to start such a workshop?

Can you please advise me how to start. I am a engineer with a 5 year training as a Boilermaker and Fitting and Turning.

Thankyou very much

Hannes Opperman

David Rogers 5 years ago

This artice is useful...AND THERE'S MORE YOU SHOULD KNOW!

Most shop operating systems...POS software (point of sale), do NOT measure and track the things that the most successful shops are dialed into EVERY DAY.

Check out the RPM ToolKit(TM) at - it is a supplement to the shop POS systems..much like an app on your makes the info make SENSE, and gets your STAFF to start making the numbers RIGHT without the owner having to force them to's really cool!

I know...we use it in our shop at

shellyl88 6 years ago

This is a really informative article; thanks! I've been in so many shops that seem disorganized, which makes it hard for me to trust them. I did find a great one in Austin - - who I think are great. Highly recommended!

autoexpertsohio profile image

autoexpertsohio 6 years ago from Columbus / Westerville, Ohio

Looking into software upgrade here. Good timing for this, thanks!

autoexpertsohio profile image

autoexpertsohio 6 years ago from Columbus / Westerville, Ohio

Looking into software upgrade here. Good timing for this, thanks!

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