Buying a used vehicle - how not to get burned!

June 4th was a momentous day for me. The family vehicle was t-boned and declared a complete write-off. The new adventure began for the acquisition of a new vehicle.....

Decisions were quickly made as to what we wanted in replacement transportation.

  1. Make
  2. Type
  3. Size of motor
  4. For sale by owner and/or dealer
  5. Transmission
  6. Year
  7. Odometer mileage

Once we found the vehicle that we were seriously interested in, we had a vehicle check done by a certified mechanic. When all systems were a go and before we parted with our hard-earned cash, we contacted Carproof and paid for a comprehensive Canada and United States wide vehicle history report.

The vehicle history report gave us information such as Cross Canada Lien Information, Cross Canada Registration, Canadian Accident Claims, Complete U.S. History, and Odometer Record.

The Vehicle Identification Number - VIN - is the key and Carproof provides the answer.

Happy motoring!


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